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AIDS Rethinking and other suppressed science

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/12/19

A friend in Estonia who is a keen reader of suggested that I use the theme of my talk at RA2009 as a basis for essays to submit to Rockwell. At Oakland I had met Jim Foye, who recently had two excellent HIV/AIDS pieces at, so I asked Jim’s advice, and his help was invaluable in getting my essays posted this week:

Suppression of Science Within Science
“Time To Rethink AIDS
But official-enforcers must stop suppressing science, says Henry Bauer”.

The New World Order in Science
“Time to reevaluate HIV and all other official stories, says Henry Bauer”.

I’m exceedingly grateful to Paul and Jim for the impetus and the advice, and to Llewellyn Rockwell for accepting the submissions and coupling them handsomely with icons for and links to several of my books.

The Rockwell web-site is a very popular one, and the postings there brought several hundred extra visits to my blog as well as a host of interesting e-mails.

4 Responses to “AIDS Rethinking and other suppressed science”

  1. Michael Geiger said

    Henry, I am very proud of you and of your wonderfully insiteful piece on Lew Rockwell. It is a magnificently well written piece. I cannot wait to see the 2nd part. Your presentation fully deserves to be published and read both far and wide and in every hall of medicine and science.

  2. Michael Geiger said

    Henry, the second half of your presentation was certainly just as wonderful as the first.

    I notice that in my previous message above, I called your pieces wonderfully “insiteful”.

    I can only think that my use of such a nonexistent word was a rather appropriate freudian slip, as I certainly mean that your pieces are amazingly “insightful”, yet I am also hoping that your pieces will “incite” a rebellion by the public in those very halls of medicine and science, and against that very same academic-industrial-military complex of which you speak.

    As such, perhaps my newly minted word of insiteful should be taken as assuredly appropriate to the circumstance as your good works are insightful and hopefully are also inciteful pieces as well.

    Thanks again Henry.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Michael: Re “insiteful” (or “inciteful”?) — Jack Good proposed the word “dictionable” for words that didn’t exist but that deserved to and that ought to be in a dictionary 🙂
      I think yours qualifies

  3. Tony said

    The fundamental problem here is that money subverts the process. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this interesting leak, but it does at least reinforce my observations that WHO is substantially influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

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