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Mainstream magazine prints AIDS Rethinking views

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/04/18

The New African magazine, a prominent and respected periodical, has published a critique of two books that hew dogmatically to HIV/AIDS theory: Tinderbox, by Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin, and The AIDS Conspiracy: Science Fights Back by Nicoli Nattrass.
With matter-of-fact cogency, Charles Geshekter exposes some of the absurdities of the mainstream dogma, like the supposed origin of HIV in a jump from monkey to man and its subsequent spread via innumerable  implausibilities; and the unsustainable mis-calculations about South African deaths where a model’s estimate of ~300,000 is substituted for the South African Statistics count of ~15,000.

Read and enjoy Aids: Anomalies and Contradictions.

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One Response to “Mainstream magazine prints AIDS Rethinking views”

  1. “It is time to stop”

    That’s the best thing I’ve read about this whole thing for a while. The HIV/AIDS proponents really do need to just bloody well stop. Stop distorting facts. Stop committing the strawman fallacy. Stop parroting falsehoods. Stop being so damned sanctimonious. Stop the ‘science-based medicine’ fervour. Stop believing that calling themselves skeptics makes them magically impervious to being fooled. For humanity’s sake: stop, stop stop.

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