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Remembering Christine Maggiore

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/12/28

At RA2009, the Rethinking AIDS conference in Oakland in November, there was shown  a short film-and-music remembrance of Christine Maggiore, produced by Celia Farber. The film can now be viewed by everyone, at, and Celia’s introduction to the film can also be read there.

Christine was so central a figure in the good fight. I had known her only via e-mail, and had admired her work long before even that, and had always planned to meet her in person. I left that too late, but I was very appreciative that I could at least get these glimpses of her in Celia’s film. I suspect many others beside me will feel that way.

2 Responses to “Remembering Christine Maggiore”

  1. Drew said

    Go here folks. Some lively debate.
    Someone there named Joe claims to have found a writeup that proves Maggiore didn’t die from HIV related pneumonia and also supposedly annihilates Mr. Gorski’s article piece by piece. Check out the link Joe gave for yourself.

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