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Can Baby Rico escape death by mandated poisoning?

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/04/05

Please read Celia Farber’s update of what 3-monht-old Rico and his family are undergoing: “Thought Crime Trial Against Nagel/Martinez Family Adjourned”.

I’ve been following the story via e-mails among Rethinking AIDS board members, and I didn’t have the stomach to read about it again. We have ignorant social workers, doctors, and other bureaucrats acting with fanatical perseverance to achieve monstrous ends.

I can’t find words to express my admiration for the courage and clearheadedness with which Rico’s family is acting, in particular their intention to bring their own law-suit to bring an end to such officially mandated poisoning. If evidence is to count for anything, consider this: Lindsey Nagel grew into a healthy adult and mother after her parents removed her from official supervision and took her off antiretrovirals, while 11 other babies then being treated along with Lindsey are all now dead.


9 Responses to “Can Baby Rico escape death by mandated poisoning?”

  1. zweigeist said

    Lord have mercy… Killers at work. I don’t really know if those people really comprehend what they’re doing. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to my child, but they’d have to watch their own shadow in the night because I’d be out there chasing them. There is something so sick about our civlisation and it goes very deeply to its roots. Every time in history official bodies were so sure that they’re right and they never were. We live in the sick world and we have no choice but to d osomething about it. My full support goes to this family and I hope they’ll win it. I also hope that people like those social workers, judges and whole AIDS mafia will be punished. If I ver judge Dredd I’d expell them from the healthy society. People talk so much about evil – THIS is pure and blatant evil. Gallo should rot in jail for promoting genocide. This is just one small example. What they’re doing in Africa killing millions of people is genocide on large scale. Hitler would be proud of them

    • Henry Bauer said

      ” Every time in history official bodies were so sure that they’re right and they never”

      In a course I used to teach, one of the resources was Jacob Bronowski’s “Ascent of Man”, video series as well as book. The chapter or episode that has never been far from my mind is this:
      As Bronowski squats next to a pond at Auschwitz, he scoops from it a handful of ashes and muses:
      Into this pond were flushed the ashes of some four million people. And that was not done by gas.
      It was done by arrogance. It was done by dogma. It was done by ignorance. When people believe
      that they have absolute knowledge, with no test in reality, this is how they behave. This is what
      men do when they aspire to the knowledge of gods.

      • Thank you Dr. Bauer for your sustained flame of conscience and reporting on this escalating atrocity; Through Rico, now, perfect evil seems to have been achieved. It literally takes your breath away. I thought I had seen and heard everything, and I thought the worst was over, but I was wrong. I will be returning to MN to continue reporting on the situation, please God with relief in sight.

    • simple they don’t want people being born with HIV to populate their area I understand it but I don’t support it it is very extreme and in many cases is not needed.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Quintus Murray:
        No one is “born with HIV”.
        Some babies do have “HIV antibodies” transmitted from the mother, but “HIV antibodies” are not specific to HIV, which has never been shown to exist. “HIV tests” do not detect an infectious agent, see The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, Jefferson (NC): McFarland 2007

  2. Matt said

    I hope the the Nagel family breaks out of this nightmare. I read Celia Farber’s report and it caught my attention that the authorities “diagnosed” Rico using a so-called pro-viral DNA test. It seems they know about OMSJ and their effective dismantling of the HIV antibody test and used this other test in order to dodge that threat. It is very difficult to believe that they really have the baby’s best interests in mind when the victims of this are well known AIDS Rethinkers. We should ask the people perpetrating this atrocity if they are willing to have their blood independently tested with the same pro-viral DNA test and then accept the results without any reservations. I pray Lindsey, John and the Nagels get all the legal help and public support they need to save Rico.

  3. Tatiana said

    Doctor Bauer, Why is there no news about Ricco ?

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