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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/07/29

An important credential for HIV/AIDS researchers is that they should not think about the wider implications of data or observations, because all too often those conflict with HIV/AIDS theorizing. Two recent examples:

Swaziland to test entire population for HIV
Published on : 26 July 2011 – 11:24am | By Klaas den Tek
Authorities in Swaziland want to subject the entire Swazi population to an HIV/AIDS screening test. Those eventually found to be HIV positive would then receive antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). It is an ambitious project involving various donors including the Dutch organization, Stop Aids Now! But is it possible to test an entire population? . . .
Nearly 200,000 of Swaziland’s 1.2 million inhabitants are HIV positive, which makes the southern African country the world record holder for HIV prevalence. Moreover, many Swazis have never been tested for HIV before. The number of people living with the virus that causes AIDS could thus be much higher.
HIV/ AIDS expert, Joep de Lange, from the University of Amsterdam, is among the supporters of the project.
According to him, the screening test could lower the prevalence of the pandemic to one percent of the Swazi population” [emphases added].
The CIA Fact Book has the HIV prevalence as 25.9% (estimated, of course). A couple of years earlier it had been estimated to be 38.8% (Deconstructing HIV/AIDS in “Sub-Saharan Africs” and “The Caribbean”, 2008/04/21) . According to the UNAIDS 2008 Global Report, in “Swaziland — HIV prevalence appears to have stabilized at extraordinarily high levels” [my emphasis], namely “the 26%  . . . found in adults . . . in 2006 [which] is the highest prevalence  ever documented in a national population-based survey anywhere in the world (Central Statistical Office [Swaziland] & Macro  International Inc., 2007)” — although among pregnant women, Swaziland had recorded  >40% HIV prevalence in 2004.
So much for official statistics. 200,000 of 1.2 million is 17%; CIA says 26% as does UNAIDS, but CIA had nearly 39% just a few years earlier. Believe what you choose and whatever suits the immediate purpose. But furthermore:
Up to 2004, less than 10% of the “HIV-positive” population was getting the benefit of antiretroviral drugs. “In Swaziland, the Global Fund is financing care and support services for 100 000 children orphaned as a result of HIV (Global Fund, 2008)”.
The CIA Fact Book estimates for 2009, 180,000 Swazis living with HIV/AIDS but only 7000 HIV/AIDS deaths.
The death rate should have been much higher, if HIV/AIDS is as deadly as claimed in absence of life-saving antiretroviral drugs.
The Golden Fleece Award for Outstanding Non-Thinking, though, ought to go to expert Joep de Lange for suggesting that universal testing and antiretroviral treatment could bring the prevalence from ~16% down to ~1%. No one has yet suggested that antiretroviral drugs are a cure, that they convert “HIV-positive” to “HIV-negative”. For prevalence to decrease from 16% to 1%, 15% of the population would have to die — that is, 15 of the 16% “HIV-positive” people, i.e. 94% of those “living with HIV/AIDS” — even as they are all being treated with antiretroviral drugs!? And that’s assuming no new infections in the meantime, of course; taking those into account would require an even higher death rate.
This is far from the first time that HIV/AIDS gurus have made such ridiculous claims about projected or even achieved decreases in HIV prevalence in various African regions, for example, Uganda, decreases that simply do not jibe with birth and death rates let alone claimed new-infection rates.
Joep de Lange is one of the most prominent HIV/AIDS gurus. He is Professor of Internal Medicine at Amsterdam, has been engaged in HIV/AIDS matters for more than 15 years, and has been President of the International AIDS Society. Perhaps he was misquoted in suggesting that Swaziland could reduce its HIV prevalence from ~16% to ~1%? Or then again perhaps not, since he apparently swallowed the claim that Uganda had reduced its rate from 30% to 11% (“De eerlijke aidsbestrijder” — The honest anti-AIDS warrior).
The interview was given to a Dutch reporter, so perhaps de Lange was not misreported.

