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A **CURE** for AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/07/18

A simple, inexpensive, non-toxic cure for AIDS that has no negative side-effects has been described by Pacini and Ruggiero at the 6th International AIDS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (Rome, 17-20 July 2011).
The basic mechanism involves stimulation of the immune system which increases CD4 counts and corrects CD4/CD8 balance, in “HIV-positive” people and also in HIV-negative people.

Note in particular that Pacini and Ruggiero obtained increases in CD4 counts
of several hundred in a few weeks
whereas the claimed benefits of anti-retroviral therapy
cite increases of only about 90 per year

Recall that AIDS was discovered and defined in the early 1980s as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, the immune deficiency being specifically a loss of CD4 cells. Later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defined AIDS as being “HIV-positive” with a CD4 count below 200. Therefore an increase of CD4 above that level constitutes reversion of AIDS to non-AIDS.
That a healthy immune system can withstand HIV has also been emphasized by Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of HIV, on several occasions. Two decades ago, it was shown in Montagnier’s laboratory that in fact HIV alone is harmless to immune-system CD4 cells but that the latter may be damaged by a mycoplasma that appears to be often present in some patients.
The immune-system stimulation described by Pacini and Ruggiero appears to act in a similar fashion as yogurt-type bacteria that are among (or are similar to) the beneficial microflora found in healthy guts. This work therefore confirms the intestinal dysbiosis hypothesis of Tony Lance which explains why “AIDS” first appeared as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency, restricted to fast-lane gay men, and why gay men still tend to test “HIV-positive” more frequently than others.

Here is the Pacini-Ruggiero presentation

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  1. BSdetector said

    Henry, is the Kefir used of a particular type? This is exciting, but can we come to any conclusions with only 12 patients receiving the treatment?

    • Henry Bauer said

      You need to ask Pacini/Ruggiero or wait for further published data. As to numbers, you have to start somewhere. One hopes that many more trials will follow.

  2. julianna kenny said

    many thanks henry ! this is very encouraging as they now state that absolute cd4 count is best marker . will the T Cell rebound be maintained after 3 – 6 months or 12 months ..will it have as dramatic an effect in people with cd4 below 200 ( the benchmark for ‘aids’ diagnosis) would be worth seeing in a longer trial if they can get funding , but these seem to be patients without any complications other than abnormal cd4/cd8 ratio…? i suppose we must wait to see as these studies take time , and more time.

    • Henry Bauer said

      julianna kenny:
      Yes, there’s no substitute for further studies. But there’s so much previous evidence pointing this way, it would be remarkable if teh CD4 increase didn’t hold up, or couldn’t be maintained with regular intake of the right stuff

  3. mo79uk said

    More material like this will turn vitamin D advocates into a sort of territorial army for Rethinking.

  4. Very interesting! I wonder if I will eat 125 g of probiotic yogurt from the store every day, will it help me to increase my cd4? yogurt that I found contains: L.acidophilus and bulgarius, bifidobactemium sp. and s. thermophilus. Usually I don’t eat yogurts at all (my cd4 is 321 and I feel good and not sick), but I can try for scientific experiment). Please, Marco Ruggiero, answer if such regular yogurt is the same as you did.

  5. Marco Ruggiero said

    Dear Squirrel 2009, the probiotic yogurt tested in our study (MAF 3 14) is not a “regular” yogurt. It was conceived to maximize natural GcMAF production and to re-establish a healthy gut microbiota, very similar to that of newborn mammals. A sort of reset of the gut microbiota. Nevertheless, good quality yogurts or, even better, home-made kefirs do indeed help the immune system and can do no harm.

    • Dear Dr. Marco, thank you for your reply! I will do experiment 🙂 Dr, Bauer is right – it can not harm anyway.

      And if somebody wants to make kefir at home, does he\she needs to get those bacteria from somewhere? I remember my grandma was doing kefir just with milk and piece of rye bread.

      Did you make tables of cd4 and cd8 before and after for 8 hiv+ participants? would be interesting to look at them!

      Found related links:

      • Sarah said

        The comment is two years old but in case anyone comes across this, yes, you’ll need to get those bacteria from somewhere. They’re called kefir grains and can be bought from Amazon, eBay, and many other sites out there. Just be sure to get dried/dehydrated ones if you’re not living in the US, otherwise the grains won’t survive the trip.

    • Mr Ruggiero, the gut microflora has been recognized as an essential part of the immune system for ages. Living suplements to restore the gut microflora to its original state have been flooding the market since decades. What you are trying to develop appears to be just another “me too” product. In what aspects is if novel if the end result – restoring original microbiota – does not differ from that of known products?

  6. lea said

    Dear Marco,
    is your GcMaf fonctional on all hiv tropisms, meaning macrophages tropism, lymphocyts tropism and dentitric tropism ?
    Léa, France

  7. Bryan said

    Dr Ruggiero how do we get some?

