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Immaculate infection by HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/03/20

The properties of HIV are so unusual, indeed actually unique, that one has been tempted at times  to consider them supernatural.

§     This virus, unlike any other, does not lose its virulence as it mutates, at an extraordinary rate, into dozens of “strains” and “recombinants”.

§    None of the strains can be neutralized by vaccination, and none of them can be inactivated by chemical microbicides.

§    HIV is “distinctively difficult to transmit” (according to its discoverer, Robert Gallo, p. 131 in Virus Hunting), with estimated rates of sexual transmission on the order of a few per thousand acts of unprotected intercourse; and yet it has produced explosively rapid epidemics — albeit only in restricted geographical regions and among specific groups of people in those regions.

§    It spreads by quite different mechanisms in different parts of the world.

§    In western Asia it spreads primarily through infected needles, even though the needles have no intercourse with one another.

§    It is transmitted from mother to child via breast milk, but not if the child is exclusively breast-fed.

§    It is quite politically incorrect, choosing to infect black people at rates 7-20 times greater than it infects white people, and it is even kinder to Asians who are infected at only about 2/3 the rate of whites.

§    It first infected human beings in mid-west Africa, but it caused disease first in discrete places in the USA and only among heavy users of drugs and indiscriminately and unsafely promiscuous people. Only a decade or two later did it (re)invade Africa, to cause its greatest damage not where it first appeared but only in the blackest regions of the South.

§    Though transmitted almost exclusively via sexual intercourse, it is most prone to infect people who are the least likely to be promiscuous, for instance pregnant women and tuberculosis patients.

§    Every other disease and illness kills older people more readily than younger adults; the mortality of people infected with HIV, however, is independent of age.

§    As time went by, HIV — in all its strains and varieties — learned how to cause more and more different illnesses — though none of them are new. At first HIV only knew how to cause Kaposi’s sarcoma, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, and thrush. But soon it learned how to cause wasting, then dementia, and soon cervical cancer. By now it is producing cardiovascular disease and kidney and liver failure. One might say, therefore, that HIV is a quite novel type of virus, a new sort that one might call cuckoo type of virus, doing its damage by mimicking other causes just as cuckoos lay their eggs in foreign nests.

And so on. For fuller coverage of the uniqueness of HIV, please browse the posts under the category “HIV absurdities”.

But now HIV has outdone even itself: It has infected the baby of HIV-negative parents without the baby being exposed to any of the other known routes of HIV transmission:
“Mystery shrouds detection of HIV in 18-month-old”
It is difficult not to see in this a number of clues, signs, omens, that something supernatural is at work. “Mystery” is often used in connection with religious matters; and “shrouds” reminds one immediately of the Shroud of Turin.

Something or someone somewhere is somehow sending us a message.

27 Responses to “Immaculate infection by HIV”

  1. Leo Klebanov said

    Please see the article by Dr. V. Klebanova on, which answers most of the questions

  2. KC Blair said

    Why, Henry, I think it is the work of the devil.

  3. Boris Starosta said

    “In western Asia it spreads primarily through infected needles, even though the needles have no intercourse with one another.”

    Dear Henry, this point seems overly ridiculous, or I am not reading it correctly. I think the absurdities of the HIV=AIDS dogma can stand on their own, without recourse to sarcasm.

    You don’t really mean to point out that needles don’t have sexual intercourse with one another, do you? If the mainstream posits that the virus can be carried on unclean needles, from one drug abuser to another who are sharing the unclean needles, what are you trying to say with this sentence above? What is so absurd about the mainstream hypothesis w.r.t. needles?

    Your arguments are typically well written and very persuasive, but this “absurd point” has me confused.

    Please help.

  4. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, I don’t know if this angle has been discussed yet in this particular case, but I doubt that actual isolation of HIV was performed on the immaculately infected baby. Both the ELISA and Western blot tests, which have never been validated were in all probability the only tests employed by the HIV acolytes. I believe that this should go down along with the Transubstantiation of consecrated bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I’m sure HIV wasn’t isolated from that baby, because HIV has never been isolated from any human being. What the HIV/AIDS gang call “isolation” is not what chemists or ordinary folk call isolation, namely, removal intact in pure form, nothing else present. The reason no tests have been validated is precisely because there is no gold standard of pure HIV against which to validate them.
      As to Transubstantiation, the recent Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition by Garry Wills says that St. Augustine also called it a sham or scam.

