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Outsourced testing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/10/23

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been lobbying for universal “HIV” testing; they appear to have outsourced successfully to India and UNAIDS:

Soon, mandatory for pregnant women in India to undergo HIV test
NEW DELHI: Passing AIDS from mother to child is a human rights violation and soon all pregnant women in India will have to undergo a mandatory HIV test, the parliamentary forum on HIV and AIDS said on Friday. . . . [T]he forum met UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe Thursday and discussed the issue with him. . . . Sidibe, on his first visit to India, has held a series of meetings with government authorities. He has emphasised the role of the political leadership in ensuring that the country’s universal access goals to HIV prevention, care and treatment are achieved” [emphasis added].

Note that Sidibe heads the institution, UNAIDS, which has persistently overestimated HIV/AIDS numbers, as attested by the former epidemiologist for the World Health Organization, James Chin (The AIDS Pandemic). A few years ago, UNAIDS had implicitly acknowledged this when it reduced its estimates for India by more than 50%.

The assertion that something is a human rights violation is becoming so common that it will soon lose its force, if it hasn’t already.

It’s a perpetual irritation for me that people high and low declaim with dogmatic assurance about things they don’t understand. Almost everyone who learns that I was a chemistry teacher conjures up memories of “hating” chemistry, not understanding it, finding it removed from anything relevant to daily life — even as these same people will carry on about proteins and minerals and vitamins needed in the diet. An increasingly common expression is “carbon footprint”: how many of those who utter it, I wonder, could explain exactly what it means? Not so long ago, the heads of umpteen governments warned of disasters ahead if we did not curb carbon emissions: how many of them, I wonder, could state even approximately the relative contributions to global warming exerted by water vapor, methane, and carbon dioxide?

The proliferation of ignorant assertions about HIV/AIDS is far from a unique phenomenon. Nevertheless it remains deplorable that the executive director of UNAIDS should not know that pregnancy carries the risk of testing “HIV-positive” in absence of contact with any conceivable source of “HIV infection” (Why pregnant women tend to test “HIV-positive”, 5 October 2009).

12 Responses to “Outsourced testing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?”

  1. Tony said

    Suppose that the CDC actually knew that the theory was crumbling under its own internal inconsistencies. In such a case, this strategy of creating near universal demand for HIV testing and prevention would provide a surprisingly strong buttress against the fraud ever being made visible — after all, if most of the world’s population is under such governments, they will not soon break ranks.

    India would be a plum country to recruit to such a cause — it represents somewhere around 17% of the earth’s population ( accessed October 23, 2009.)

    The fact that they are clueless to the actual facts just makes the recruitment all that much easier.

    As you have observed before, Henry, science often advances one funeral at a time. In this case they may buy enough time that those who are truly culpable for the mistakes won’t be around to bear the consequences of their actions.

    Of course, how can we be surprised — Bernie Madoff was able to hoodwink other “experts” in his own field and while complicated, finance is hardly more complex than medicine and the people being swindled here are not experts. Our society likes to believe in our leaders and experts, even though history tends to show that this trust is frequently misplaced.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Tony: Another similarity with the Madoff affair is that several insightful people had warned the Securities & Exchange Commission a number of times without getting them to take it seriously enough. Just as the insights have been ignored that have long been offered by Lauritsen, Duesberg, and many others.

  2. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, Excellent blog post. The disconnect people exhibit is unfortunately very commonplace and I believe it’s getting worse as education becomes more and more ineffective in teaching people how to think. I like to ask people a non-technical religious question: What Jewish holiday was Jesus celebrating in Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper? With few exceptions no one (predominantly non-Jews) could answer. The Old Testament (Five Books of Moses) is considered by Christians to be just as much their Bible as the Jews. However, the sequential timing of first Passover then Easter apparently has escaped observation of most I have asked until I brought it to their attention. A Eureka moment. Of course it also must have escaped Leonardo as well because instead of passing the Matzoh, they were breaking bread (Hummatz and not Kosher for Passover). Living in Boston, certainly one of the scientific Meccas of the world with some of the finest institutions of higher learning in the world, one would find at least one organization of HIV Skeptics. John Lauritsen asked me if there were any. What? John, who more than most would know, was asking me.

    Now let’s look at reality of the public-health arena and “HIV testing”. While the HIV establishment would like routine “HIV testing”, it really hasn’t occurred. If AIDS and HIV are so deadly and contagious, why hasn’t there been almost a state of martial law forcing testing? Is it because that there is the possibility that there are some (that we may not know about) in power in the bureaucracy that are taking a saner view of the so-called HIV tests and the statistics of the actual contagiousness of AIDS? I certainly hope so.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Martin: Education and learning to think…. I’ve been increasingly saddened over the years by the disappearance of academic, educational, substantive values from curricula and practices in “higher” education. Money, status, PR, spin; “athletics”; pandering to the “customers”. People who want to set high standards for learning have been pushed aside.