  8. And how about viral load measurement?

  9. John said

    . . . Have Yamamoto Nobuto’s HIV patients been really cured?
    To improve the immune system is NOT enough to rid of the HIV virus…

    • Henry Bauer said

      Being HIV+ doesn’t necessarily mean infected with HIV; and infected with HIV doesn’t necessarily mean getting AIDS. “Elite controllers” and “long-term non-progressors” are mainstream terms for the people who are HIV+ but remain healthy without any treatment. Galletti & Bauer pointed out that official data show that 50% or more of HIV+ Americans are in that category. Montagnier asserts that healthy immune systems effectively resist HIV.

  10. Marco Ruggiero said

    You can buy Kefir grains in any good bio-food shop. We are monitoring CD4 and CD8 and we shall soon have graphs. They will be presented at a Congress in Padua, Italy, in September and at RA2011 in December in Washington DC.

    We see an effect on monocytes/macrophages, but we have not checked its effects on HIV tropism as yet.

    MAF 3 14 production should start in the coming weeks. Send me an e-mail by mid-August and I shall give you details. It also depends on your geographical location. In fact MAF 3 14 contains no additives or preservatives, it is an all-natural product and this poses some problems to its distribution.

    We know that CD4 and VL do not go together and we do not attribute much importance to VL. In any case, VL will be measured after some weeks of MAF 3 14 consumption, i.e. not earlier than September.

  11. julianna kenny said

    i am wondering how this can be distributed if its got such short shelf life – will it be as a patented additive if all goes well with studies.

  12. Mouse2009 said

    Dear Marco/Henry,

    I have always been skeptical of what T-cell counts mean when 80% of T-cells reside in the lymph nodes, thymus, and other lymph organs. I once asked a supposed “HIV Expert” this and was told that studies have been performed that correlate the number of T-cells found in the blood with the number found in the lymph organs. But of course, she could provide no actual reference or copies of these research articles, which is typical of so many of these “facts” claimed by “HIV Mullahs”, that they are more like some type of urban legend than actual scientifically validated theories.

    Is the increase of T-cells found a result of the redistribution of T-cells or an actual increase of production of T-cells? How would you determine this?

    • Henry Bauer said

      My guess is that in some situations it’s an increase and in others a redistribution and in others again a mixture of the two

  13. Marco Ruggiero said

    Mouse 2009; your point is very well taken. However, in order to minimize those variables, we try to perform CD4 cells count always in the same conditions and in the same laboratory. From a practical point of view, however, since AIDS diagnosis and/or the decision to initiate ART are based solely on CD4 cell count, if we keep CD4 count high, we avoid that people are given ART and/or are diagnosed as having AIDS. And this without the necessity to take a dissident stance. Since this approach has no harmful side effects and a number of beneficial collateral effects, we believe that it is worth trying and we are pursuing this line of research. I just wrote a detailed story about MAF 3 14 development that should soon be posted in the Questioning AIDS website.

    • Tony said

      Were that your statement “the decision to initiate ART are based solely on CD4 cell count” were true. However, here in British Columbia (Canada), Julio Montaner the head of the Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS is strongly (and successfully) promoting not only a policy of treatment for all HIV positive individuals, but also for HIV negative individuals that are deemed to be “at risk” for contracting this disease. ARVs are provided at public expense for anyone that is HIV positive and there is tremendous pressure employed on HIV positive individuals to start treatment immediately. I read stories of similar recommendations in other locations as well (e.g., Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA.)

      I look forward to seeing your detailed story about MAF 314. Thank you for your fascinating and highly useful work in this area.

    • Marco Ruggiero said:
      …if we keep CD4 count high, we avoid that people are given ART and/or are diagnosed as having AIDS. And this without the necessity to take a dissident stance…

      Dear Mr. Ruggiero, actively trying to keep CD4 number above the AIDS threshold amounts ot an implicit acceptance of the orthodox diagnosis. This surrogate parameter is used to distract from the lack of a clinical defintion of AIDS and the absence of clinical data showing any direct benefits of treatments.

      The marker was agreed upon after much discussion and lack of consensus in successive workshops sponsored by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. Lagakos and Hoth (1992) pointed out that “to assume that CD4 could also be used as a marker for the effect of any other drug … constituted what the experts liked to call ‘a leap of faith”. The criticism is extensible to any other alternative remedy.

      Therefore I see your strategy as playing into the hands of the AIDS establishment. People who accept your treatment are by definition “dissidents”, however, you encourage them to keep quiet, play along and hide their disagreement. This only helps perpetuate the HIV/AIDS myth, not debunk it.

  14. Marco Ruggiero said

    Tony; in the sovereign Republic of Italy things are quite different. No one can be given any drug without informed consent. Usually ARVs are prescribed only when CD4 fall below certain thresholds. The Ministry of Health urges to use caution and openly states the difficulties of assessing “if” and “when” to initiate ART. Please see the following page; it is on the left. Of course it is in Italian. Look in particular at “Terapia antiretrovirale, il buon senso tra le linee” i.e. good common sense between guidelines. Here you will find the words “if” and “when”. You will also find, on the right of the web page, the open statement that “when to initiate ART” is a “black hole” (quando iniziare la terapia antiretrovirale, by Massimo Galli). And this is the official web page of the Ministry of Health preparing for the IAS conference. No need to remember that the death rate by AIDS here is very, very low.