  5. zweigeist said

    Hi Henry,
    Thank you for a good work and honesty. I started to look into HIV/AIDS theory few years ago as I became more and more confused with its inconsistencies. I’ve heard interview with Kary Mullis who refused to work on HIV cure due to the lack of proof of the HIV/AIDS causation. And yes — my generation was super scared of HIV not really knowing and understanding what it really is and how to go about it. It felt like it was a truly magical virus with its own little brain, hitting people at random. It could get you at barbers, through the needles, sex and what not.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Yes, it’s hard to recall just how great the panic was. I remember my daughter in the mid-1990s saying that she and her fiance were getting HIV tests before they married, and I was pleased at that time that they were being so responsible…. Nowadays of course I advise people NOT to take those tests!

      • Barbienonconformist said

        Hi there.
        I am writing this in the hope that you can help. I tested positive roughly a year and a half ago. This was a huge shock to me as i have aleays been fit and healthy and had tested negative a year previous after travelling africa quite extensively. My husband who is South African coloured, was also tested straight after and they said he was positive too. I told my family and went home to the UK and had all the relevant tests done. I have never been one to conform or follow mainstream beliefs, I do not read newspapers or watch much tv and certainly am not a sheep in how I think or how I live my life. From the very beginning I was skeptical and watched the documentary house of numbers a few days after finding out.
        Anyway they told me I had to start treatment immediately as my cd4 count was 275 and I refused. This sounds absurd as I could have only supposedly had it just a year or less.
        My husband was diagnosed in soyth africa with TB last year and has completed treatment for over 9 months now. He is finally able to come off the pills and start getting back to normal. We went back to the nurse here and she told us he could not stop the TB treatment as tests show his viral load is far too high at 131000 and there is an absolute guarantee his TB will come back?!?!
        She said he must go on the treatment for the HIV to get his load down and continue on the TB treatment untill such a time that he has an undetectable load and the TB treatment might have a chance of working. He is fit and healthy and is clearly 100 times better than last year when he was in the grips of the TB and very ill. They cannot however give us any test to show his TB has gone only by looking at his chest X-ray which is clear because he only ever had TB of the lymph glands and they say a sputum test or skin test would show negative anyway as he is HIV positive.
        This all sounds absurd to me and just plain ridiculous. His cd4 count is low at 195 but he has just finished a long course of strong antibiotics surely this is going to reflect that result. Mine has gone up and down and is currently at 350 and they suggest I go on treatment too. ( that’s not even below the standard 300 where they start pushing!!??)
        We are both in agreement his TB should now be cured. We have no desire to go to on arvs as we never have and just want to get on with our lives as think this is all a waste of time and energy.
        We have a meeting with the arv clinic on Monday to discuss our results and they think to start our treatment or at least discuss all our options.
        I absolutely hate this and do not need to go and justify my reasons why I refuse to have toxic chemicals pumped into me when I clearly am the picture of health. I know they can’t make us do anything we dont want to and I want to get my point out there only although I have been researching this subject for over a year and have read so many things that back up my opinion of not believing the orthodox theory, I am quite bad at relaying all this info. There is so much informstion and facts and statistics, I want to try and summarise all of the main points of why we feel this way and why we will not be accepting the treatment. i dont want to get there and be bullied by the doctors or just get baffled looks as if I was a holocaudt denier or something. I want a list of points I can tell them of why i think this whole thing is a Sham backed up by evidence so they fully understand that I’m not some stupid girl who doesn’t understand what’s going on and who has just been on the Internet looking at a few denialist websites.
        Can you please help as its a mind field of information out there and I don’t know where to start!!
        Sorry for the very long post.

      • Henry Bauer said

        I have not myself solved the problem, what best to present to people in trying to change their uninformed belief. One aspect of this, it will probably need different approaches for different people.

        Too many doctors don’t know that ALL tests have false positives to some degree. The Weiss & Cowan chapter I’ve cited several times is clear that NO test can diagnose HIV infection, because THERE IS NO GOLD STANDARD: Stanley H. Weiss & Elliot P. Cowan, “Laboratory detection of human retroviral infection”, chapter 8 in Gary P. Wormser (ed.). AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection. London etc.: Academic Press; 2004 (4th ed.).

        The collation of all HIV tests (up to the 1990s) shows that 3 groups are most likely to test positive: drug abusers, gay men, TB patients, MORE SO THAN AT STD CLINICS!! — The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory,
        Jefferson (NC): McFarland 2007, Figure 22, p. 83
        . There is no reason to expect or accept that TB patients are highly sexual promiscuous or unusually exposed to HIV-infected needles or frequently exposed to infected blood, so the really only possible explanation is that TB stimulates FALSE-POSITIVE HIV tests.

