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HIV/AIDS and African Americans

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2011/01/30

African Americans are particularly damaged by the misguided belief that “HIV” tests reliably detect an AIDS-causing virus. In reality, these tests react “positive” to a wide variety of physiological conditions, including pregnancy; and people of African ancestry are prone to test “positive” far more than others; in the USA, African American males typically test “positive” between 7 or 8 times more often than white males, and maong females the ratio is typically 20 or so.
Testing “positive” is then likely to lead to “treatment” with toxic drugs that afford no benefit.

I hope these facts will be thoroughly aired at the Second Harlem AIDS Forum. The inclusion of Dr. Nancy Banks and of Celia Farber among the speakers gives me confidence that the truth will indeed be on display.

Here is the notice of the event that I just received:


On Saturday, February 12, 2011 beginning at 4 p.m, the National Action Network will have a major forum on HIV/AIDS. A panel of experts will bring the community up to date on the latest information on HIV/AIDS and address many of the questions that people have. Each of the speakers have been researching and speaking about this subject for many years. What are the latest statistics on HIV/AIDS, especially in the Black Community and Africa, and what do those numbers mean? Who should get tested and how reliable are the tests? Which treatments are safest and most effective? What is the latest information on sexual transmission? These and many other questions will be addressed. The audience will also be
able to ask questions of the panel. This will be a dynamic event which you don’t want to miss! Tell family members
and friends that they must attend.
Admission is free!

Deborah A. Levine – Vice President for Community Development. -National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
Attorney Tracie Gardner – Director of New York State Policy for the Legal Action Center
Dr Nancy Turner Banks – MD Harvard, Author, Lecturer
Celia Farber – Journalist, Author
Dr. Ann Brown – PhD Microbiology, Author, Lecturer
Reverend Dr. Michael Ellner – President of HEAL NYC, Author, Lecturer
Tommy Morrison – Former Heavy Weight Boxing Champion and was diagnosed as HIV Positive
Dr. Jack Felder – Bio-Chemist, Author and Lecturer
Tom D. Fernando – Researcher and Lecturer
Dennis Levy – President of the Black and Latino AIDS Coalition
Sister MAAT – Wife of Dr. Sebi, Co-Founder of the Fig Tree, Holistic Practitioner
Princess Little Flower – Holistic Practitioner
Curtis Cost – Author and lecturer

For More Information Contact: Curtis Cost – President of the Scholar’s Committee
(646) 701 – 3230

The National Action Network
106 W. 145th Street (Between Malcolm X Blvd. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd)
New York, NY 10039
(212) 690-3070

5 Responses to “HIV/AIDS and African Americans”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, I was just reading about a Ugandan Gay Activist having gotten beaten to death in Uganda. The anti-gay climate in this and many other African countries is pretty bad. Associating AIDS with homosexuality along with the antideluvian attitudes makes a very bad soup. It wouldn’t surprise me to suspect that anyone who gets AIDS in those countries (especially if they’re men) would be assumed to be homosexual. Uganda (a backward country) was intending to make a law to execute anyone who was homosexual. But because Uganda is a very poor country, they receive large amounts of aid from countries who are more civilized with regards to human rights — and the threat to withhold that financial aid was enough to put that law on hold but it’s potential implementation is still alive. It is a very good sign that two prominent AIDS disidents will be speaking at the forum (and hopefully not interrupted by AIDS Establishment rabble rousers).

    • Henry Bauer said

      Some time ago I saw news or documentary on TV that the Ugandan initiative had been spurred by visits from American evangelists — who denied it, but admitted having visited Uganda.

      • Martin said

        The evangelists are liars. They knew full well what they were doing especially talking to a backwards impoverished country like Uganda whose social structure (like many Mid Eastern countries) is mired in the Dark Ages. It’s sad when these religious bigots claim that God hates homosexuals — how do they know? When man talks to God he’s praying, when God talks to man, the man has schizophrenia.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Martin — and potential commentators:
        I think it’s fair game to comment on the actions fo those evangelists, but let’s not start a thread about pros and cons of religious beliefs.

  2. Martin said

    I agree. This is an AIDS dissident forum.

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