  15. Tony Lance said

    Background on Ruggiero’s line of research, in his own words, is now up at Questioning AIDS here:

  16. lea said

    Dear Marco, how to get the maf 3 14 staying in France ? thanks

    • Marco Ruggiero said

      Lea; we are now in the US to test MAF 3 14 on about 30 subjects. By the end onf September, MAF 3 14 will be produced also in Italy from where it could be shipped to France, I guess. We have to work out the practical details, but I think that it is not an impossible task.

      • lea said

        Very good Marco, May I wait until September to get the address where to buy MAF 3 14 ?
        thanks again, Lea.

  17. chiara93 said

    Hi, I am an Italian girl, my name is Chiara 18 years, in recent tests that I did my CD4 count was significantly below 200, I have prescribed ARV therapy, but I chose not to follow. I not to understand my situation is, let alone know how to behave, what I find on the web is daunting. I would like that the Dott.Ruggiero ( is more competent than me)of the information and possibly advice on what to do. Forgive my English is not very professional.

  18. Marco Ruggiero said

    Dear Chiara,

    As you probably know, it is impossible to give medical advice through the web to people that have never been met. Now I am in the US for a clinical trial involving MAF 314 and I should be back in Italy by September.

    • chiara93 said

      I fully understand Doc, Forgive my insolence to school with the biology program we introduced the anti-retroviral drugs, but there are so many things that I can not understand. I just try to answers to questions that my doctors can not answer. I sorry for disturb.

  19. BSdetector said

    Professor Ruggiero:
    This (chiara93) is an obvious fake, ignore the post.
    Since when would a “Biology Program” talk about retroviral drugs. LOL!
    This psychopath is obviously trying to get you to give medical advice over the Internet, which would be unprofessional and illegal.
    Also, “She” claims to have poor English, yet uses words like insolence, daunting, and competent. Pleeeaaaase!
    This typifies the kind of sick, cult-like nature of the HIV=AIDS peons. It is like you are dealing with people from Scientology or The Moonies. It is behavior like this that convinces me that their science is garbage. If they really had the facts on their side, they would not have to stoop to this level.

    • chiara93 said

      Dear detector
      you are as a detective rather poor, not necessary to be an Oxford graduate to understand that insolente you write in English insolence, and forgive me but it is so strange that the fifth year of high school are talking about HIV?congratulation you have found a criminal call the police?found as a hobby of very much rewarding, stupid.Ma chi ti caga.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Unfortunately there have been quite a few hoaxers and fakers and people trying to infiltrate Rethinking organizations, so there are grounds to be suspicious. A friend has said that we have fully earned being paranoid. 8)

        Let’s regard this exchange as closed

  20. Kevin said

    Hello Prof. Ruggiero,

    Your work and perspective on AIDS is a breath of fresh air in this fight to restore the immune system of people with chronic immune deficiency. Thank you for all your efforts and new ideas. One question: I have friends who are HIV positive with immune deficiency who are not treated with ARVs. How is it possible for such people to assist your research by becoming enrolled in larger organized clinical trials? Good luck with your efforts!

  21. chiara93 said

    Dear Henry,
    i’m accord with you, but you consider that many people are uninformed about this problem and the web can help there understand, this is the our source of informations “although I’m often wrong”. Forgive me if i’m nervous. thank you

    • nic said

      I’m writing from Italy, I’m positive since 4 mounthes. Many thanks Prof. Ruggiero for your great work! I will try to conctat you on september to buy Maf 314. Thank you,

  22. gabriel castillo said

    Dear Dr. Ruggiero,
    I am very interested in your trials and in having access to MAF 3 14. I live in Berlin and I am happy to travel to Italy if necessary. I am not on ARV’s and although in good general health, CD4’s remain very low. I would be forever grateful if your could inform me on how to go about getting the MAF 3 14
    Best regards,


  23. Matt said

    Sadly neither this new wonder treatment of Ruggiero, nor the far from exceptional ‘Intestinal Dysbiosis’ theory of Tony Lance, answer a whole host of other scientific issues around why the various risk groups in the West (unchanged over 30 years) test reactive on the ‘HIV’ tests, and some get get seriously ill, and why a completely different demographic in Africa test reactive, and some get ill with mainly *different* ailments. Indeed, there was no great ‘Eureka’ moment in 2008 on the news of the Lance theory — since most of the causes of ‘Leaky Gut’ were not only already known, but had already been covered quite extensively within the dissident science family. All the evidence still points to no proof for the existence ‘HIV’ . . . and that reasons for ill-health either in the West or Africa are multifactorial and that those factors cause oxidative stress — being the underlying reason for the illnesses. . . . The issue still remains: the centrality of ‘HIV’ to the ‘HIV/AIDS’ hypothesis, and its centrality to the terrible death and suffering that has been caused by the fallacy of ‘HIV’, and the failure of a significant part of the dissident movement . . . to place the lack of scientific proof for ‘HIV’ at the centre of the challenge of the dogma.
    [Edited by moderator]

    • Henry Bauer said

      I edited your comment because I see no value in internecine strife. If you want me to delete it as a whole, I will do so. If you want to send my a different non-ad-hominem version I will consider it.