        Some people might find food for thought in my recounting of how I myself came to understand that HIV/AIDS theory is absurdly wrong: “CONFESSION OF AN ‘AIDS DENIALIST’: How I became a crank because we’re being lied to about HIV/AIDS”

        The blog post you’re commenting on mentions several absurdities that should surely shock people into listening to reason….

        You need to be clear yourself; and then you need to judge how to talk to the people you have to deal with. And you shouldn’t expect too much from them. Most doctors will automatically assume that a “patient” cannot be better informed than they are, not stopping to think that what they “know” comes only from believing others, not from having looked at the evidence themselves. For example, Ben Goldacre has been very acute in criticizing many flaws in current medicine and medical science, yet he toes official the HIV/AIDS line

        Best wishes and best of luck!

        In Britain, you might well consult Mike Hersee for help. In Germany, Dr.s Claus Koehnlein or Juliane Sacher.l

      • Leo Klebanov said

        This is actually much easier than Dr. Bauer presents. He talks about HIV tests, while it is not proven that HIV is a cause of AIDS. You may ask doctors to point on a single study, which shows how asimptomatic HIV positives, who never took ARV or recreational drugs developed any symptomes of AIDS, and they will fail to do so.
        You will get AIDS as soon as you will start ARVs.
        Don’t worry, live normal life.
        Best wishes,
        Leo Klebanov.

      • Boris Starosta said

        I hope Barbienonconformist will keep us apprised of developments in her situation. We would love to hear what her doctors will have said to her, in face of her (informed) refusals. I imagine it will be difficult for her. Doctors are the “experts,” and it will be a rare doctor who will have their eyes opened by the opinions of a patient with regard to treatment options. My fear would be that B. will be bullied into treatment… anyway, I hope she follows up with us!

  6. Barbienonconformist said

    Thank you for all the comments. I will certainly note them down and take them with me on Monday.
    I will let you know how it goes, I am not expecting them to have their minds changed or to even understand where I am coming from, but just to set the record straight so they know how we both feel and why we feel that way backed up by the evidence I present to them.
    At least that way they are prepared and we do not have to go over the same subject time and time again.
    They are always saying its ultimately our choice and they can only advise but not force us to do anything. It’s rather a soft, subtle way of coercing you into the lions den with little encouraging nudges but I find that even more challenging. I don’t need to be counselled and patronised I’d actually rather have a good argumentative debate about it. They are however very nice as pie and supportive which makes it a little more difficult.
    Alas.., even if they told me in their very concerned and supportive manner we will die in a week unless we take the treatment it wouldn’t make any difference as we are 100% opposed and won’t be bullied into changing our minds.
    They have already mentioned that my husband ( the sicker one) if not starting treatment will almost definitely get Pneumocystis pneumonia and it will be a sharp decline from there. I have told him to take that onboard with a pinch of salt as its just an opinion based on a very careful model of what’s supposed to happen rather than fact.
    I will endeavour to get my points out there and let you all know the results..
    Thanks again for the comments.

    • zweigeist said

      Don’t worry about those people – just ignore them.
      “rather a soft, subtle way of coercing you into the lions den with little encouraging nudges” – whole society works like that, If someone is religious – devil works this way.I wouldn’t even bother talking to those people. First mistake is to go to them at all and do tests, because you’re getting on their list unnecessarily. Once it’s done I don’t really know what I’d do – probably take the med and dump it in the toilet to get them out of my case. I spent too much time trying to debate something that really boils down to belief, not science, although they have all this “scientific concensus” (sic!). So f**k ’em. This is my advise, just ignore them completely. Also if I were you I’d put all my efforts in healthy living. I’d eat right, do sports as much as I can and if there is anything to heal, I’d heal t othe best of my capabilities. Then I’d go and do those ridiculous “tests” again. I bet you’ll test negative soon. Do it few times and the first result will be considered an error or whatever. And live normal life

  7. Two words: special pleading.

    Further, this sort of nonsense reminds me of what Einstein did with his cosmological constant. IOW, a ‘fudge factor’ was introduced to make the data fit the theory. The idea of a cosmological constant is not necessarily dead today, but it has been revived for a different reason than the one Einstein had in mind.

