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Italy’s Mbeki?

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/03/02

Political pundits are having a field day over the results of the election in Italy: the Five Star Movement came from nowhere to finish ahead of the major parties, clearly a resounding protest against the professional politicos.

Head of the movement is a one-of-a-kind comedian, blogger, political critic, Beppe Grillo.

Whether a government can be formed, let alone a viable one, depends on the cooperation of Grillo and his Movement. While the pundits speculate endlessly over the negotiations and prospects, they have so far failed to comment on the fact that Grillo is a maverick not only politically but also in having recognized the flaws in HIV/AIDS theory.

Google “Beppe Grillo HIV AIDS” and a number of links turn up, some of them with the convenient sub-link “Translate this page”. For instance, the English version of remarks:

“At the end of the nineties Beppe Grillo . . . called AIDS ‘the greatest hoax of the century’, inspired by the theory of Duesberg, who denied the link between HIV and AIDS.”

The Google search also turns up several videos, for instance

Beppe Grillo, like former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa before him, is obviously unsuited to politics since he seems more concerned with evidence and facts than with the popular wisdom  and the propaganda from self-interested “experts”.


2 Responses to “Italy’s Mbeki?”

  1. mo79uk said

    There’s a line in one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books that whoever wants and is qualified to be a president, shouldn’t be.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I think the issue is, what are the reasons for wanting it?
      Personal ambition, BAD reason.
      Wanting to do a good job and thinking one knows how to do that, OK reason; but may work out well or badly depending on how realistic the ideas are….

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