      I have no disagreement with your view that there are many causes and a host of scientific issues in the HIV/AIDS mess.
      As to “Eureka moment”: Such moments are individual and personal ones. My analysis of HIV epidemiology demonstrated that the frequency of positive “HIV” tests (which in my book I termed “F(HIV)” in order to avoid the implication that HIV exists) varies with race and sex and chronology and geographical distribution in a manner showing it is not something caused by an infection. Moreover, the variation of F(HIV) among social groups shows that it is somehow related in a very non-specific way with overall health or fitness, consonant with the Perth view that it’s a matter of oxidative stress. That is also quite non-specific, of course, and doesn’t get us any closer to specific insights capable of practical help for specific individuals.
      What remained mysterious to me was why gay men of non-African ancestry should so often test HIV+. Lance’s intestinal dysbiosis hypothesis was therefore a Eureka moment for me, being a very specific answer to a very specific, troubling, mysterious part of the whole business.
      AS to the existence question being central, I’ve already argued elsewhere on the blog that the indisputable fact that “HIV” tests do not detect the purported “HIV” is in itself sufficient substantive grounds for rejecting HIV/AIDS theory and practices, and there is no point in trying to make the less easily provable case that HIV does not exist or continue the lengthy arguments as to whether or not it has even been isolated. The people who need to be convinced are not other dissidents, they are the wider public, who are inundated by news items and scientific publications replete with stuff about isolating HIV. On the matter of testing, by contrast, there are authoritative mainstream sources that state quite plainly and unequivocally that positive “HIV” tests do not demonstrate infection by HIV. That’s all that needs to be established to remove grounds for antiretroviral treatment.

  24. White said

    I would be very interested in knowing, if in the end of September you can manufacture and sell the GcMAF to patients in need in Europe, or will be on sale how to manufacture the product at kitchen´s home.
    Some of us do not have much time to wait for an effective treatment.
    Thank you very much.

  25. White said

    Excuse me, I wanted to write ” MAF 314 “not Gc MAF…and the question is for Dr.Ruggiero.

  26. White said

    Nobody knows about the presentation of Drs Cheney and Ruggiero in Ottawa conference 22-24 September of the clinical trial of MAF314 ?

  27. Marco Ruggiero said

    Some of the results will be presented at the 65th Annual Congress of the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology in Padua, on Thursday the 29th. For info on the Society, one of the oldest and most respected Scientific Societies, please see

  28. White said

    Many Thanks Dr Ruggiero. for answer me
    You can understand that we are very anxious about the result of your clinical trials, that we hope are good for us.
    I don´t have any doubt that your work will be presented in a respected scientific and research congress, but much of us can´t attend.
    We know also that scientific work and research has his strict rules and only after the official presentations in conferences or congress can result in patient benefit.
    Can we, at any time , in the net, read about the results of your clinical trial with Dr. Cheney?
    Good luck

  29. José said

    I been much interested in this topic of probiotics and AIDS. I recently came across this article about research In the US about this very same idea that I like to share with you.

    Americans Living With HIV/AIDS, Affordable Probiotics To Help
    11 Aug 2010

    A new study looking at the role probiotics may play in increasing CD4 cell count in people with HIV infection is underway at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). Today, researchers began a 3-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to demonstrate safety and efficacy of taking capsules with 2 billion cells of a strain of Bacillus coagulans probiotics known as GanedenBC30 to increase critical CD4 cell count, a measure of immune status used to gauge progression of HIV infection.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that more than 1.1 million people are living in the United States (U.S.) with HIV infection. Current drug regimens have allowed people with HIV infection to live longer; these drugs, however, can cost thousands of dollars per month and there is still no cure. Unfortunately, government programs to provide life-sustaining drugs to those who cannot afford them have been crippled by the weak economy, and tens of thousands of people are currently without access. The AHF is able to help some patients, but the size of the economic shortfall dwarfs citizens’ current need.

    The AHF trial is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the United States; while small clinical trials conducted in Africa have shown that probiotic yogurts can dramatically increase CD4 cell count in people (test subjects) with HIV infection. However, the results left important questions unanswered. A successful research result would promise a social and economic tool for both patients and doctors to help in the country’s fight against HIV/AIDS that remains without a cure.

    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) by damaging the body’s immune system — specifically, white blood cells often referred to as CD4 cells that are crucial to the body helping fight diseases. HIV infection is often marked by a state of chronic inflammatory response triggered by the leakage of Gram-negative bacteria from the intestines into the bloodstream. This state of chronic inflammation is believed to leave CD4 cells more prone to infection and destruction by HIV.

    Researchers at the AHF hypothesize that probiotic consumption may reduce leakage of Gram-negative bacteria from the intestine, thereby reducing the resulting inflammatory response and destruction of CD4 cells.

    “The best solution we have today is the current range of antiretroviral drugs. Some patients, despite taking these agents regularly, are not able to rebuild their immune system which is partly due to state of chronic inflammation created by disruption of gut ecosystem in HIV disease,” says Dr. Homayoon Khanlou, M.D., Chief of Medicine at AHF and the lead investigator on the new clinical trial. “A positive result will provide a new affordable probiotics alternative to those who don’t achieve adequate immune restoration as well as a bridge for those who do not yet have access to HIV/AIDS drugs,” adds Dr. Khanlou.

