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What everyone should know: like about gut bacteria

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/06/29

The 3Rs, “Reading, (w)riting, and ‘rithmetic”, may be what every child should learn, but learning shouldn’t of course stop there. And as “we” — humankind — keep learning, so the things everyone should know (but doesn’t) keep changing.
A continuing revelation for me is the importance of the bacteria in our gut, which I first learned about from Tony Lance [What really caused AIDS: Slicing through the Gordian Knot, 20 February 2008]. Apparently I’m not the only one for whom this was a revelation, because the media keep mentioning pertinent new aspects, all of which have so far confirmed and extended Lance’s insights about the connections between the gut microflora and “AIDS” (in particular the original 1980s “AIDS”) and testing “HIV-positive”.

Not all news items seem as convincing, though, like the recent speculation — drawn to my attention by a Facebook friend — that obesity might stem sometimes or in part from some characteristics of bacteria in the gut:

Gut bacteria may affect your weight
Don’t go searching for a bacteria shake just yet — scientists are still investigating which bacteria do what in humans” (Amber Dance, Los Angeles Times, 21 June 2010).
Significant points in this piece:
→    The microflora influence “how many calories we extract from our food and whether we make or burn fat”.
→    The typical bacteria in humans have changed “through antibiotic use, improved hygiene and cleanliness in the food supply”; which might be one environmental cause for obesity and diabetes.
→    “[O]ur gut bacteria are beneficial . . . . ‘You might just generally be sicklier without them’”.
→    “Babies are born bacteria-free but start to pick up bacteria during and after birth. Infants mostly collect bacteria from their mothers and others around them; in a sense, the gut community is inherited from family members” [emphasis added]
— which could also explain instances of apparently hereditary obesity, but it also has obvious implications for “mother-to-child transmission” of “HIV”.
→    Some Japanese carry microflora that digests the seaweed covering of sushi.

Naturally, the first tentative academic reports have already been exploited commercially:

“This month, . . . the Japanese company Snow Brand Milk Products reported that people who drank a probiotic milk drink for 12 weeks lost weight. . . . Over the course of the study, people drinking the probiotic lost an average of 1.5% of their BMI and, on average, 1.4% of their body weight.  That’s about 2 pounds for a 150-pound person”.


Other things — beside the importance of gut microflora — that everyone should know, and that I wish had been drummed into me in school or college:

→   Real science isn’t news: the latest “breakthroughs” are not to be trusted.
→   A contemporary mainstream consensus in science is just as prone to be wrong as a contemporary mainstream consensus in economics.
→    There’s no formula for identifying “pseudo-science”: every assertion that something is “not scientific” needs to be based on an examination of the specific evidence in detailed depth; and “not scientific” doesn’t necessarily mean wrong, just as “scientific” doesn’t necessarily mean right — the history of science is a story of continuing trials and many errors that were acknowledged or recognized only after a long period of regarding them as sound.
→  “Statistically significant” does not mean true.
→    Statistical correlations do not necessarily signify causation.

13 Responses to “What everyone should know: like about gut bacteria”

  1. Mr. EG said

    I have eosinophilic gastroenteritis. With the use of the probiotic Reuteri, it has helped tremendously. Better than prednisone every doctor said I had to take for the rest of my life along with other toxic drugs.

  2. Please take note of the work of Paul Yaeger who healed himself of “full blown AIDS,” by way of intestinal tract healing, detailed in his book, available at his website: He was interviewed by myself and David Crowe and the interview can be heard at

    Yaeger is the ONLY person I am aware of in the entire realm of dissident thought who has concrete answers/steps addressing how to stop the catastrophic spiral triggered by very poor intestinal health. For starters:

    –Prescript-Assist medical grade pro-biotic-pre-biotic (can be ordered at discount from his website, or from
    –Beet Kvass
    –Fermented cod liver oil
    –Bone broths
    –Non pasteurized, fermented foods

    (and more)

    Paul was at death’s door. He is not speaking theoretically. Nor does he blame other dissidents for not having all the answers, as has become fashionable. He FOUND the answers, and saved his own life with them.

