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About Vitamin D

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2012/09/15

In “Evidence-based medicine? Wishful thinking”(2012/08/25) I recommended the book Prescribing Sunshine: Why vitamin D should be flying off the shelves, by M.Aziz, which was then available only on Kindle ($2.99). It is now available also in paperback at  CreateSpace (, 2012, 250 pp., $7.99; ISBN-10: 1478396075, ISBN-13: 978-1478396079


To repeat from my previous post:

Some time ago, official guidelines for the recommended intake of vitamin D were increased considerably, but Aziz suggests that even more would be beneficial. His book is well worth reading for its cornucopia of citations from the medical-science literature, some of them revealing connections previously unknown to me, for example between vitamin D and immunity, and telomeres, and cholesterol, and HIV/AIDS; as well as the fact that vitamin D is a steroid and hormone-like. And the fact that under sunlight we manufacture vitamin D in the skin from . . .  cholesterol! By lowering cholesterol, we may even be accentuating deficiency of vitamin D. . . .

11 Responses to “About Vitamin D”

  1. Jason said

    I have a cure for 99 percent of the ailments humans experience. Exercise, eat a balanced diet, don’t over do indulgence in your vices. Enjoy your life. Turn off your TV and love your neighbors, friends and family.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Yes, necessary — but not necessarily sufficient, especially if you exercise indoors away from sunshine 🙂

      • Jason said

        Yes, of course! However that’s implied when the TV watching decreases and enjoying your friends and family increases 😉

  2. Tom said

    Having been in the health supplement business for 30 years I question the new push for vitamin D. The following article is interesting.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Everyone needs to get all the information they can gather and make up their own minds, because there are no fully trustworthy authorities or experts.

    • mo79uk said

      Definitely always good to question. However, that article didn’t criticise sun exposure (unarguably the best method) but attacked synthetic clones, manufacturer errors and some over-enthusiasm. I have no truck with that.

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