    Two small clinical trials conducted in Africa demonstrated that HIV infected subjects given probiotic yogurt had increased CD4 cell counts compared to those given placebo. However, the nutritional status of HIV-infected people in Africa is believed to be so poor that even minor changes in diet can lead to an improvement in CD4 cell count. Given the stronger nutritional status of HIV infected people in the U.S., a positive outcome from the clinical trial will be more meaningful to medical experts.

    “There are many reasons why the previous trials in Africa haven’t received attention here in the U.S., partly because the subject populations are so different,” says Dr. Justin Sonnenburg, Ph.D., a microbiologist and immunologist at Stanford University School of Medicine. “This new clinical trial testing probiotics’ impact on people living with HIV, if successful, would promote dialogue on this very important topic and definitely open up a great deal of interest among researchers.”

    Researchers will enroll 24 subjects into the new clinical trial to take either a probiotic capsule or a placebo daily for 90 days. Several key immune measures, including CD4 cell count, will be taken at the start and end of the trial. The capsules will contain the Bacillus coagulans strain of probiotics, sold widely in the U.S. today as dietary supplements to help alleviate common gastrointestinal complaints and ward off cold and flu viruses. There is an additional hypothesis that the probiotic capsules will help alleviate the gastrointestinal symptoms that often accompany HIV infection, and the clinical trial will measure such changes with a widely used rating scale.

    Because probiotics are themselves bacteria, there has long been concern related to their use in people with compromised immunity. Several probiotic strains have been implicated in causing opportunistic infections in people with severe illnesses. But the specific probiotic strain being used in the new clinical trial has gone through rigorous safety and toxicity testing. The Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, PTA-6086 strain of probiotics was found to be safe for all human consumption by an independent panel of experts assembled to assess its safety. The strain has never been implicated in causing opportunistic infection.

    The new clinical trial will be partly funded by Ganeden Biotech, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company that sells the Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, PTA-6086 probiotic strain in its Sustenex dietary supplements and to several food and beverage companies that add it as an ingredient to their products. Company representative Marshall Fong says, “We believe it is important to support the search for a low-cost therapy to help people living with HIV/AIDS, especially those without access to high-priced HIV/AIDS drugs. While our small company-size unfortunately prohibits us from providing more research funding, we do plan to donate probiotics to those Americans in need should the research show positive results.”

    Source: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)

    Article URL:

    • José said

      Great DC! Let us know the results of your inquiry with AHF

    • BSdetector said


      Don’t waste your time expecting AHF to even remotely support anything that does not suggest that ONLY drugs will raise t-cell levels. This organization survives by government grants and private donations. Both of these money sources would be appalled at any suggestion that the dogma they have been fed for years ,and which they have donated millions/billions to, is even slightly incorrect. This would be like the military industrial complex admitting that “perhaps political negotiation can be helpful rather than military intervention”. It is beyond AHF’s primary directive to admit anything but drugs will “cure” HIV. The primary purpose of AHF is to protect the jobs of its researchers and employees. If they happen to actually help someone along the way, well, so much the better. But that is not what will maintain their existence.

    • Marshall fong said

      Hi, my name is Marshall Fong. I was V.P. of Marketing at Ganeden Biotech and helped facilitate this study. I am no longer at Ganeden, but I saw the raw data from the study at AHF (yes, it was indeed done there). The results were impressive, with a significant increase in percent CD4 in the probiotics group – mean for whole group was in the “normal” range, and all but one subject had an increase. On the other side, the placebo group had a mean decrease in percent CD4, falling below the “normal” range, and all but one subject had a decrease. Hopefully Ganeden and AHF will publish the results soon. I apologize for the delay – I was working with AHF to get this published, but I took on a new job and had to terminate my efforts with Ganeden as part of my new employment agreement.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Marshall Fong:
        Please, what is “AHF”? Is it the AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

    • Jose said

      The news about the AHF probiotic trial is encouraging. I’m wondering if Prof Ruggiero might have some new information to share about his work with MAF 314 and how it may be obtained in US….
      Could you share how you go about making kefir?

      much health,

  30. White said

    Very interesting but Dr.Ruggiero said en post 5 that home made kefir is better, it has a lot of good and live strains and is very cheap, only the price of milk .The kefir grain is donated free in a lot of places.Unfortunately, [no] company is interested in the research of kefir, but there are some works in Pubmed from Bulgaria.

  31. José said

    Yes, i’m sure that we are eager to hear more about the probiotic yogurt tested in Prof. Marco Ruggiero’s study (MAF 3 14).

  32. White said

    ¿Any news of Maf 314?

  33. tom said

    I am glad to have found out about the possible beneficial effects of a healthy gut flora, kefir and probiotics in some immune restoration handbook (more a protocol of many individual trials). Since that day – a good 6 years ago – I changed my diet, including home-made kefir (which is easy and inexpensive to come by) in my wholegrain cereals every morning. Not that this proves anything for anyone else, but my CD4 counts have been stable, and slightly rising ever since – without meds, of course. My strategy has been what Dr. Ruggiero described so eloquently above: if you can keep your CD4 levels up, then no need to worry about meds… Of course, I’ll be very grateful for any news on the GcMAF-upgraded yoghurt.

