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From Vienna

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/07/19

Our “alternative” conference got excellent coverage on Russian TV, [Note added 2017-3-15: RT has apparently wiped its archive, and the link is now a Wayback-Machine recovery of the original page; but the recovery does not include the videos that had been linked to the original web page].

Of course the official conference is getting reams of coverage, including for blatant lies. The Frankfurter Allgemeine today credits “combined international efforts” for bringing the rate of new infections from 3 million in 2001 down to 2.7 now, when the change is actually owing to a slight decrease in computer estimates forced because even the mainstream couldn´t find a basis for the earlier figures even in their computers.

Vienna was chosen as the conference´s locale because it´s close to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where the “epidemic” is growing fastest…

fueled, of course, by dirty needles (see earlier posts on Estonia etc.) Does anyone in the mainstream, or any journalist parroting this sort of thing, consider what sort of mass behavior it would take to have an epidemic caused by needle-sharing? Like that “in parts of Russia” where the rate of new infections has gone up **700 percent**

5 Responses to “From Vienna”

  1. Martin said

    If the mainstream press told the truth, AIDS would disappear.

  2. Tom said

    interesting. the number of new infections should also be related to the number of hiv tests taken, shouldn’t it, to get a clearer picture… wasn’t there a similar phenomenon in washington D.C. about which you once wrote?

    on a personal note: the sheer amount of statistics floating around reminds me of “defensive diagnostic testing”. many variables and statistical norm values are interpreted in combination and a diagnosis (and a pill) is to be had… not parsimonious.

  3. Leo said

    The Russian TV page link you have referred to is not available anymore. I wonder why ?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Perhaps it has something to do with Putin-era conversion of RT from fairly independent news organization to State propaganda outlet, wiping out the past just as the Soviet Encyclopedia used to do. But now we have the Wayback Machine that can recover much earlier Internet material, and I was able to revive that link, done in the posted blog; and here it is as well.
      Many thanks for letting me know.

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