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More about killing a baby in Minnesota

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/03/05

A one-hour video on YouTube describes Lindsey Nagel’s experience of being saved from antiretroviral toxins. Now she is seeing her baby being slowly poisoned against the wishes of the baby’s parents and grandparents.

Gary Null hosts the video which features Lindsey’s father and Celia Farber,  David Rasnick, Andrew Maniotis

6 Responses to “More about killing a baby in Minnesota”

  1. Noreen Martin said

    Is this really a surprise? They are acting like the Gestapo taking a healthy baby away from the arms of its breast-feeding mother. Rico will be damn lucky if he survives the 4 blood transfusions, the HAART, and other medicines. Is this what America has come too We all have to stand together to get this atrocity stopped. My heart goes out to his family!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Noreen Martin:
      I am like you simply distraught over this. What’s called for is legal and political action, and I’m useless and helpless in those respects, which makes the anger and frustration and horror even worse.

  2. Noreen Martin said

    Dr. Bauer:
    You are doing a great job in getting this story out to the public. We all have to try to do whatever we can to support baby Rico and other victims of this senseless HIV crime!

  3. We have won a small victory for baby Rico. However, I agree with Celia, we are no longer living in a free society when the state can kidnap children and force them to take deadly medicine. I would encourage everyone to keep their guard up and the pressure on the elected officials. Those who are HIV positive and not on the HAART, tell these people your story.

    Medicine and their tests are not infallible. Last fall, I had some strange symptoms. My PA ordered an MRI and it was non-specific and revealed Demylienating Disease. I saw a neurologist and he stated that it looked like MS to him. To tell you the truth, I thought he was right. My infectious disease doctor took the scan upstairs to the neuro-radiologist. I asked my doctor to please don’t tell him my medical history, which he didn’t at first. With an unclouded mind, the neuro-radiologist stated that it looked like MS to him too.

    Shortly after this, my infectious disease doctor ordered a lumbar puncture and another MRI. This MRI too revealed Demylienating Disease but this is like saying that I owned a car, but what kind of car? At this point in time, I was given a lumbar puncture which revealed the Epstein Barr Virus. I questioned my doctor why didn’t HIV show up? He stated that he wasn’t looking for HIV. For that matter, he wasn’t looking for Epstein Barr either. You can ‘t find something that isn’t there to begin with. A VA neurologist put his two cents in and stated that I had HIV Encephalitis. I was waiting for that one.

    Next, my doctor, the head of the radiology department, and the neuro-radiologist had a pow wow and decided that I had PML, MS, or a slow-growing brain tumor. They offered me a brain biopsy, nice of them wasn’t it. At that point, I decided that I was not going to let them cut into my brain. My husband can find humor in any situation. He told me not to worry, as I would be like Telly Savalis from Kojak, they would shave my head, give me a lollipop, and tell me they loved me baby! Now, I can see the humor in all of this but t that time it wasn’t very funny.

    Finally, I saw a really sharp neurologist who assured me that I didn’t have any of these things. Although, I had stuttering, loss of words in a sentence, short-term memory loss, and I could barely walk, I too thought it was MS. He stated that all this was due to the Epstein Barr Virus, which should not have been a surprise to the other physicians.

    Bottom line, the physicians and their tests are not always right. Always get as many opinions as possible. As adults we have the option to listen to doctors or not but Baby Rico isn’t given a choice in the matter. This is why it is so important that we become his voice. In his case, silence is not golden and must continue on with the fight to save Baby Rico!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Unfortunately there is no way to learn what you understand except by bitter personal experience.
      A disadvantage of progress in medical imaging and the profusion of lab tests is that things keep popping up that the “experts” don’t understand. It should be obvious that there are individual variations in every physiological and physical variable, yet current medical (mal)practice is to aim to bring everyone to the same numbers, typically population averages or “better” (Don’t take a pill if you’re not ill).

  4. Yes, Dr. Bauer, I agree with you wholeheartedly. They try to place us all in the same pigeon hole. We are unique individuals but modern medicine doesn’t allow for this. Instead of investigating our uniqueness, it is must easier to treat us all the same. That is a very good statement, “Don’t take a pill if you’re not ill!”

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