HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/05/10

HIV/AIDS dogmatists and HAART enthusiasts like to cite anecdotes about “HIV-positive” people who disdained antiretroviral drugs, then found themselves sinking into life-threatening illness, finally saw the light, started on medications, and immediately, overnight began to regain their health.

I’ve noted in a number of places that any such rapid response cannot be owing to antiretroviral action, because inhibiting the supposed virus is only supposed to allow the immune system to slowly regenerate. The blurb for a recent documentary underscores that point. The following announcement was forwarded to me (emphases added):

“HBO & (RED) present The Lazarus Effect


When:            Friday, May 7 – times TBD

Where:          HBO, 1100 Ave of Americas
(b/w 42nd & 43rd Streets)

What:             Print, Radio & Online Roundtable Interviews
Select 1:1 Interviews

Who:              Lance Bangs (Director)
Constance Mudenda (Documentary Subject)
Susan Smith Ellis (CEO, (RED))

HIV/AIDS is a preventable and treatable disease, yet it has killed more than 20 million people in Africa. In 2002, more than 29 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa had HIV, yet only 50,000 people could afford the $10,000 a year treatment they needed to stay alive. Today, thanks to increased political support, a push by global health organizations, and contributions from the private sector, the cost of ARV drugs is now around 40 cents a day and more than three million people in Africa, are now receiving treatment.  The availability of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, which block HIV’s assault on the body’s immune system, can transform the lives of people from near death to health in as little as three months.  This has been dubbed The Lazarus Effect after the story in the Bible when Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead.

(RED), with Anonymous Content and HBO Documentary Films present The Lazarus Effect, a half hour documentary airing on HBO Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 9:00 pm which is at the center of a multi-media campaign by (RED) to raise awareness about the impact of large scale AIDS programs at work in Sub-Saharan Africa. Directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Spike Jonze and Susan Smith Ellis, THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows the stories of four individuals whose lives have been transformed from a near death existence to a healthier, more stable life in as little as three months.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT debuts on HBO, May 24th at 9 pm ET/PT

To RSVP to the press day, and request a DVD of the film, please contact Jayna Zelman at or 212/843-8044.

Jayna Zelman
Vice President
Rubenstein Communications
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105
p 212.843.8044”

Dr. Juliane Sacher and Dr. Claus Köhnlein have treated AIDS patients successfully by “alternative” or “complementary” or at any rate non-HIV/AIDS-mainstream means. They report that short antiretroviral treatments can sometimes be effective to treat occult inflammations or infections, because antiretroviral drugs are such excellent indiscriminate antibiotics, protease inhibitors being particularly effective against fungal infections.

A genuine Lazarus effect would presumably mimic Jesus’s resurrection of the dead Lazarus which was, according to the Gospel of John, immediate, not a three-month-long process. There’s a world of difference between such an instantaneous response, which can result plausibly from antibiotic destruction of fungal agents or other microbes, and the purported slow resurrection of immune systems by highly toxic medicaments that need to be taken until death.

19 Responses to “The LAZARUS EFFECT in HIV/AIDS”

  1. Tim Hunt said

    Good article Henry,

    I just wished more people knew about Candida being directly immunosuppresive through induction of IL-10 (which lowers CD4s) which ARV drugs counteract through their antifungal actions, the only logical outcome of which is that these treated patients will get better in the short term during which time their belief in HIV being the cause of their problems is reinforced as they are on ‘anti-HIV’ medication.

    More people need to listen to Tony Lance’s ‘Intestinal Dysbiosis’ theory as I believe herein lies the key to CD4 destruction with all this fungus taking over making holes in the gut and making the immune system ‘burn out’ through over-activation. Raw garlic and fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut are key in treating this.

    I also think it is worth mentioning that Linus Pauling in his 1990 paper “Suppression of human immunodeficiency virus replication by ascorbate in chronically and acutely infected cells” showed that the equivalent of an oral dose of 10-20 grams of vitamin C inhibited reverse transcriptase by greater than 99%!!!

    Now this is for all intents and purposes complete viral inhibition but Cathcart still lost patients to AIDS while being treated with these high-dose vitamin-C regimens (FYI vit C makes it to all blood, organs and lymph).

    So complete viral inhibition = still die of AIDS = HIV DOES NOT CAUSE AIDS!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Tim Hunt:
      An important point about high-dose vitamin C: absorption through the gut is limited, so genuine high-dose regimens need to be intravenous.

  2. SkepticThough said

    On a similar line of “thinking”, I was having a discussion with an MD who is considered an “HIV Expert” and I asked this person the following: If you have a patient who is on HAART, their “viral load” is undetectable (for years), but their T-cells remain low, or below what is the expected “normal”, what is your explanation for this? Some of the more notable HIV dissidents have experienced just this result. As we produce millions of T-cells per day, and if the supposed cause of the T-cell destruction is removed (HIV), then should not the T-cell blood numbers quickly return to normal levels in all cases, if the HIV=Dead T-cells theory was correct? She/he responded that the thymus and the other main parts of the immune system are “worn out” and may not return, and that as we grow older our immune system’s ability to recuperate from trauma is reduced. But this response suggests that the “All human beings on the planet Earth have a T-cell count between 500-1200” theory may not be accurate for older patients, or for even younger patients who might be on the wrong side of the statistical Bell curve of T-cell counts.