  34. Sith said

    Why did everyone stop talking about MAF 314…

  35. Marco Ruggiero said

    Another reason is that I intended to present the results of the ongoing trials at RA2011. In addition, if “generally available” means “for people in the entire world”, then there is to wait for a few more weeks or months. If it means, however, “for people in Europe”, then it is already available.

    • anna said

      Marco: Where or how is it available in Europe — for example , in Ireland what would I have to do to order it? Is it to order via a doctor or online from your supplier? I would like to pass the info on to some people I know who are not yet on treatment and have CD4 over 200.

  36. White said

    ¿¿¿What is available por people in Europe ??? The MAF 314 yogurt???? Or the courses to make the MAf314 …???
    If is the yogurt available ¿Where is the link or adress?

  37. Marco Ruggiero said


    Thank you for your kind words. Given the widespread interest in the issue, I wish to provide some further information. There is a huge difference between a yogurt containing live (probiotic) bacteria and a probiotic in capsules containing the same identical bacteria. The yogurt raises CD4 to the same extent as ART, the encapsulated probiotics do not (at least not to the same extent and with the same reproducibility). Please read and compare the following two articles from the same group; read the first one first.

    Please read them in detail. In the second one, you will find confirmation of the famous words of Prof. Montagnier:

    “I believe we can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected, our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system.”

    and, maybe more important:

    “My statement —– taken out of its context in a film that glorifies the “Dissidents” and posted on Internet by a website that is searching for polemical debate —– is based on observations I made while I was director of the Centre of Reference on AIDS virology at the Pasteur Institute: we actually met several cases of persons being transitively HIV–positive for a few months and then turning HIV–negative again.”

    Please notice again “we actually met several cases of persons being transitively HIV–positive for a few months and then turning HIV–negative again”. In the second paper there are two of these cases, enjoy finding them.

    If you are confirmed positive you can turn negative; interesting, isn’t it?

  38. Tom said

    I am currently preparing MAF 314 in the Köln region – and I want to share, since I have one portion left over. Who is interested? Get in touch, if you like…

    • Tom said

      hey dc,

      sent you two emails to this address… but no reply from you? you interested at all?
      then plz mail.


    • Jose said

      Hi Tom,

      I’;m definitely interested. You can reach me at: Please write “MAF-314” in subject line.


    • Paolo said

      Hi Tom I’m writing from Milan Italy and I’m also interested in getting some Maf-314 from you. Please contact my email giving me all details.

      • Tom said

        hi there,

        thanks for your interest in my post…

        @ paolo: it is so easy to get and no huge deal. if you live in milan, you are at the heart of things anyway. we mail about this, if you want.
        @ jose: where do you live – can you find out, if that can be shipped there? i don’t know about customs, but in germany they tend to be strict…

        what is more: there is great news from my 4-week MAF 314 trial. it works. my cd4 increased by 130, to 510 and percentage increased, too, by 3%. thankfully, i have a very open-minded doc who once wrote a phd thesis on the gut-related aids issues early on. i felt he was interested and he asked me to get him more info. so, suggestions welcome.

        i have a really good gut feeling with this. and excellent lab results! nice combo therapy 😉

        lots of love,

      • Jose said

        Hi Tom,

        I’m happy to hear the great news about your MAF 314 trial!

        I’m in USA. I really dont know anything about customs in regard to receiving shipment from abroad. Wondering if there would be any
        issue. Perhaps someone on this site knows something about that or can tell me who to contact

        Thanks for getting back to me and the best of luck!



      • Thomas said

        @ jose

        check it out! you need to do that work by yourself – go, ask, find out! and be in touch…
        lots of love,

      • Nick said

        Hi Tom

        This is great news both for you and me…since my CD4 are about 65, so, i am unavoidably interested in receiving some of your maf 314.

        Here is my email:

  39. Debbie Cushen said

    Taking GcMAF. For CFIDs and want to know if it is OK to take low dose one fourth of a 4 mg tablet of methylprednisolone as needed maybe once a week? From what I understand it affects a different part of the immune system and would help with the histamine and inflammatory reactions from the GcMAF without stopping the efficacy of the GcMAF. I currently take compounded cortisol SR 10 mg daily due to adrenal fatigue but don’t think it is really enough. Also I am taking Klonopin 0.5 mg poqhs but from what I am reading it seems to me it would reverse what the GcMAF is trying to correct? Don’t know as this is somewhat over my head. Just hoping for some answers.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Debbie Cushen:
      Perhaps some followers of teh blog can help you, I can’t. BTW, what is “poqhs”?

  40. Paolo said

    Dear Dr. Ruggiero, I am Italian and I live in Milano, Would you please send me a link where I can buy your MAF 3 14 probiotics ?
    Please is urgent! My email is:

    kind Regards

  41. John said

    Hi Tom,

    I’m sure you’ve already shared you extra MAF-314 by now, but I wonder if you have the instructions for culturing it and if you would share them with me. I’m very curious about the process, even if I don’t have the necessary materials. My email is: .

    And does anyone know how Dr. Ruggiero went from Dr. Reid’s use of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 yogurt (in Tanzania) to his choice of kefir instead of yogurt. Was this a result of the 314 experiments, or a choice made from the start.

