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Vienna Conference program, talks, TV coverage

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/30

The program of the Vienna Conference remains available, the abstracts are  posted, and the PowerPoints of the talks are promised. In the meantime, here are the slides from my presentation, “Hindrances to scientific progress and the failings of HIV/AIDS theory”. Slides 11-14 summarize some of the main points that speak against HIV/AIDS theory.

A continuing highlight has been the coverage of our work by Russian television, which demonstrated what happens when independent, un-indoctrinated journalists pose questions: Rethinkers show that they know what they are talking about whereas proponents of the mainstream can only blather tired generalities. One is even tempted to feel sorry for Dr. Andrew Ball, of  the HIV/AIDS Department at the World Health Organization, who displays his painful ignorance at some length as he invents such things as the way in which the HIV/AIDS experience has led to all sorts of good things for medicine and virology and marginalized groups — AIDS: questions remain unanswered.
Other coverage includes
AIDS treatment for all
CrossTalk: The AIDS Industry
AIDS skeptics take on conventional wisdom
Scientific community at odds over HIV/AIDS theory

3 Responses to “Vienna Conference program, talks, TV coverage”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, John Lauritsen posted his moving talk in his website. If what was called Kaposi’S Sarcoma is not a cancer, then what is it? John stated that treating the sickness (the red/purple facial discolorations, etc.) that resulted from use of nitrite inhalants with conventional cancer chemotherapy resulted in killing the patients.

    [LATER] I just got off the phone with John, he said he wasn’t really sure what the condition called Kaposi Sarcoma was either, except for just a description of a discoloration of blood vessels around the nasal passages and face surrounding the nose. BTW, the naming of the disease result of heavy use of poppers as Kaposi’s Sarcoma (which is a cancer) ended up obscuring the understanding of the disease. Of course the straight world out there shrugged and said who cares? They were just a bunch of dead gays.

    • Henry Bauer said

      I don’t know how the visible signs of the AIDS KS compare with the visible signs of the classic KS cancer. It seems plausible that they are similar, and that the doctors in the 1980s called what they saw KS because there was no other ailment known to them that had such symptoms. I’ve long found convincing the evidence gathered by Lauritsen and by Haverkos of CDC that “AIDS KS” resulted from abuse of nitrites, which relax — weaken — the blood vessels. Purple bruising from that might well look not unlike what a blood-vessel cancer would produce.
      Yes, misunderstanding of “AIDS KS” obscured matters. But the mainstream has even now refused to admit a lack of connection between AIDS KS and HIV even as they have admitted that AIDS KS is caused not by HIV but by HHV-8.

      • Martin said

        Yes, the symptoms that the poppers using segment of gays was indeed unique because the use of that drug was a recent phenomenon. But going from the cause by HIV to Herpes was a stretch. Occam’s Razor was ignored in favor of an infectious cause.

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