    BTW, Henry, how do medical technologists arrive at the “norm” of 500-1200 T-cells? Is this just an average of all persons tested?

  3. realpc said

    So do you think that most of the supposed success of HAART is just the antibacterial and antifungal effects of the toxic chemicals? In other words, a short-term illusion of restored health? And if patients remain on HAART, which of course they are expected to, then this illusion of health should vanish pretty quickly.

    I think the supposed success of HAART results from a double illusion (both of which have been described by Dr. Bauer so I am just echoing). One is lead-time bias and over-diagnosis resulting from increased HIV testing. And the other is the one mentioned in this post.

    It is hard for me to fathom how none of the AIDS researchers have thought about this. But of course the same kind of thing has gone on in cancer research, and they are only noticing recently.

  4. Francis said

    I just attended a course in Canberra where one speaker was an HIV Educator from AIDS ACTION, which is one of the premier AIDS organisations in that Territory. He presented an interesting PowerPoint (death by PowerPoint) display. Interesting in that at the very beginning was the statement;

    “HIV the virus that sometimes causes AIDS.”

    This from the mainstream educators no less. He went on to explain that it is becoming increasingly evident that more and more people diagnosed with HIV never develop AIDS.

    Another presenter was a lady from the Hepatitis C Council. After her presentation was finished she made the statement that they have noted that in the Lesbian community Hepatitis “C” is markedly more prevalent (3%) than in the general population and they were at a loss to explain it, but doing further research (of course). And that their needle-exchange program is now advocating “Clean Equipment” including spoons and tourniquets, as they believe that some HCV transmissions in IV drug users are occurring when minute particles of blood on one tourniquet are wiped over the injection site of another user.

    The interesting statistic (in Australia) is that 80% of HIV infections are in Gay Men, and 80% of HCV infections are in IV drug users. And of course Gay Men who are also IV drug users constitute the majority of those co-infected with both viruses. Also in Australia there has not been a single documented case of either a medical worker, ambulance officer or police officer having acquired an HIV infection occupationally. There was one case of a medical worker being occupationally infected with HCV, but that is now under review and is doubtful. My wife is a nurse in the Emergency Department of our major hospital and previously was an ambulance paramedic for 10 years. There is rarely a shift that goes by that she has not had direct contact with patients’ blood, urine, faeces and vomit and has had numerous needle-sticks. She is not an orphan in that regard. So for blood-borne viruses they appear exceedingly hard to catch.

    I attempted to ask some questions, but noted that these “Educators” have no medical or scientific qualifications and simply regurgitate the party line, so it proved fruitless.

    I was under the impression from AIDSTRUTH that HIV/AIDS were intrinsically linked and there was no “sometimes” about it. HCV is stated to be a non-sexually transmitted disease, except it seems in Lesbians. These dastardly retroviruses are truly cunning, sneaky and have their own target audiences.

    My big question for today, Henry, is whether any haemophiliacs have tested HIV positive since they started pasteurising Factor 8? as they still list that demographic as 1% of HIV infections, along with “others”, they didn’t state what the “others” were though.


    • Henry Bauer said

      Fascinating! Perhaps it will be easier for the mainstream to come to its senses in Australia, where interests are not so heavily vested in HIV=AIDS as they are in the USA

  5. Marco Ruggiero said

    Francis: excellent finding. Please let me have that powerful PowerPoint presentation so that I can use it in my lectures here at the University of Firenze, Italy.



  6. Francis said

    I had a thought shortly after I last posted. Perhaps the decision to “Test and Treat” in the US, treating as soon as a person is found to be positive. Could this be because people are not showing dramatic drops in CD4 counts over time, so waiting for the magic 350 mark that may or may not occur is actually reflecting in falling profits in ARV sales?

    Just a thought.

    • Henry Bauer said

      An impetus for the recent push for test-and-treat-immediately was a computer model by Brian Williams in South Africa. Based on innumerable assumptions — perhaps most centrally that “HIV-positive” HAART-treated people transmit “HIV” at a lower probability than non-HAART treated “HIV-positives” — the model delivered the conclusion that a few decades and a few tens of billions of dollars invested in this program would bring to a halt the “HIV/AIDS epidemic”.

      I think the mainstream is well intentioned but deluded. Within the drug companies, I suggest the “thinking” goes like this: “Falling sales means that people who need these drugs aren’t getting them”. I doubt that many, if any of those folk think consciously about profits. And when they do, it is like Charlie Wilson in the 1960s Senate hearings: “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country, and what’s good for the country is good for General Motors”. People with conflicts of interest don’t think conflicts of interest are a problem in their particular case.

