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Important legal win

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/12/25

I don’t want to “bury” in the Comments section this important and highly encouraging news, discussed in detail by Clark Baker:

Eneydi Torres, 42, faced up to fifteen years in prison for allegedly exposing four men to HIV.  However, defending attorney Baron Coleman demanded prosecutors provide proof of hearsay that Torres had been HIV-positive for years, and, best of all, said he would call such experts as Gallo, Moore, Padian to explain and defend HIV/AIDS theory under oath.

Prosecutors reduced their initial offer of fifteen years in state prison
to essentially five days of unsupervised probation

Please broadcast this information widely.

11 Responses to “Important legal win”

  1. Norman B. said

    So now anyone accused of criminally spreading HIV has at his or her disposal a Perry Mason (Coleman), a Paul Drake (Baker), and a medical-scientific expert witness (Dr. M.A. Al-Bayati). All we need now is a legal defense fund.

  2. Philip said

    With regards to Dr. Al-Bayati: you know your argument works when they attack your credentials instead of your logic.

    • Ricci said

      I like the sentence. Is it yours or is it a quote by a famous person?

      we need to expose the UN, not for its assumed impotence, but for social engineering programs implemented the world over.

      Have you ever considered that UN might be increasingly responsible both directly and indirectly to the problem of hunger in the third world? Before anybody donates money to UN at the very least they should be told that 80% of what the UN receives goes to fund itself.
      Those buildings, four-wheel drives, security forces, flights and meals and conferences are being paid for by? They work with donors and so called health (military) agencies like CDC who get contracts for unscrupulous NWO orgs such as Bill Gates Foundation in those poor countries, attract local investors and then pull their money out when enough is invested. While this goes on in the names of “fighting poverty”, “free trade”, “fighting so called AIDS” more and more food is exported from the poor countries to the obese nations.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Ricci: I don’t recognize that sentence, “we need to expose the UN, not for its assumed impotence, but for social engineering programs implemented the world over.

      • Philip said

        Ricci: I may have heard a variation of it before, but it is universally true so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else had already said something similar.

  3. Philip said

    you should note this story too: I found it looking at Mr. Baker’s blog.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Philip: Another example of how fallible and misleading those tests are.

      • Philip said

        I also find it amazing how a person can be jailed for exposing someone to “HIV” yet tobacco companies get away with exposing people to carcinogens and such. It is such hypocrisy that makes me say that there is no government in the world that sincerely cares about population health and that everything they do, including everything HIV-related — is just about getting more money.

  4. Martin said

    Hi Philip, Your reply warrants a comment. Assuming that HIV does what the government, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO and the majority of HIV/AIDS parrots out there says it does, i.e. that it’s a contagious enitity that’s supposed to destroy the immune system, unlike niccotine which is a poison willingly inhaled by those who smoke (and some who are unwilling participants in that drug habit). The fact that it doesn’t is my observation that the government didn’t declare martial law — maybe the authorities may know something they’re not telling us that’s different from the standard script.

    • Philip said

      Martin: I was taking a swipe at “authorities” in general, that we should not believe something because “they” say so. That holds true for HIV, for cancer, for almost everything. Of course the govt knows something they’re not telling us — they’ll do whatever as long as they can pad their bank accounts because of it.

  5. Cytotalker said

    This outcome would not have been possible without the extensive, hitherto unrewarded — if not risky — work of information gathering by dissidents, making such knowledge readily accessible to legal professionals and others who may by chance have become aware of the HIV debate through a venue such as the latest documentary on the subject.

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