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World AIDS Day: Black Stars and “life-saving” HAART

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/12/01

Those who address primarily African-American audiences about “HIV/AIDS” have an impossible task, because “HIV/AIDS” in the United States has become concentrated among blacks, and that fact combines with the mainstream view of how “HIV” spreads to resuscitate or re-emphasize old stereotypes of unrestrained irresponsible sexual behavior by black people.
The standard assertion that “stigma” must be removed from being “HIV-positive” is whistling in the wind, when the same voices that decry stigmatization ascribe being “HIV-positive” to “down-low” cheating on female partners, injecting illegal drugs with dirty needles, failing to use condoms, having multiple concurrent sexual relationships, and incessantly changing partners.
The self-contradiction leads to extraordinary pseudo-intellectual contortions like those of Adimora et al. described in “Facts versus Faith (cognitive dissonance again)”.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the website Black Voices paid tribute to outstanding black high-achievers lost to HIV/AIDS. Here is their list, sub-divided [by me] into pre-HAART (<1996) deaths and post-HAART deaths:
Alvin Ailey — Famed choreographer . . .  died at the age of 58 years old in 1989
Arthur Ashe . . . . worked tirelessly . . .  [with] AIDS Awareness from 1992 — when he revealed the illness — until his death on Feb.6, 1993. [Born 1943; by-pass 1979, heart surgery 1983, ill 1988 and tested “HIV-positive”, presumed from transfusion in 1983; had talked about stopping AZT not long before he died]
Eazy E . . . . died one month after being diagnosed with AIDS at 31 years on March 26, 1995.
Max Robinson . . . . died Dec. 20, 1988 at age 49.
Howard Rollins . . . got into trouble with the law and battled both drug habits [my emphasis] and a myriad of legal issues. . . . died on Dec.8, 1996. [born 1950]
Willi Smith . . . . [died] at age 39 [in 1987]
Sylvester . . . . gay, cross-dressing vocal powerhouse born as Sylvester James. . . . dying in San Francisco in 1988. [born 1947]
Kenny Greene . . . . Before his passing, at age 32, Greene opened up to Sister 2 Sister magazine in 2001 admitting that he was suffering from AIDS and revealed he was bisexual.
Fela Kuti . . .  Nigerian singer and songwriter . . . . infamously married upwards to 27 women in a single ceremony in 1978. [Born 1938; died 1997 of KS]
Gene Anthony Rae . . . . suffering a stroke in 2003.  He died at age 41.
Jermaine Stewart . . . . died March 17, 1997 at the age of 39.

This adds a small amount of data to the mass of evidence debunking the claim that HAART is life-saving: here are the ages of death pre- and post-HAART:
Pre-HAART:  58; 50; 31; 49; 46; 39; 41   AVERAGE   =  45
Post HAART:  32; 59; 41; 39                    AVERAGE   =  43

Note once again, too, how “HIV” and “AIDS” — uniquely — most affects people in the robust adult years of young-middle-age [No HIV “latent period”: dotting i’s and crossing t’s, 21 September 2008].

Several Internet sources, including some maintained by Bristol-Myers-Squibb, recently featured a black poster-woman for life-saving HAART:
“Despite having neuropathy, a condition caused by her HIV medications that has damaged the nerves in her legs and leaves them feeling numb, Davis, 51, has raised money for Harlem United by completing the New York City Marathon twice”
Woman with HIV/AIDS preaches compassion.
“Maria Davis was devastated when she learned she was HIV-positive. . . . In 1995 Maria’s life took a turn, she contracted the HIV virus unknowingly from her soon-to-be-husband”
National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS.
“In 1995, Maria Davis learned she was infected with HIV. The diagnosis was especially hard on her two children”
As usual, crucial details are missing, for instance the “HIV” status of her children and their father. It would, however, be typical if it had simply been inferred that the father must have been the source of Maria’s “HIV”, even though many studies in Africa have reported that pregnancy can cause “HIV-positive” status and multiple pregnancies can leave a woman permanently “HIV-positive”. It would also be typical if this presumption had led to the break-up of an otherwise stable partnership (see, for example, p. 77 ff. and p. 247  in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory).
It is atypically honest, however, that neuropathy is ascribed so unequivocally to HAART.

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  1. The contradictions just keep piling up, don’t they Henry? I’m still counting the contortions in a report this morning about research from the Mayo clinic finding that drug resistance is actually a sign of successful treatment.

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