    • The interview on How Positive Are You was fascinating…a real example of someone taking charge of his body on his terms…and an example of how independent thought can be so empowering.


    Henry, this is for your collection of people who died despite taking life-saving ARV drugs.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thank you — even though it’s too sad for words. It’s very important that people be aware of these events.

  4. mo79uk said

    I know I regularly bang on about cholecalciferol, but this news today is relevant:

    “The researchers found the Salmonella much more virulent and aggressive in the mice with no vitamin D receptors. These mice showed higher inflammatory molecules activity levels, lost weight more quickly and were more likely to die in response to infection.”
    Mice with AIDS?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Please keep banging on. You illustrate how much could be gained if mainstream scientists opened their perspectives and considered alternative hypotheses . . . .

  5. You mention Snowbrand Milk Products of Japan (now owned by Nestle of Japan) and felt the need to comment. This company owns two patents on the human milk component, human lactoferrin to treat/prevent hiv/aids.
    Human milk is prebiotic and probiotic. L. reuteri is bacteria from human milk (BioGai). Nestle owns a number of patents on probiotics (one scavenged from a breastfed baby’s poop). Most of this food technology is available to consumers because of genetic engineering. It maybe helpful but I am more than a little leery of genetic engineering.
    Years ago in the early 90’s I read of some people who had “hiv/aids” who went on macrobiotic diets and stayed well for many years. Women are discouraged/forbidden to breastfeed their babies with a diagnosis of hiv/aids, when there are so many patents on human milk components to treat/prevent hiv/aids. The irony of a medical science tied to the wants and wishes of industry.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Valerie W. McClain:
      Did you mean “You mention probiotic”? I couldn’t find any earlier mention of Snowbrand 🙂

      • This is a quote from what you wrote, “This month..the Japnese company Snow Brand Milk Products reported that people who drank a probiotic milk drink for 12 weeks lost weight…” Snow Brand rang a bell for me because I have done a lot of research on human-milk-component patenting. It is the reason, I started doubting hiv/aids theory — denial of breastfeeding to infants who are diagnosed with hiv/aids is absurd. Breastfeeding is nature’s way of protecting the next generation; a vaccination against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in the environment.
        Human milk is an antibody factory that protects infants from infection and disease.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Thank you! I couldn’t find it for two reasons:
        1. Short-term memory is hopeless, and short-term includes medium term… 🙂
        2. The stupid search engine doesn’t pick up “Snow Brand” when you ask it to look for “Snowbrand”…

        Of course I’m in full agreement on your chief point. It explains what is a conundrum for HIV/AIDS dogmatists, namely, that exclusive breastfeeding by HIV-positive mothers results in less “HIV transmission” to the babies than partial breastfeeding or no breastfeeding. “HIV+” in the babies are false positives for any number of reasons and is a rough indication of health threats; exclusively breastfed babies of HIV-positive mothers are healthier than others because of the benefits of breast milk that you mention.

  6. BornSkeptic said

    Here is another article detailing the effect of gut bacteria on the development of MS. Sounds to me like we have an “alternative” cause for so-called “AIDS” dementia.

    I did a little research on the Internet for explanations of “AIDS” dementia, and “HIV” is thought to be only tangentially associated with its development, as not all people with “HIV” develop dementia. It’s getting really fascinating how those little creatures in our gut have such profound effects on the entire body. It would seem that the bacterial flora in our gut can be thought of as an organ in themselves, much like our liver, kidneys, or spleen. It just so happens that they are also independent organisms.

    • Henry Bauer said

      It seems as though almost every day brings further support to Tony Lance’s insight into dysbiosis as a possible reason for testing “HIV+” and for many of the original 1980s AIDS cases as well as some portion of more recent ones.
      It’s also worth noting how long it has taken for Western medical science even to begin to appreciate the importance and functions of our native bacteria.

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