*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *

It’s long been well known that HIV is sexually transmitted, and that people who have contracted some other venereal disease (STD) such as gonorrhea or chlamydia are more prone to acquire HIV as well. It’s remained well known even as the data have shown negative correlations between HIV and STDs. It’s remained well known even as the rate of “HIV” among actors in pornographic films has been virtually zero despite the almost total absence of condom use among those performers. Nevertheless, HIV/AIDS gurus and activists have continued to declaim about the dangers of HIV spread among porn performers and that they should be forced to use condoms. For example, the recent article by Goldstein et al. (“High chlamydia and gonorrhea incidence and reinfection among performers in the adult film industry”, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 38 [2011] 644-8):
“industry standards for protecting adult film performers lag far behind established worker health and safety standards. Adult film performers routinely engage in anal and vaginal sex without condoms, including prolonged and repeated sexual acts with multiple sexual partners over short periods. 3 These practices often lead to rectal and/or vaginal mucosal trauma with exposure to seminal and vaginal fluids, fecal material, and blood, a combination that is ideal for transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and fecal pathogens. . . . ‘an average popular male in the industry, through partner-to-partner-to-partner transmission, reaches approximately 198 people in 3 days.’ 7 Although the total population of performers at any one time may appear small, they have a very large sexual network and
serve as a bridge population for STD transmission to and from the general population. 6
. . . .
We focused on repeat infections with CT [chlamydia] and GC [gonorrhea] in this analysis because they are generally indicators of (1) participation in higher sexual risk behaviors; (2) higher risk for HIV acquisition and transmission 15 . . . .” [emphases added].
Now here are the data reported by Goldstein et al.:
“Between 1998 and 2008, 17 HIV cases were reported among performers. 4”
For gonorrhea and chlamydia between 2004 and 2008,

Thus 1294 cases of gonorrhea and 2175 cases of chlamydia in the 5 years from 2004 to 2008, in other words ~260 cases per year of gonorrhea and ~ 435 cases per year of chlamydia.
With HIV, by contrast, there were less than 2 per year, under conditions “ideal for transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)”.

Go figure.

Go think.

We have to do it for ourselves because we obviously can’t rely on the researchers to do it for us.

9 Responses to “HIV/AIDS Non-Thinkers”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, in Africa, the correlation between rates of ordinary VD and “HIV infection” is exactly reversed: Low VD rates vs high HIV rates. Obviously this would all go away if these “researchers” trusted their eyes instead but their jobs would go away too.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Yes. Somewhere also I saw similar data from South-East Asia, STDs up as HIV down, or vice versa. In Estonia, incidence of HIV and of STDs are not correlated. Nor were they correlated during a quarter century in South Australia.

  2. BSdetector said

    Henry, what always has bothered me about these claims of high “HIV” rates is the inherent implication that given the rate of infection per sexual encounter, these people must spend all day doing nothing but having sex with each other. Have any studies been performed that examine the social and family structure of people in African nations who seem most implicated by these high “HIV” rates? Another words, do these people have any less rates of marriage, monogamy than might be found in America or Europe?

  3. doretta said

    i’ m an italian veterinary, do you know if there are groups of veterinary rethinking about Feline IV and feilne AIDS? thanks

  4. PsuedoNot said

    Been reading the site off and on over the years. I am HIV+, but I still feel like I have no idea what is going on. All that really seems obvious is that HIV is not what they say it is.

    Problems with transmission? Viral load failure to predict outcomes? Dreadful drugs? CD4’s a questionable marker of overall immune function? Failure to isolate the virus in pure culture? Backtracking of public figures (Luc) about the lethality of HIV? Statistical data collection corruption and manipulation?

    It definitely appears that I am not living the political version of HIV/AIDS theory. I was told several times that I had an aggressive infection. My PCR viral load was very high (180k’s) and my infection was apparently new (using some new method it was determined to be around 6 months earlier). The term they used with me was, “fast progresser.” I frantically fought against this paradigm for several years, until I was supposed to be in serious decline. I struggled to figure out what was happening to me and ultimately I went for ozone treatment in Malaysia. I did blood ozonation and it lowered my viral load to 0 for a few months before slowly going back up. At that point I was convinced though. Two paradigms had been shattered, ozone as medicine and HIV as science. I stopped getting HIV-specific tests two years ago because they seem to have such a disconnect from reality. I’m yet to see much in decline health-wise, only on test numbers. I have the same problems (cold, flu, random sickness) as everyone else, only less frequently it would seem.