      “taking a saner view”: an interesting point. They may not be aware of it, but that’s what their actions say, and “actions speak louder than words”. Maybe not only the Italian Ministry of Health is in a state of “denialism”, maybe Fauci et al. are as well.

  3. MacDonald said

    Pregnant women have always been the fall-back target group of the medical establishment.

    It was their single most important victory historically when they managed to make pregnancy a medical condition and child-birth something that requires hospitalisation and a doctor rather than a traditional midwife.

    Women and their reproductive function remain the key to successful business, thus the targeting is quite deliberate. To wit, HIV-poisoned breast-milk, Gardasil, cancer-inducing breast mammograms, etc., etc. Even the patently absurd story that pregnant woman are a particularly tempting target for H1N1, just as HIV prefers black people.

    One can Google almost at random any story on H1N1 and pregnant women to get abundant confirmation of the constant and very deliberate propaganda effort directed at this demographic. They don’t even bother trying to hide it. Here’s Dr. Jennifer Ashton “reporting” for CBS News:

    “(CBS) State officials told the federal government Wednesday how much vaccine they’ll need to combat H1N1. Some of the first doses should go to pregnant women, who are 1 percent of the population but account for 6 percent of H1N1 deaths — 28 so far.
    But not all pregnant women are eager to get the vaccine, reports CBS News Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton.
    Erin Mahoney thinks she’s lucky — not brave — to be one of approximately 100 pregnant women around the country testing the new swine flu vaccine.
    “I saw no reason to be nervous about getting the vaccine now,” Mahoney said.

    CBS Special Report: H1N1

    But many pregnant women are nervous about whether this new vaccine, which was produced and tested so quickly, is really safe. Only one in six pregnant women even get a regular flu shot.

    “It’s a difficult nut to crack, the pregnant population is resistant[!!!!],” said Dr. Iffath Hoskins, chair of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Lutheran Medical Center.

    Clinical trials on the vaccine have found no safety problems so far. But when the vaccine is given to millions, the government doesn’t want people to jump to conclusions about any complications that may occur. Some 2,400 miscarriages occur every day, so health officials caution people should not assume they were caused by the vaccine.[!!!!!]

    “Some medical events will happen in the days following the vaccination. The question is, are they related?” said Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University.”

    This CBS “news story” is an infomercial from first to last, including scientific-sounding reasons why YOU need the product, testimony from the generic satisfied (and responsible) customer — manipulatively inserted at a point in the narrative where one would logically expect to find a statement from a pregnant woman who is not “eager” to get her shot — a disclaimer and, incredibly, an admonition to not blame the vaccine for any adverse events (that one earned a couple of extra exclamation marks from me, as did the candid comment about the key demographic’s resistance to the advertiser’s message).

  4. Tony Lance said

    The comparison with Madoff’s scheme is one that never occurred to me. It’s a great example for those who ask how so many could be so misled.

    • Martin said

      Hi Tony, In the Madoff scheme, the SEC wasn’t misled. Harry Markopolous on 3 occasions presented incontrovertible evidence that Madoff was running a Ponzi operation. What the SEC did was not an oversight, it (in my humble opinion) was criminal negligence. Madoff was “their” friend. Or at least a highly respected trader on Wall Street. Duesberg was the equivalent of Harry Markopolous. Why is Markopolous a hero now with respect to Madoff, and Duesberg still a pariah with respect to AIDS? Let’s look at the events surrounding Madoff: Because of the really bad economy, Madoff saw his Ponzi scheme starting to collapse — i.e. he was having trouble getting fresh “investments” to cover his promises. He confessed! That has started to happen with AIDS — to wit the vaccine failures — the public wants answers and the CDC/NIH etc are using H1N1 as a smokescreen to hope the AIDS failures fade from the public view.

  5. mo79uk said

    Speaking of ignorant assertions, today I read an article on the rock star Ozzy Osbourne and his problems with drugs.

    I can’t remember what magazine it was so can’t quote verbatim (but it’s this week in the UK), but a passage was along the lines that Ozzy had an AIDS scare while he was a drug addict (tested positive) and this alerted him to change his ways.
    On kicking the habit he presumably didn’t re-test positive or we’d have heard about it. And the journalist even mentioned that the immune diminishing effects of his drug taking would’ve been responsible for the result.

    So, if a mainstream publication – even if it wasn’t mainly about AIDS – claims this fact, how can any health body have the gall to discern between the alleged virus and the drugs themselves?