    I’ve also read the statement that encapsulated probiotics aren’t nearly as effective as the probiotics in yogurt and I wonder if there a scientific rationale for this, or is it the result of experiments comparing the two.



    • Thomas said

      Dear John,

      Thanks for providing your email. I just wrote to you.

      On a general note: of course, I do not know the specific contents, but they are cow’s milk extracts, bacteria and yeast. From what I figure as an old friend of freshly made kefir: make a batch and add a bottle of colostrum for the last 12 hours. So much I gather from what has been freely published. That may already up the Gc-proteins and have a slight effect. Add prebiotics to your food, inuline, wheat bran, raw bananas, raw leeks (with apples) in a salad etc… Also, avoid all artificial sweeteners. This is important: no artificial sweeteners. They have been shown to undo the goodness of MAF in the guts – and aspartame (as one of them) is a nerve poison intended to kill ants. Just happens to produce a sweetish taste… Again: watch your chewing gums, supplements, whatever… NO ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS. see which lobbyist now has us on their blacklist 😉

      Lots of love,

  42. Your Query: How will CDC evaluate the impact of PrEP if participants reduce their risk behavior

    • Henry Bauer said

      Timo Enders:
      The link didn’t work for me without downloading something “ctMedBrowser” I’m not sure I want to download!

  43. norman said

    Hi,everyone. I live in South Africa and would like to try the maf314 protocol. Please send me the details on my e-mail below:

  44. Marco Ruggiero said

    Dear Henry and dear all,

    It is with great pleasure that I can communicate that our findings reported at IAS 2011 in Rome have been independently confirmed. In this paper, published in September 2012, the Authors report that a particular yogurt increased CD4 by 41 cells in one month. Please remember that successfull ART is supposed to increase CD4 by 90 cells in one YEAR. As to confirm the words of Prof. Bauer at the beginning of this thread, the Authors note: “Thus, an increase in CD4 by 41 cells/ μL as a result of consuming micronutrient supplemented yogurt, may be clinically significant in this particular population. The current 2007 WHO immunological classification outlines that a CD4 count of 500 constitutes a non significant immunodeficiency. Thus, an increase of 41 cells/ μL could result in a clinically relevant change between advanced immunodeficiency to mild immunodeficiency, for example.” Or, I add, from immunodeficiency to “non significant immunodeficiency”. Also in this case, however, is not something so easy to prepare.

    • Dear Mr. Ruggiero, the clinical significance of CD4 counts is unclear – to put it mildly – both for persons positive and negative to HIV tests. The definition of AIDS as a CD4 count below certain arbitrary threshold is the result of political discussions – workshops by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences – rather than specific clinical correlations. Patients with high CD4 counts are just as likely to die. AIDS skeptics see this inespecific definition as a move to artificially inflate the number of AIDS diagnoses to keep the funding flowing and sell more antiretroviral drugs.

      Now the above non-definition of immunodeficiency seems good to sell probiotic yogurts too. I’m not denying the health benefits of restoring original microbiota, but the market is flooded with probiotic supplements including L. rhamnosus and yours does not appear to be new – perhaps “more palatable” as your study claims. Therefore I find opportunistic that an AIDS “rethinker”, instead of challenging the CD4-count definition of AIDS, subscribes it and ends up competing with ART at producing the same or “better” non-clinical outcomes in order to get a piece of the AIDS cake.

      • Guy said

        When I first saw Dr. Ruggiero’s announcement on yogurt I took it as an ironic poke at the AIDs establishment. “If CD4 increases are what you’re looking for, try this Yogurt instead of that poison.” Perhaps I was mistaken.

  45. I would disagree with that thinking – that there is purely a profit motive. If it makes them money fair play , but (and I am classified as HIV Positive for 16 years) if these products achieve the same effect as toxic expensive complicated pill-medicine regimens and maintain a CD4 within normal range for long periods of time (and I would dispute the thinking that there is absolutely no correlation between what is measured as CD4 count and development of serious illnesses) it is a welcome addition to the ‘arsenal’ (as we have it described to us – our medicine) of treatment interventions.

    • I would dispute the thinking that there is absolutely no correlation between what is measured as CD4 count and development of serious illnesses

      Perhaps this analysis will convince you of the lack of correlation:

      Whether it’s yogurt or ARVs, whoever sells a “cure” for this non-condition is riding the fear wave started by the AIDS establishment, not challenging it.

      • Henry Bauer said

        annapolyanna, putinreloaded:
        I think the data are clear that there’s no correlation between CD4 counts and clinical condition of HIV+ individuals. Juliane Sacher and others have pointed out that CD4 in blood is not a good measure of immune function, in part because those cells are directed to points of inflammation. But I don’t believe there exist sufficient data to show that low CD4 counts are never associated with one or another sort of ill health. One of the really frustrating aspects of HIV/AIDS theory and research is that such questions are not addressed.

  46. Henry Bauer said:
    I don’t believe there exist sufficient data to show that low CD4 counts are never associated with one or another sort of ill health.

    Lack of sufficient data is a pretty weak scientific base to recommend CD4 boosting remedies to all HIV positives, isn’t it? Also, I fail to understand why this remedy is recommended to HIV positives only and not to the population at large that’s just as prone to lower than “normal” CD4 numbers.

