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Purely for laughs — but be careful WHERE you laugh

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/12/06

I use Google Alerts to keep me informed not only about HIV/AIDS stuff but also other things I’m interested in, like Scotland in general and Loch Ness in particular. I’m rewarded by occasional terrific photos of the glorious Scottish landscape and uproarious illustrations of a British and Scottish penchant for “fair play” that sometimes seems excessive. For example, parents who have given a child a slap on the behind in public have been charged with assault, with “beating” the child.

Public behavior that may be widely regarded as undesirable can actually be legally banned under what’s called an ASBO: anti-social behavior order. ASBOs can, for example, ban a person from laughing in public.


2 Responses to “Purely for laughs — but be careful WHERE you laugh”

  1. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, an applicable aphorism comes to mind — Those who can not laugh at themselves deserve to be laughed at. Europeans may have a more urbane attitude than Americans in regard to nudity, but other things like seemingly innocuous behavior like laughter in public or in Germany, laws against Holocaust denial. So much for freedom of speech. During Hitler’s reign, laws were created discriminating against Jews and their freedom of speech. The laws are the same, just the target is different. Plus ca change.

  2. Photonaut said

    Dr Bauer

    I have just discovered, & as ways to get the very latest on my interests. Just in case you don’t know about them, they’re very useful.

    Alles beste,


    (P.S. I first got turned onto Google Aalerts through a reference of yours to them)

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