    I’m not seeking your answer, as of course I know it. But I just thought I’d share this drama for all.

  6. Francis said

    I’m back and Hello again, Henry.

    I’m inclined to agree with Martin on the issue of smokescreens. The fact is that HIV/AIDS is pretty much a dead issue in the Western world amongst heterosexual sexually active people. Of course I can only speak for Australia, which is where I live. Being 48 years old I’ve lived through the begining of this AIDS hyperbole from its inception. I can vividly remember the government advertising, grim predictions and general fear (I was scared) that swept through the community during the late eighties and early nineties. Sadly, all during my sexual prime. These days you are truly hard pressed to find anything outside of special interest arenas where HIV/AIDS are mentioned. People still go out on Friday nights and bonk like rabbits if they get lucky. I cannot recall the last conversation out and about that got on to the AIDS subject. Sure guys still talk about condoms, but it is only in the context of pregnancies and regular STD’s like chlamydia and syphilis (which are on the rise). I find that the guys are more likely to insist on condoms than the girls, and usually because no one wants to be paying for an unwanted child for the next 18 years.

    My interest in this subject came about by accident. My 13-year-old daughter had her first shot of Gardasil and came down with what could only be described as chronic-fatigue-like symptoms. Of course we went back to the doctors and of course nothing was found to be wrong. She just started getting better, then she had her second shot and relapsed immediately. I don’t claim to be Einstein but I did smell a rat. Hence my late-night date with Mr GOOGLE and things started to come into perspective a little more. Needless to say she has not had her third dose and my 11-year-old daughter is going nowhere near it. We are still getting “Reminders” from the government about the eldest not completing her course.

    This home research followed on from my pre-deployment to the United Nations in East Timor last year. I got no fewer than 11 different vaccinations delivered in 15 separate shots (some need more than one, rabies for example [which is a particularly vivid pink colour]). I can honestly say that for the next month I have never felt so bad in my life, I also live in fear as to what the long-term consequences will be for me. Especially as it was the second time I’d been done for Hep B (thought immunity was life-long?). Needless to say, during my medical debrief on return to Oz, I declined the seasonal flu shot and complimentary swine-flu special. Our Chief Medical Officer had put out a bulletin several months earlier stating that swine flu was not considered any worse than any other flu. Both my wife and youngest daughter contracted H5N1 this season, it knocked them about for a few days and then magically and without Tamiflu, they got over it. I still kiss them fearlessly.

    I did take my worm tablets, though.

    The lack of concern about AIDS in the West must surely cause consternation amongst the devotees of the paradigm. We have the money for the drugs but people are shying away from them, profits are faltering and we still haven’t seen the population decimated as promised.

    My stint with the UN was an eye opener, though. I was constantly barraged with HIV/AIDS propaganda. The HIV/AIDS unit is something that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. The population of East Timor is always being targetted with glossy flyers, radio broadcasts and public-information sessions. There is UNAIDS, Marie Stope International, US AID and others all peddling the same story to the people. The strange thing is that in this truly sad country with a population of a million or so people, TB, Malaria, Leprosy, Dengue Fever, Malnutrition, Syphilis and poverty are all endemic. After 10 years of UNAIDS, though, they have recorded a total of 18 HIV/AIDS cases. A great success for AIDS prevention? I doubt it. The fact is that the Timorese do not consider HIV/AIDS to be a problem. They religiously do not show up to free and confidential HIV-testing days and the government stubbornly refuses to test all pregnant women for this elusive virus. So perhaps a failure of their mass-screening programs instead; i.e. no tests, no disease. When I got an ear infection I was offered an AIDS test, when I ate a dodgy chicken curry, I was offered an AIDS test, I was offered an AIDS test at every Wednesday leadership meeting, I was given a T-Shirt advertising AIDS tests, I was regularly told I should advise my staff of Free AIDS testing.

    To put into perspective the dishonesty of the UN, I will share a true story. One of my functions was to report on deaths in our region, numbers and causes. The leading cause of death was “Fell from tree”, as coconut harvesting is quite hazardous. The next was starvation. For several months I reported the number of starvation deaths. At one meeting I was told that starvation was not to be used in the reporting language from then on. It is highly embarrassing for people to starve to death in a country under the care of the UN. I was told by the regional head of the World Food Program, that under the United Nations definition of starvation, it is not possible to starve to death in a country where there is “Food Security”. Food security simply means there is sufficient food within a country for the population. This was strictly speaking true. There is sufficient food within the capital and regional centers for the population. The problem is that people in remote villages have no access to that food, they either have no transport or money to pay for it. In my mind if you die because you do not have enough food, then you starved to death, simple. It was not an argument I won, though, and so to this day, officially no one starves to death there. If they are willing to fudge such basic figures, how can anyone possibly trust any reporting the UN does?

