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Defeating HIV/AIDS — in the court-room

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2012/05/26

A few days ago I posted hurriedly  the splendid news that the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice  had been able to organize witnesses and defending lawyers to achieve a signal success against the HIV/AIDS true-believers and the misguided belief that “HIV-positive” individuals present a danger to their sexual partners.
An Army sergeant was acquitted despite admitting that he had not informed several women of his status as “HIV-positive” before they engaged in consensual condom-protected sexual intercourse. The crucial point: there was reasonable doubt as to whether the sergeant was “infected with HIV” because

it was established that
 no “HIV” tests prove infection

Lawyer David Steele was an observer at the proceedings and describes them in an audio piece  that makes fascinating hearing. Listen also to Steele’s interview on the Robert Scott Bell show.

I was reminded of the remark that “the most rigorous peer review . . . comes from cross-examination . . . in the courtroom” (Sheldon Krimsky, “Protecting scientific integrity”, Chemical Heritage, 27 [#1, Spring 2009[ 42-3).

In the Robert Scott Bell show, astonishment was expressed several times that someone could be found to be infected on the basis of antibody or PCR tests and in absence of any symptoms of illness. Actually, diagnosis on the basis of lab tests and irrespective of clinical condition or examination has become quite routine practice in medicine. As I had mentioned in “Medicine isn’t science — nor should it be”, Jeremy Greene in Prescribing by Numbers recounts the history of how this has come about. But surely everyone is now familiar with the constant refrain of “know your numbers” — about cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, just about anything that can be measured by numbers.
So ingrained is this that even recommendations by mainstream medical associations have not been able to bring about change in actual practices. For example, for years competent clinicians and researchers have warned against routine use of PSA tests as a purported way of screening for prostate cancer, because PSA numbers produce so many false positives and unnecessary biopsies that carry a certain risk, for instance of infection; yet this abuse of PSA tests continues to be widespread. The Institute of Medicine has pointed out that many of the biomarkers in common use are simply not valid measures of the ailments that they supposedly detect: Tumor size is not a measure of cancer progression or prognosis. Blood pressure or cholesterol (“bad”, total, ratio, whatever) do not measure progression or prognosis of heart disease (Evaluation of Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints in Chronic Disease, Institute of Medicine, 2010).
Moreover, treatments intended purely to bring the numbers to a supposedly appropriate value have not been shown to preserve health; a recent article in the British Medical Journal points out that “there are no valid data on the effectiveness” of “statins, antihypertensives, and bisphosphanates” (the last are prescribed against osteoporosis; see Järvinen et al., “The true cost of pharmacological disease prevention”, British Medical Journal 342 [19 April 2011] d2175). doi: 10.1136/bmj.d2175. Indeed, statins do more harm than good: “side” effects include myalgia, fatigue, dyspnea, memory loss, and peripheral neuropathy (Langsjoen et al., BioFactors 25 [2005] 147–152).
But try telling that to your family physician or your specialist and see how they react.

The point is that HIV/AIDS is quite a natural consequence of deeply ingrained attitudes and practices in modern medicine. Once an approach has come into general use, it is extremely difficult to modify let alone discard it, no matter how much evidence accumulates that the approach does more harm than good. Too many interests become vested in the “standard” way of doing things: the authority and prestige of medical authorities, the unwillingness or inability of practicing physicians to question official doctrine or what drug companies tell them, the profits made by manufacturers and clinical labs from tests and devices, the profits made by Pharma which supplies the drugs used to treat the numbers . . . .
The HIV/AIDS blunder differs only in scale from present-day test- and drug-centered medical practice. Admittedly, antiretroviral drugs have done immediate harm to many more people (Hidden in plain sight: The damage done by antiretroviral drugs, 2011/07/25) than have the blood-pressure-lowerers and blood thinners and statins and bisphosphanates and the other popular prescription drugs — AZT alone killed about 150,000 in a decade in the USA alone (HAART saves lives — but doesn’t prolong them!?, 2008/09/17). Still, one has only to note the increasing rate at which drugs have to be withdrawn from the market, sooner and sooner after the initial approvals, and to note the proliferation of class-action lawsuits ( e.g. regarding Fosamax or Pradaxa) to realize that present-day drug-based medical practice represents a genuine danger to global public health.