    I have adjusted my diet to be largely vegetarian and I don’t eat processed foods. I do juice fasts and cultivate positive attitude. I have never been healthier. For me, I was more healthy after I was told about HIV, than before. Being involved in the middle of this insanity is maddening sometimes. How does anyone believe the current HIV story? What did they even “measure” in me? The corruption seems to stem so deep, it’s beyond sick.

    I liked the intestinal dysbiosis theory and it seems to make a lot of sense as the research on intestinal flora progresses. I have been trying to put together a macro view of what’s going on so I can apply it to myself. It seems like relax, take care of yourself and watch this insanity from the sidelines is what makes the most sense.

    Thank you for maintaining this site and keeping the discourse alive. One day, this may all end.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Recognizing that it’s insanity shows you’re unusually sane 8)
      Seriously though: I spent a couple of decades doing science (electrochemistry), then a couple more in science studies = history, philosophy, sociology etc. of science, and I was interested especially in controversies about unorthodox claims. So I learned a lot about what can seem sheer insanity. Yet I’m still astonished over and over again at the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS blunder and its consequences that have materially damaged so many people — for sure many hundreds of thousands (AZT killed ~300,000), more likely millions of people.
      A big part of the cause is how big science and medicine have become, so that decision-making has become bureaucratic: any change whose necessity is seen by someone in the actual trenches has to work its way through many layers of vested interests before anything gets done; and the vested interests don’t have abstract objective truth as their highest priority.
      Another aspect of this bigness struck me just recently. There are published annually many thousands of “scientific” articles about HIV or AIDS. Who has time to read them? Not the researchers themselves. Every research specialist looks out for what’s happening only in his own very narrow concern, often by staying in contact with others rather than reading the literature. I think that’s a partial reason why there’s so much in the original literature that contradicts the publicly disseminated mainstream dogmas. The belief was formed long ago, few people bother to keep up with all that’s happened since except in their own tiny research area; no one and no group has the responsibility to attend to the overall picture — except of course the dissenters, and the mainstream doesn’t listen to us.

    • PsuedoNot said

      My numbers were very similar DC. I was tested at 700 CD4 and 45k viral load initially. Two weeks later I had a 600 CD4 and 100k viral load. Four weeks after initial testing, 500 CD4 and 180k viral load. Then I stayed at 180k 500 CD4 for years. Up and down some.

      The first day of my diagnosis I knew something was wrong, I don’t really engage in risky sex, I had limited sexual partners and I always used protection.

      The stress in my life was killing me. Fear of death at such a young age (19), my then girlfriend (abusive) and sleeplessness tore me to pieces. As soon as I dumped the girlfriend, my viral load went from 180k to 30k. I was also taking flax hull lignans and monolaurin. My CD4s went from 500-600-700. I don’t want to advertise, but Osumex makes the flax and Lauricidin makes the mono. I was taking 2 scoops of each per day.

      I was coaxed over and over and over to take the ARVs. All I can say is, they weren’t the right choice for me. People can do what they like to themselves for whatever reason they want, but ARVs seem like insanity to me and I refused vehemently every time they were offered, I would rather die to my own methodology than put money in the pocket of these vipers as they kill/experiment on me.

      DC, check out Dr. Schultze and his healing paradigm. After my first 30-day juice-fast all sorts of awful things came out and I know that there was some internal poisoning going on. It takes a lot of effort to heal yourself, but it’s worth it. They don’t promote it in allopathy because people are frankly too lazy to save themselves.

      P.S. LB17 probiotic is a great (albeit expensive) probiotic. Highly recommended, I was taking it with the flax.

  5. Now, imagine if you, DC and PseudoNot, were rural, ‘illiterate’ women living in some underserviced poor area in Zimbabwe? How would you interpret a local hospital card that had funny graphs, illusrations and figures supposedly about your CD count and viral load? Who would explain all this to you? Its happening every day in Zimbabwe (indeed, it has happened to three women very close to me) and people are being forced on ARV treatment without having really been diagnosed HIV+. That is, people are being TOLD by healthworkers that they they are HIV+ just because they have had diarrhoea or a persistent cough – common illnesses that long precede HIV/AIDS – and that they have to go on ARVs or else die. The only disease worth being diagnosed with nowadays in Zimbabwe, it seems, is AIDS!

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