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New book by an MD who questions HIV = AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/06/15

Dr. Nancy Banks is a Harvard- trained specialist in obstetrics-gynaecology, now retired from practice, who was struck by the prevalence of “HIV/AIDS” among African-American women in the MD region, contrasting with what she had experienced in her own practice. She started to look into the HIV/AIDS literature and came to recognize that the mainstream is wrong. She has now published a book about that and other missteps of medical practice, and will be in New York at a couple of book signings as shown below. I urge all Rethinkers close to the NY area to consider attending these book signings.

Book   Signings:

10 Responses to “New book by an MD who questions HIV = AIDS”

  1. One wonders whether retirement may enable things which no amount of training and (cough) education can.

    • Henry Bauer said

      From my own experience, yes, of course. Something like 8 hours of one’s day are freed from job demands.

  2. Francis said

    Henry, I read the first chapter of this book online and initially thought that there was nothing new in there. A statement did stick in my head though about renal transplant patients being treated with AZT, Prednisolone and Cyclosporin to suppress the immune systems of patients. Googling away I found the below link to mainstream literature from 2002 about treating Karposi’s Sarcoma in that set of patients. KS in those patients is neither rare nor untreatable. Of note is that none of them are HIV positive. Of gob-smacking surprise is that AZT is used medically to suppress the immune system. Disgusting is the role that Burroughs Wellcome (now Glaxo Smith Kline) have had in producing immune-suppresive drugs for decades and marketing them in so many ways without disclosing their true nature.

    Whilst previously heading in that direction, I now find myself accelerating towards a total contempt of the virus-hunting pharma-shills and their apologists who are collectively terrorising and killing a large part of the planet. Poor, poor Africa.

    Later e-mail to me from Francis:
    “Sadly Henry . . ., I hit the send button a little too quickly, the ‘AZT’ mentioned in the book was Azathioprine, which is an immunosuppressant and not the HIV medication Azidothymidine. But the relevant point to my post was that HIV negatives undergoing immune suppressive therapy were coming down with KS in classic AIDS fashion, ie no retrovirus was necessary.”

    ED: NEVERTHELESS, as Duesberg among others has often pointed out, AZT is an all-purpose cell-killer and thereby damages the immune system (though not only the immune system).

  3. Born Skeptic said

    Hello Henry, check the below link to a new study correlating intestinal bacteria with the health of the immune system. I know you have commented on your web site about intestinal dysbiosis. It seems to me if certain bacteria are shown to support the immune system, then if their presence or numbers is disrupted, or pathological bacteria take their place, this may be at least a co-factor in “HIV”.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Born Skeptic:
      Well, this is what Tony Lane has been arguing concerning intestinal dysbiosis. The commensal bacteria are a first line of immune-system defense against, in particular, endemic fungal agents like Pneumocystis carinii (now called jiroveci). Damage to the commensal bacteria, for example by antibiotics, leaves us vulnerable to things like yeast infections. Lance has gathered sources that also connect this with “translocation”, stuff entering the bloodstream from the gut that seems able to bring a positive “HIV” test.

      • Born Skeptic said

        Here is another research story that indicates the importance of intestinal bacteria. The study involved administering probiotics to intensive care patients to reduce the risk of pneumonia–which it did by 50%. Note that this involves reducing the risk of pneumonia, supposedly one of the “hallmark” illnesses of “HIV”.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Born Skeptic:
        It’s only one kind of pneumonia — fungal, Pneumocystis jiroveci, earlier carinii — that characterized the original AIDS cases. HIV/AIDS vigilantes, of course, do seize on every type of pneumonia when they want to claim that some person — an AIDS Rethinker, say — is suffering from AIDS when that person really isn’t.

      • mike barker said

        I need help. I tested positive in 1992. Stayed away from drugs. I’m a big fan of Duesberg and Maggiore. In April on 2010, I came down with pnuemonia and thrush. Now I am considering going on a regimen. So now I’m trying to get information about treatment options or maybe a possible explanation about how I got sick and how to avoid it in the future. Doctors are no help.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Mike Barker:
        But who except a doctor could come up with an informed explanation of how you became sick? Perhaps you can get some useful advice even at a distance from Dr Juliane Sacher, or Dr Christian Fiala, or Dr Claus Koehnlein

  4. Clinton Steele D.C. Ph.D. said

    Here’s the real truth,
    “Deadly Deception by
    Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.”
    I’ve read the book six times and I’m always amazed at the new information my brain processes each time.
    “Must read!”

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