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HIV-positive people who do not submit to HAART

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2012/06/05

Dr. Pat Goodson at Texas A&M University has a project “to examine the factors involved in making the decision not to take HAART or to discontinue its use. We hope to better inform health care providers and health educators about what participants need when making this type of decision, and how their providers can be more helpful”.
She seeks to enroll participants and would like to interview people who:

  • were diagnosed HIV positive at least 8 years ago
  • have not been diagnosed with AIDS (ever)
  • are not taking medication for HIV at the moment
  • are 18 years old or older

Further details are at the project’s website.
Dr. Goodson’s contact info is  (979) 845-1756;

8 Responses to “HIV-positive people who do not submit to HAART”

  1. From their web site: “….What shapes the decisions to stand against a dominant culture of pharmacological preventive therapy for HIV infection?…”

    How about a massive case of mis-diagnosis?

    • Henry Bauer said

      I hope they will gather some information about how those people came to learn what they needed to know, to avoid the antiretroviral drugs; that might give some clues about how to convince more people about it.

  2. Noreen Martin said

    If one wants to participate in this study and had AIDS, contact Dr. Goodson as I am taking part in her study. I think that this study may help the Rethinking AIDS cause.

    • CJ said

      Hi Noreen. I would like to talk to you or email you. I’m HIV+ and have been taking ARV’s for about 8 months. I have questions and doubts about continuing to take them and wanted to talk to you about Naltrexone and some other things. Thanks!

  3. Ricci said

    ”Why does society condone the use of test kit disclaimers for legal purposes to protect rich corporations while denying the relevance of such disclaimers for medical purposes to protect poor Africans, gays and drug users from suicide, murder, divorce, abortion, stigma, life imprisonment and life long regimens of toxic drugs? ”

    • Henry Bauer said

      Because that’s how things are….
      Note also the TV ads for Cialis, Cymbalta, Pradaxa, etc. etc. They show happy active people, which delivers the message that most viewers apparently absorb, while a cheery voice details all the deadly side effects of those drugs — loss of hearing, loss of sight, heart attacks, fatal allergy reactions, etc. etc. Experience has apparently demonstrated to the drug companies and their advertisers that a large proportion of the public, and seemingly also the medical profession, allows wishful thinking to overcome their reasoning powers.

  4. KC Blair said

    Wishful thinking? Have you forgotten the “side-effect” of having an erection for over three hours before having to call your doctor, Henry?

    • Henry Bauer said

      KC Blair:
      Ah, yes… be careful what you wish for :-)=
      I’ve also been curious that Cialis has been “repositioned” to treat not only erectile dysfunction but also benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) — enlarged prostate. My experience is that erectile NON-dysfunction makes BPH symptoms — difficulty urinating — worse. But then again, this is compatible with the fact that the various “side” effects of Cymbalta include agitation as well as drowsiness; difficulty urinating as well as incontinence; diarrhea as well as constipation…. The manufacturers do not say whether one can choose the “side” effects one most wants or avoid those one least wants…

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