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“HIV” can harm without even existing

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/03/01

A number of people have told publicly their stories of damaged lives through purported “infection”, when all that happened was that a highly fallible test was misinterpreted. Tommy Morrison has recently gone to some lengths to bring public attention to his own such story: Twice boxing champion, career destroyed by such a “positive” test.

One arena where he tells his story is on YouTube, in



These pieces, about 15 minutes each, are well worth watching; not only for the anecdote about HIV-harm but insights into several aspects of life that are not known to people who have never experienced any real hardship.



3 Responses to ““HIV” can harm without even existing”

  1. Noreen Martin said

    Yes, Tommy is another victim of this AIDS scam. Help him by posting on the YouTube sites and keeping the pressure up on Gallo at the University of Maryland. Tommy is trying to get on Celebrity Rehab, so any efforts in that regard would be appreciated too. Here is my YouTube video on the subject:

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