    Somehow the human race has survived until now without scientifically designed yogurts and I expect it to continue so.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Perhaps, like Mitt Romney, I could have expressed myself more elegantly.
      Since low CD4 counts have IN SOME CASES been associated with ill health — correlated but not known to be causatively correlated — while there are no data to show that the correlation is no more than a coincidence, it seems reasonable for individuals to try probiotic supplements when they are both ill and low in CD4; because I know of no reports of harm following use of probiotics.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Certainly! I take probiotic supplements regularly and increase them when I have to use an antibiotic.

      • Henry Bauer said
        it seems reasonable for individuals to try probiotic supplements when they are both ill and low in CD4

        There are 100’s of “reasonable” things ill people can do and the most reasonable is to seek a correct diagnosis outside the HIV/AIDS tunnel-vision paradigm. Selling this yogurt as a “cure for AIDS”, which encompasses 30 unrelated diseases, is misleading advertising to put it very mildly.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Yes, ideally get a competent diagnosis outside the HIV/AIDS paradigm. How many doctors do you know of who fit that bill? I’m aware of 1 in he USA and 2 in Germany.

  47. Henry,

    I come late to this thread, but for those of your readers who are still interested in learning more about MAF 314, I have posted some video interviews with Professor Ruggiero, conducted in Wichita, Kansas on October 4. All of the videos are in this youtube playlist:

    Ruggiero’s presentation about his ongoing research into MAF 314—specifically regarding cancer patients—to the 2012 Riordan Clinic IVC and Cancer Symposium was also video recorded, and will be available on their website, hopefully soon.

  48. felix said

    I am a boxer and my cd4 account is 416. I am phiscaly fit at wat stage shld i be labelled hiv positive cause this has cost my sportsmanship.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I can’t help you, I’m sorry. I’ve read that CD4 counts vary a great deal, even over short times, so “416” sounds far too exact to be a genuine measure of you physiology. But I don’t know what CD4 counts mean — except that they certainly don’t prove “HIV infection”.
      Have a look at what’s posted about CD 4 at and

  49. Fabio Franchi said

    Dear all,

    here the last news: two papers of prof Nobuto Yamamoto have been retracted with ignominy.
    The rest will be shortly.
    Here my comment (in italian, soon in English) and links to the original documents:

    As early in 2009 I signalled the multiple misconducts of Yamamoto, in vain:
    Here the list (largely incomplete) of “irregularities” found in the paper of Yamamoto published on JMedVir. 81:16–26, 2009.

    I. Financial problems
    1. The grants mentioned in the study were no more active years before the study began. How were the high costs of the research covered?

    II. Ethical problems
    1. In the paper you read: “The participants gave written informed consent before entering the study.” But the informed consensus is completely invalid for many reasons (there was no mention – for instance – of alternative approved treatments according to guidelines of the time)
    2. In fact, the patients could not give informed consent to protocols because it was written in Japanese (it was translated in English only some months after the publication of the study)!
    3. The chairmen of the IRBs admitted indirectly they never received the signed Japanese forms back from the patients (they said they ignored where the patients were)
    4. The chairmen of IRBs (asked to answer) do not even mention that the cure has been sent to patients to carry out this study. They write: “Physicians from Southeast Asia and African countries requested for supply of GcMAF for treatment of HIV patients and patients are living in various locations in those countries.”
    5. The IRBs were not registered anywhere (checked by me and admitted by the Author himself, at last)
    6. Some members of the IRBs were good friends of Yamamoto (they were co-Author in other similar publications, including the two chairmen of IRBs). One (Koga) is co-Author of the same paper he approved on JMedVir.
    7. The patients have not been followed in specialized hospital wards or Medical Clinic (IRBs’s chairmen: “We believe that every patient is treated by own physicians and not in recognizable hospitals”. That’s strange indeed: HIV patients are almost exclusively followed by specialists in western Countries and Third world Countries alike and refer to high level labs.

    III. Phantom patients?
    1. After Yamamoto failed to find the only patient in USA (according to his own words), he stated that the others were “from Southeast Asia countries and South African” in one occasion, but referred to “Asian and South African subjects” in another. The chairmen of the IRBs used the expression: “Physicians from Southeast Asia and African countries”, completing the mixing among continents, sub regions, African countries and a nation (South Africa). So even the approximate “locations” of the mysterious patients is not clear, nor the location of the labs where the exams have been performed.

    IV. Damn statistics
    1. The results of this study are perfect: all the 15 patients have been cured (their HIV has been “eradicated”), all the markers values are what could be desired at best. The “right” results have been obtained in 100% of essays. For instance there is an optimum inverse correlation between CD4 and Viral Load, while in the scientific literature it is widely known this optimum inverse correlation does not exist.
    2. The “precursor activity” found in the 15 patients was reduced in all, while Yamamoto’s patent on nagalase, the test forecasts that 65% of HIV patients have not a reduction of it.

    …. the rest at your disposal, upon request,
    Best regards,

  50. indi said

    dott. Ruggiero, vorrei arruolarmi per la sua cura come devo fare?

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