    • Barbienonconformist said

      So sorry it’s takenw a while to get back its been a crazy time with holidays and a death in the family of my grandpa.
      Anyways we went … And thankfully although I was armed with all my info they didn’t press the issue too much. We told them we have made a decision and that is that we are not going on any drugs and I managed to avoid getting into a big debate rather just telling the nurse I have done a whole lot of research over the years since I was told and it’s led us to where we are now. That’s it really. They told me they were not too concerned about me as I was clearly healthy and my CD4 hadn’t dropped below the 300 mark yet but they were concerned about my husband’s as his was low and his viral load was high etc etc. They did more bloods and surprise surprise they phoned me when I got back off holiday to tell me mine had now dropped below the 300 mark and my husband’s viral load had gone up again since the last bloods a month before?!
      I told her fine that’s OK we still stand as we were before and we will go back in 6 months and get checked again. She phoned me again this morning asking if they can do more bloods on my husband and would he consider going on antibiotics at least to prevent him getting pneumonia!!
      They just don’t let up.. It’s so ridiculous. We both look the picture of health and are never going to give in to this bombardment. It’s just crazy I can’t wait to show them all in ten years we are still here and healthy as ever!
      My only real concern is what will happen when we start to have children but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
      I’m so over all this nonsense. We do very much get on with our lives and live normally but it’s always there at the back of your mind that this is me; are we going to go away with this kind of harassment every few months. Oh well we stand strong as ever and hope for that sat when a negative result comes back so I can tell them I was right all along but something tells me even if that happened they wouldn’t tell us and re run tests so they come out the outcome they predict along with their lines of thinking.

      • Boris Starosta said

        Thanks very much for keeping us in the loop! I’m sure I speak for many people following this thread.

      • Henry Bauer said


        If you have children you will face much tougher circumstances. I would advise you to talk about that with Mike Hersee and to be prepared will ahead of time, because you are likely to face attacks by Social Services armed with lawyers insisting that the baby be medicated.

  8. Clipi said

    Asuming that HIV does not exist, What would be a posible explanation to people seroconversion after several years of being hiv negative?
    I know that crossreactivity might be responsable for some HIV + results, but still does not explain why even after years of taking the test they remain positive.
    It seems that cases of seroreversion are very rare or in the best case undocumented.
    If HIV does not exist then I would expect random results when taking HIV test. Instead what we see is that people once they tested positive remain that way for life.
    Could it be that “hiv antigen” are related to some other healt issue? Are there any literature pointing to that direction?


    • Henry Bauer said

      “Seroconversion” has nothing to do with “HIV”: it just means the presence of some of the MANY substances that react positive to an “HIV” test.

      Yes indeed, “HIV antigen” is related in some way to health issues. In my book, figure 22 on p. 83 shows that testing positive is more likely, the greater the probability of an health issue of some sort.

      Since there are many reasons for testing HIV positive, there cannot be a single answer to the question, “why?”

      • Clipi said

        Thanks for you Reply Dr Bauer
        Now, if “HiV antigen” are related to some health issues as you suggest and since very few people reverted to hiv negative it seem very unlikely that the patient will fully recover
        to a healthy state (previous to HIV + status). So in other words the “antigens” indicative of a chronic illness as I undersand.

      • Henry Bauer said

        “HIV+” does not necessarily remain CHRONIC. The fact that there are not many official or media reports of “seroreversion” doesn’t mean it’s rare, only that it’s rarely noticed or reported. Vaccinations, for example, are known to sometimes produce temporary “HIV+” status. And permanent “HIV+” doesn’t necessarily mean chronic ill-health: even mainstream sources have long accepted the phenomenon of “long-term non-progressors” or “elite controllers” who remain healthy for decades while “HIV+” and untreated.

        It can be calculated that rather more than 50% of positive “HIV” tests do not represent a health challenge and represent potential “elite controllers”: see Matteo Payer Galletti & Henry H. Bauer, “Safety issues in didactic anatomical dissection in regions of high HIV prevalence”, Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology 114 (#4, 2009) 179-192.

  9. lukas said

    Dear Prof.Bauer
    I had read all kind of absurdities regarding hiv,but the one i read yesterday overtake all the others.Hiv has been found to be “invisible” thanks to a “cloak” that it dresses that make it capable of tricking the immunesystem.Yes another special power has been added and hiv looks like batman with its new mantle.I think that we have finally to give up on the tempt to isolate so then…I link the news:
    I was wondeering if hiv has also an “hivmobile” like batman had the batmobile…
    Thank you

    • Henry Bauer said


      I hope you’ve read all the blog posts tagged “HIV absurdities”…..

      The story you link to illustrates how endlessly complicated it becomes to maintain a wrong hypothesis; “research” becomes more and more fanciful and specialized, so that there are ever-increasing opportunities to seek grants for further “research”, because things that cannot be understood turn up more and more.

    • Leo said

      Why you spend time discussing the properties of HIV, if it is not responsible for AIDS?
      It is much more interesting to discuss what AIDS really is, but it looks like nobody interested. Are you?

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