      • realpc said

        “I think the mainstream is well intentioned but deluded”

        I agree. People almost always have good intentions, even when they do horrible things. No one, or almost no one, thinks “How can I make myself rich by causing enormous suffering to millions?” That is not human nature. Even when we are being utterly selfish, we almost always see ourselves as virtuous.

        That’s why I have never heard a conspiracy theory that seemed convincing. I very much agree with Dr. Bauer that AIDs research is misguided. Group think and mass delusions are more common than we realize, even in mainstream science.

        Actually, the scientific establishment may be even more vulnerable to mass delusions, since they believe they have effective safeguards, such as peer review. But in reality, peer review can reinforce the delusions and prevent any daylight from getting in.

  7. On the subject of CD4 counts your research is easier if you consult: (which will answer some of the questions above)

    and you’ll see how fraudulent it is at:

  8. Hugo Stenström said

    I’ve just finished reading Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids.(translated to Swedish) It seems her friend Robert Mapplethorpe was an early member, and maybe trendsetter for the gay community and culture in New York that was later devastated by AIDS.
    I found it very interesting that, already in 1969, Mapplethorpe suffered something very much like AIDS after having lived out his gay self for some time, testing drugs and having had multiple contacts both for pleasure and as a prostitute. Patti Smith describes his sorry state as she found him when she came back from a trip to Paris. According to her a doctor gave him more than one diagnosis. He suffered from malnutrition, high fever, inflamed gums, infected teeth and gonorrhea. There is also thrush infection of the mouth, which he mentioned in his letters to her.
    He was cured with some antibiotics and long and good nursing by Patti Smith. She claims to have saved him.
    But he didn’t give up his lifestyle and he was always prone to infection.
    Twenty years later, in 1989, AIDS and HIV were invented. He and his lover Sam were diagnosed with AIDS and, it seems, treated accordingly. They both showed symptoms of AZT poisoning and both died.
    So, as far as one can see from the book, the syndrome AIDS can be recognized retrospectively in the gay community of New York in 1969. At that time you could actually recover with medical care that did not include ARVs, and live for twenty more years. But in the late 1980’s it was not possible to fight it off because then there was a new diagnosis that demanded a new deadly treatment. There was no escape!

    • Henry Bauer said

      Hugo Stenström:
      Neville Hodgkinson mentions in his book (AIDS: The failure of contemporary science) that Gordon Stewart noted drug addicts in NY in the 1970s who had symptoms typical of what later came to be called AIDS.
      Michael Callen survived without ARVs for thirteen years after having full-blown AIDS.

  9. Henry, what an excellent blog. I’m glad you’ve already covered this notion of a ‘Lazarus effect’.

    A few years ago I got suspicious when I saw, in the June ’08 issue of National Geographic, a back page article about the “power of antiretroviral drugs.” The short article didn’t contain details, so I wrote to the NG, not expecting them to reply:

    Right near the back of the June 2008 edition there is a one-page story
    about a Ms. Nompilo Mazuza. The reporter stated that this AIDS patient
    had taken anti-retroviral drugs but did not specify which one(s). I
    note that it was not explicitly stated whether she had HIV or not. Nor
    was it mentioned what was done for the TB. Also, was her anti-RV
    dosage intermittent or consistent? It would be very helpful if these
    details could be clarified.

    I did receive an acknowledgement e-mail but of course nothing after that. Here is a scan of the article:

    I got the feeling that somebody was trying to sell something here. I was slightly wrong – based on this post and the comments above, I can see that it was more profound than that.

    It’s tragic that things like this happen because it’s going to take much, much longer for the majority of people to figure out what is really happening. When people read these sorts of articles, you try telling them that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS!

    Incidentally, I did a Google search for the woman, Nompilo Mazuza, and got only one result, a link to NG’s website. I wonder if this is a potential ‘scoop’ in the making?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Karim D. Ghantous:
      Welcome to frustration! Mainstream sources don’t respond to queries, and needed data are not available. When I first collate HIV-test data and couldn’t believe the obvious conclusion that “HIV” isn’t an infection, I asked for help to show me where I’d gone wrong. The Army HIV Research Center never replied. The CDC replied after I repeated my query, and asserted that behavior could explain the fact that African Americans always test positive 5-20 times more often than white Americans.

      • collate -> collated, could -> could not

        You have my help in showing where you’d gone wrong.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Richard Karpinski:
        Thanks, yes, it should be “collated”.
        But CDC insisted that behavior CAN explain racial disparities in testing HIV+.

      • Ahh yes, the truth of what they said, not the biological truth. Thanks for your help in showing where I’ve gone wrong.

        I now imagine that they even said it with a straight face. I wish we coud take them to court over such obvious falsehoods.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Richard Karpinski:
        Actually, OMSJ is having some success with court cases, see So far, just staving off the convicting for HIV+ people for having sex, but one of these days there’ll be a case that allows “us” to indict the whole “science”.

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