It is simply no longer possible to believe
 much of the clinical research that is published,
 or to rely on the judgment
 of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.
 I take no pleasure in this conclusion,
 which I reached slowly and reluctantly
 over my two decades as an editor
 of The New England Journal of Medicine

—— Marcia Angell
“Drug companies and doctors: a story of corruption”
New York Review of Books, 56 #1, 15 January 2009

27 Responses to “Defeating HIV/AIDS — in the court-room”

  1. pat said

    “Once an approach has come into general use, it is extremely difficult to modify let alone discard it, no matter how much evidence accumulates that the approach does more harm than good”

    reminds me of our “war on drugs”

  2. emk said

    I suspect civilian courts in the US will be another thing altogether. Much more easily manipulated by the orthodoxy. But it’s still a major victory.

    P.S. I made some comments earlier mentioning the Diaspora* social network. Did they get lost?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Yes indeed, the automatic spam filter classified the Diaspora comment as spam, and it did look like advertising a product

      • emk said

        Diaspora is free of course, just thought it would be a better fit than Facebook for Rethinkers.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Perhaps I’ve become too cynical, but so many of these Internet ventures that begin free and claiming idealistic intent somehow become commercial sooner or later — or get bought out, which is much the same thing. Otherwise they fade away.

      • emk said

        Prof Bauer. Perhaps. The thing with Diaspora* is that the software is released under a free license. To quote, with apologies, Wikipedia:

        “Diaspora (styled DIASPORA*) is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software. As of March 2012, there were estimated to be more than 375,000 Diaspora accounts.[1] The project was founded in 2010 by four students at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Dan Grippi, Max Salzberg, and Raphael Sofaer. Diaspora consists of a group of independently owned pods which interoperate to form the network.”

        The point is that you control your own data and can run the whole thing on your own computer if so skilled and inclined. Its the anti-Facebook. We just have to wait and see how it develops.

        I think it’s a good fit for Rethinkers because it seems Libertarians are over-represented there as compared to the general population and that also seems to be the case among Rethinkers.

        I did post a link to your latest book and there were a couple of comments (I also suggested it to my local library). At the risk of being caught out by your spam filter, here is the link.

  3. BSdetector said

    Henry, while browsing the local video store I came across that dreadful movie Philadelphia and it dawned on me just how long and intense the idiotic propaganda has been on this issue. I feel that when you address this issue strictly from a scientific viewpoint, as you do, you fail to recognize the true nature of this lunacy. HIV has for some time not been an issue of science or medicine, but of media-driven propaganda. The public for almost 30 years has been treated to one HIV doomsday movie/TV-show after another. Much like racism, people have these nonsensical ideas in their heads but cannot identify just how these ideas got there. I remember when Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board and the idiots in the media went berserk and claimed the pool water was dangerous to the other divers. The pool was drained and cleaned. We are talking about an Olympic-sized pool filled with chlorinated water! You could have placed an equal amount of plutonium in that pool and it would not have harmed anyone. Yet this is the image of this virus that has been for 30 years impregnated in the minds of the public. This is not going to go away merely on the basis of a legal victory. I was listening to NPR recently and that World AIDS Day goofiness. They STILL rant about a “plague” in Africa. Do these people even read the WHO statistics?? It just goes on and on and on.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Your comment was caught up in the automated WordPress spam filter, maybe because of your e-address.
      I agree with your main point, totally. I’ve been saying and writing the same thing for some time. The HIV/AIDS theory is not going to be overturned by scientific discourse within the scientific community. That’s why a victory in a court is so important. Of course, that was made possible by authoritative scientific testimony, and all ventures to bring sense back to the issues have to rely ultimately on the correct science. It’s not purely a power struggle over competing ideologies or territories, it’s a power struggle over matters of fact and truth, it’s a matter of bringing the truth to the notice of those in political and social power.
      As you point out, that’s tough going after 30 years of propaganda, so much of it disguised as story-telling like Philadelphia. People charged with transmitting HIV, or of potentially transmitting it by exposing people, are part of that propaganda-like ambience. A victory in a court, based on evidence that HIV tests do not detect HIV infection, is a precedent-setting occasion where truth has triumphed.

