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RA 2011 to be re-scheduled

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/10/25

The proposed meeting in Washington DC beginning of December has had to be postponed:


Rethinking AIDS regrets to inform you that RA 2011 will not be held on December 1-3, 2011. Many Rethinkers experienced difficulty raising adequate travel and lodging funds in these tough economic times and, in some cases, were unable to obtain visas in time. Without access to support from governments, foundations and corporations, Rethinking AIDS has decided to postpone the conference and to consider alternative formats that can involve more rethinkers at less cost.

We appreciate the support provided by both our volunteer speakers and by those of you who did register. All registrants will be contacted soon to arrange a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

– David Crowe, Conference Chair and President, Rethinking AIDS

9 Responses to “RA 2011 to be re-scheduled”

  1. Noreen Martin said

    ****************************** This is a big letdown but hopefully a conference can be held next year. Although, tough economic times will probably be around for awhile. I think that it is time to think outside of the box, a bus tour, a train tour, a lettering writing campaign, march, etc. This has always been our problem, exposure to the massives. We need to do something that attracts media attention or we will be fighting this for years to come. When my book is ready, I plan to send it to news reporters and prominent persons all over this country. I have delayed it publication until January so to have a 2012 date. Does anyone have any ideas on how to best get our message out?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Noreen Martin:
      We need to make personal contact with someone influential in the media or in politics. I’m afraid that random broadcasting won’t work, because it’s what people easily write off as a crankish venture. Personal contact through a trusted avenue is what’s needed — trusted by the influential person(s)..

      • Magneto said

        Michael Moore? Did you try to coohoperate with him on the subject or just contact him?
        He did a wonderful job with his “Sicko” about health in US.
        I agree completely that presenting all the data to some influential person is the right path to widen a bit more the break on the wall of the aids scam

  2. Why not an online conference? With the current technological capabilities, there’s no reason to travel across the country, or around the world to listen to things that will (hopefully) be available on the Internet after the conference anyway. The films, the lectures… everything except the social schmoozing could be transmitted to nearly everyone who is interested.

  3. Noreen Martin said

    **************************** I have given 2 briefings to congressman and senator’s staff. I feel that I have to keep trying, as who knows who may be listening. I write congress people and the budget committee and try to attack it from a financial standpoint.

  4. BSdetector said


    My idea would be to put together a 10-12 page white paper detailing all the weaknesses of the HIV=AIDS dogma and then detail all the research funds that this lunacy siphons off from “actual” diseases such has diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc. Then send this white paper out to all the PACs and Patient Advocacy Groups in Washington who fight for funding for each of these diseases. I believe that once these groups understand just how HIV=AIDS has parasitized the proper funding of legitimate diseases and how bogus the “science” is, they will be appalled and fight to have this funding imbalance reversed. This will be especially powerful with tight budgets at the federal and state levels. Once the money is shut-off, the HIV=AIDS loons will quickly move-on to other topics, just as they did in the early 1980s when the “retroviruses cause cancer” gravy-train was coming to an end. We don’t need to mobilize those effected by the HIV=AIDS fable, these people are long gone and have drunk gallons of the kool-aid already. We need to mobilize all the millions of people who suffer from REAL diseases and who are getting screwed by this HIV=AIDS propaganda machine. The HIV=AIDS propagandists are always whining about how “Soon, everyone will know someone with HIV”. Well, guess what, everyone already knows someone who has died of cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc, etc, many, MANY millions more I suspect. Let’s use their own marketing BS and blow it right back in their faces. Maybe we can get people to show-up at FDA meetings and Congressional meetings and throw fake blood on people screaming “Shame, shame, Shame! LOL!

  5. Noreen Martin said

    ****************************There is an organization, called The Fair Foundation who does track the funding for various diseases but they too have not been able to get to first base. However, I agree that we need to keep up the poilitical pressure, especially since two groups have called for Congress to halt the NIH funding, mainly due to their funding of ridiculous studies and giving money to China. I would encourage you to write your representatives and to the 12 budget personnel.

  6. Magneto said

    Another thing you can do is to put on a new website with modern graphics and apps (and even apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone) which collects all the data available for rethinkers. I can’t believe that of all people unbelieving the hiv dogma there is no one capable of building a stunning and modern website.
    I must admit that almost the majority of rethinking sites are really bad in terms of “marketing” and even “old” in concept and graphic. On the other hand it’s quite easy now, build stunning sites with pre-built CMS and templates (for example this is a wordpress site that simply need a much modern and practical “look and feel”) who look modern and tasty for all audiences.

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