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Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS

Must read

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2010/02/12

There is a great deal worth reading about HIV and AIDS and dissent from the mainstream view, and impossible to keep up with it all. So I’m very grateful when I’m alerted to particularly important items. Here’s one:

“Exclusive: A Gut Instinct about AIDS” by Russell Schoch, at

When Tony Lance first told me of his idea that intestinal dysbiosis could explain much about HIV/AIDS, I was immediately interested because it was the first explanation I had come across as to why gay men are so prone to test “HIV+”, even when they are not exemplars of the fast-lane drug-abusing lifestyle and even when they turn out to remain quite healthy while “HIV+”, i.e. are “long-term non-progressors” or “elite controllers”.

Since then Tony has turned up a staggering volume of mainstream publications that make his idea, in my view, progress from “plausible” to “compelling”. Russell Schoch’s article provides convincing context to Lance’s work. It is absolutely a MUST read.

5 Responses to “Must read”

  1. mo79uk said

    Just read the article, that was pretty moving.

    Lance’s assertion holds a lot of weight. Cocaine users are susceptible to gastrointestinal problems, Africans can suffer from it due to poverty and it seems douching and lubricants can account for that in gay men. It would explain why it’s not a visible problem in gay women who could just as easily haven been grouped into being drug takers.
    Crohn’s disease is also a finding in HIV+ men, at least those who appearing to be suffering.
    Freddy Mercury of the band Queen was obviously wasting away as people could see in the final years of his life.

    Another co-factor is vitamin D deficiency (I know I talk about vitamin D a lot here, but this is what I’m most knowledgeable on — certain roads in this field made me an HIV sceptic). Blacks are more likely to be vitamin D deficient due to their skin colour (though this is not the primary worry in Africa) and cocaine abuse lowers cholesterol which is needed for conversion into vitamin D amongst other hormones.
    As well as fighting inflammation, vitamin D highly up-regulates glutathione (much better than taking supplements of it as these are not absorbed well) which is needed to clear toxins in the body, and it also up-regulates cathelicidin which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

    Vitamin D deficiency is an underlying pandemic problem for all of us, as humans just don’t wander around naked like other animals anymore. So, while it’s not the core factor it is a big co-factor. What I mean is, we know what a HIV+ status can potentially do in a vitamin-D-deficient population worldwide, but are the effects muted, and are there less fatalities in a vitamin-D-sufficient population? Nobody knows!
    Vitamin D sufficiency, for example, can enhance calcium absorption in the gut which is useful against osteoporosis, which can also be found as a complication of AIDS.

    The reason why vitamin D is not taken up enthusiastically yet is two reasons:
    1) The average IU of supermarket/chemist vitamin D is 400IU. Contrast with this 10-20,000IU you can make ‘per day’ if you live in area blessed with UVB and you can take advantage of it. Food fortification doesn’t equate to much.
    2) Vitamin D2, which is the most common form you find is not actually vitamin D at all. Its benefits and high cost do not match those of natural, animal vitamin D3.

    A third reason is that being something you can get for free from light or for as little as 1p per day, there’s no interest in having studies on it. It makes no money.

    I have to emphasise that I’m not saying vitamin D deficiency is the key factor, as, if the HIV tests were picking up this then almost everyone would test HIV+ (though feasibly anybody could test positive once in their lives if sufficiently bodily stressed on top, which is why I believe pregnant women can test positive as maternal vitamin D is prioritised for the foetus on top of which pregnancy is a straining situation), but this is something that needs addressing as much as AIDS because it will shake up many fallacies in healthcare.

  2. Francis said

    Intestinal Dysbiosis certainly ticks far more boxes than HIV ever did.

    Mo79uk, you raise some interesting issues with vitamin D deficiency, it is also associated with depression and suicide. As the farther north or south of the equator you live the higher the incidence due to lengthening winters. I saw a photo in an old issue of National Geographic where doctors in Siberia travel to peoples homes with a strong UV light source and people “sunbathe” for about 10 minutes under this just so they can generate some natural vitamin D.

    I personally believe AIDS to be multi-factorial and like Henry think a positive test shows that (perhaps) something is amiss but is certainly not a guaranteed death sentence, unless of course you start and remain on “therapy”. The theories that long term non-progressors are blessed with some dodgy varieties of CCR5 genes is another misuse of statistics. The only reason HIV correlates 100% with AIDS now, is because it is built into the definition. It certainly never started out that way, but then that rascal of a virus mutates so fast anything is possible, if not very probable.

  3. mo79uk said

    Vitamin D is highly powerful. Animals are just the same as plants who require food, water ‘and’ sunlight to live optimally.
    A misfortune of vitamin D is its mislabelling; it would be better to call it a hormone for it to be taken more seriously.

    The significant up-regulation of glutathione via vitamin D could be really important. If it’s able to remove lead from the body, it should easily be able to deal with any absorbed lubricants or cleansing agents.
    Cathelicidin could also protect the gut.

    I definitely agree that AIDS is multi-factorial, and perhaps the same could be said for any groups of illness bunched into catchy acronyms. Pandemic incompetence plays more of a part than fraud.

    I’d rather they called AIDS HAFC (Haven’t a F… clue!)

  4. Francis said

    Now now Mo79uk, in the AIDS arena such language isn’t used. Instead they end their papers with;

    “The mechanisms are not clearly or fully understood.” A very polite way of saying, “We haven’t got a F……clue!”

    And then; “These findings pave the way for further research.” Which means, “We still don’t have a F… Clue, but give us some more money.”

    300 Billion spent in the US alone, thousands dead and a terrorised planet. That is the current state of AIDS research and the single germ theory of everything.

    Off track, but interesting is that now in Australia, our 100 million dollar stocks of swine flu vaccine are getting close to their expiry dates. So if you go to the doctors for anything at the moment you are pressured in to accepting a free flu shot. And the majority of the population, that didn’t take up the initial offer are being likened to potential “Typhoid Mary’s”. For the now imminent 2nd wave of infections that are coming from your northern winter. I am waiting with interest to see once the expiry comes, how dangerous this virus is then according to the government and whether they subscribe so readily to the next “Blockbuster” vaccine surely in the pipeline. Indeed it is about time it mutated so that a new vaccine is required.

  5. Francis said

    Just for a laugh.

    This site is for a random scientific paper generator, you just type your name in and it spits out a pile of gobbledegook that reads pretty much like anything published in JAIDS or LANCET. They claim they got one published in an unreviewed journal.

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