      • JohnS said

        I don’t know how different it is in other countries, but discussion of AIDS or HIV has virtually disappeared in the UK media over the last few years. There are occasional mentions of AIDS happening in far off countries (even those seem unenthusiastic and more out of habit than anything) but a deafening silence on AIDS in the UK or Western countries.
        It’s tempting to think that after all the apocalyptic doom-mongering of the early years the AIDS establishment might be concerned that people might suddenly wonder where the predicted mountains of bodies in the street had gone – but nothing much happening after doomsday predictions doesn’t stop the climate change bandwagon rolling.
        Maybe the people who would otherwise be ignorantly campaigning about AIDS have moved on to ignorantly campaigning about climate change. Perhaps AIDS just isn’t fashionable any more. If true, in one sense that would be a good thing, on the other hand people are still being quietly and unnecessarily fed dangerous drugs while nobody notices.
        The complete silence is odd though and despite all the lack of interest in the media I am sure that if someone were to publish a piece questioning AIDS they would be viciously attacked.

      • Henry Bauer said

        John S:
        I think the lack of media coverage is because nothing new happens. In the USA, HIV/AIDS is “spreading” only among African Americans. Everyone has come to understand, subconsciously, subliminally, that HIV/AIDS is of no concern to most people. But you are quite right, that any public questioning brings vicious attacks from the groupies and vigilantes.
        Climate-change stuff will remain in the news because there is no effective way to decrease use of fossil fuels, so the activism continues and will continue until it is widely recognized as a blunder.

  4. JW said

    Henry, Is that quote that you have highlighted (“it was established that no “HIV” tests prove infection”) from the judgment issued by the judge in this case? Do you have a copy of the judgment that you can post or link here? Thanks!

    • Henry Bauer said

      That phrase I highlighted is my own summary of what happened. I don’t know whether the official judgment has been published, ask the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

      • VacunasAutismo said

        Henry, I’m a hardcore dissident but when no independently verifiable source is available my B.S. detector goes off the scale, as it should be.

      • Henry Bauer said

        I’m pretty skeptical myself; but the audio report from David Steele, and his interview, left me no room for doubt

  5. starzwan said Prof. Bauer please have a look at this.

  6. Is there any official transcript of this sentence and its motivation, rather than second-hand reports by the OMSJ team?

  7. I’ve posed the question of the availability of the trial’s records to the attorney who won the case, William E. Cassara:: “…Congratulations! this case opens the door for the victims of the fraudulent HIV-tests to challenge their misdiagnoses — with their dire consequences — in court. It would be extremely helpful for the victims if the original transcripts of the defendant’s arguments and/or the reasoning of the judge to dismiss the diagnosis were made publicly available. Is there any chance?…”

    These are his instructions to get hold of them:

    “…Once the transcript is compiled, it is public record. While names of victims may be redacted, a FOIA request to Fort Bragg should get you a copy. …”

    I’m not based in the US, perhaps a US national cares to send the request and post the documents here.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thanks for that information. I am passing the idea along to Clark Baker and David Steele

    • Henry Bauer said

      Clark Baker expects to have the transcript within the next 3 months and will make it available through OMSJ.

  8. nikos said

    Dr Bauer,

    I am reading in the article that:

    “The evidence against Sgt. TD was overwhelming. Faced with repeated…and viral load tests”

    This means that he was found with viral load?

    When i questioned my positive results of both test elisa and wester blot, the doctor told, ok you asre questining them but we found in your blood 30.000 viral load and so you have the virus.

  9. nikos said

    Dr Bauer thank you for De Harven’s article and it is great that TD was acquitted despite having “viral load”. It so great!

    By the way, i am from Greece and next week i will be in Vienna to meet Dr Uta Santos and get the yogurt MAF 314.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Best of luck! And please remember me to Dr Santos, she was a marvelous host at the Vienna conference in 2010.

  10. nikosm said

    Thank you Dr Bauer and by the way a few days ago i received your book “The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory” and should any questions arise, i will contact you for clarifications.

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