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Our Federal Dollars at work

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/08/04

Federal government announces $42 million in HIV prevention grants
By Julian Pecquet – 08/03/10 12:00 PM ET

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday awarded $42 million to 133 community-based organizations to support HIV prevention.

The awards specifically target at-risk groups including African-Americans, Latinos, gay and bisexual men, and injection drug users, according to the CDC. The nation’s first-ever national strategy for combating HIV and AIDS, unveiled last month, calls for more targeted investments to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among at-risk groups in which the infection rate has reached epidemic levels.

“This funding is a critical part of CDC’s national HIV prevention efforts and is in line with the priorities identified in the recently released National HIV/AIDS Strategy,” CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention Director Jonathan Mermin said in a statement. “Governments on the federal and state levels cannot end this epidemic alone, and these resources will help to give many communities the tools they need to fight HIV locally.”

The average award is about $323,000 per year for five years, according to the CDC. Funds will be used to implement HIV prevention programs for individuals living with HIV and those at high risk of infection; to increase HIV testing and knowledge of infection status in at-risk communities; and to assist in monitoring program effects and behavioral outcomes.



There will be no measurable decrease in HIV prevalence or incidence.

Of course, by the time these grants get evaluated — five years hence — ample excuses will have been thought up for lack of success: factors not taken into account, variables that should have been controlled, and the like.

What will be crystal clear, however, is that lack of success is a reason for the expenditure of even larger amounts of money, a re-doubling of the effort.

2 Responses to “Our Federal Dollars at work”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, I just saw the front cover of the magazine Technology Review published by MIT. The main article was : Can AIDS Be Cured? “Drugs can control HIV, but they exact a steep cost. Now, researchers are pursuing radical new ways to eliminate the infection entirely.”

    And I thought the people at MIT were smart. Maybe MIT stands for More Irrelevant Technology.

    Now wouldn’t anyone question that if they can’t find HIV anywhere in the body after exhaustive attempts at isolation and then the tests still come up positive that maybe just maybe, the tests weren’t doing what the people employing them thought they were supposed to do. Note those who employ those tests probably didn’t read the caveats on the package instructions either or ignored them which was probably the case.

    • Henry Bauer said

      “And I thought the people at MIT ”
      No comment!
      I’ve been neglecting the blog because I have a short deadline to deliver a book MS that is quite relevant to how places like MIT can go badly wrong, and in fact do.

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