    The problem the UN faces there is that the majority of public-health services are administered by Cuban Doctors supplied free (yes, subversive Communists) who work by and large independantly of the UN system. Everyone should watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko”. In fact the majority of HIV testing conducted by the UN is on the UN staff themselves. Who largely are from Sub-Saharan Africa. The actual HIV “estimates” are extrapolated from the expatriate staff in country!!! And, yes, the Rapid Tests are in vogue. My most embarrassing moment there was when going though mandatory induction, of which fully a quarter is devoted to HIV/AIDS. I had the cheek to ask why not one of the dozens of condom dispensers was stocked in this AIDS hotspot? I didn’t get an answer from the lecturing “Doctor”, but a rather cute UN volunteer tapped me on the shoulder and said she could give me some from the clinic if I really wanted them. Not good for my street cred in a room of 35 guys. It was difficult to sit though many of the lectures on HIV/AIDS, and for this, Henry, you should share some blame, as I’d recently bought a copy of your book, “The Origins, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory”. I found it readable and enlightening, along with Janine Roberts “Fear of the Invisible” and Virus Mania (forgot the authors). They drew the same tired graphs of CD4 depletion, and told us of the directly cytotoxic effects of HIV, but not to fear as they were holding stocks of Anti Retro Virals and PEP kits. I felt reassured. I attempted on several occasions to present a contrary viewpoint on the subject and was universally looked at as if slightly deranged. Everyone KNOWS HIV causes AIDS. I used to KNOW it, because I had been told it and at that time I was too ignorant to question it. My question is: Did the person who told me, KNOW it because he was told it? And how far up the knowledge tree does that go? Who actually does KNOW first-hand about these matters, very few, I suspect. We implicitly put our trust in being told the truth about a matter. We know Gallo cooked the books. I read quite recently that the only two branches of medicine that have gone forward in the last 100 years are Surgery and Emergency Medicine. From further reading, I quite believe that now.

    My mother used to say quite wisely, “Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see.”

    I’ve digressed! The point is, in the West we are now fed new disaster scenarios, with Swine Flu (is that the past tense of Pigs Fly?), Cervical Cancer and Global Warming. Previously it has been Avian Flu (a witty pun?), SARS, Ebola, Millenium Bugs (was that Viral?), Weapons of Mass Destruction, imminent Meteorite Strikes, Solar Plasma Ejections and Celine Dion.

    We are still here though. There is an entire industry of disaster mongering. Scenarios are never discarded. They are recycled into Third-World countries to maximise profits and keep populations subdued and forever thankful to the governments who protect us from these great perils. When we tire of a current threat, a new one emerges to reaffirm our fears. And when an old one looks suspect, we hide it behind another. In an age of increasing specialisation, though, we have a whole bunch of HIV “trained” witch-doctors who just can’t let go of it, without AIDS they are unemployable. The smarter ones change stream, keep quiet and pray no one remembers their past histories.

    P.S. Henry, I hope you don’t mind but I donated my copy of your book to the UN Library in Timor, anonymously though and slipped quietly between several mainstream books. I only hope one of the many scared Africans finds it.

    Regards as always

    • Henry Bauer said

      Francis: Many thanks indeed for this very informative piece. I would venture that what’s wrong with UNAIDS is in large part just because it’s a bureaucracy. Your point, who really “knows” at first hand is a very important one, and I think explains the behavior of MOST of the HIV/AIDS activists, researchers, and doctors.

  7. Francis said

    Rambling along again, as you mentioned my pet hate, “Bureaucracy”. The most startling thing I observed working within the UN was;

    Most staffers are employed from third world countries. This has to do with the overall image of the UN and policies of National Balance and Gender Balance. This is in theory a good policy. They also pay pretty crappy wages by western standards so can’t attract a lot of talent.

    A two year contract with the UN is a very lucrative employment prospect for these people, in that period they can theoretically make enough money to set themselves up very nicely in their home countries. This again is a good thing, for them. In fairness, many Western staffers are guilty of exactly the same thing.

    Unfortunately I saw time and again personnel being employed in to high positions, who quite frankly wouldn’t cut the mustard in the real world. The other thing is that there is a culture of maintaining the status quo. If the last guy completed his contract without problems, we’ll simply follow on from what he did. Don’t rock the boat. I was warned about making waves or sticking your head up above the mediocrity, as that is threatening behaviour. And as we know when threatened, people react. Usually it’s an attempt to dislodge you so that everything can get back to “normal”.

    UN policies are sacrisanct, “thou shalt not question the policies”. There is an entire section that police’s policy adherence. In a year I did not see a skerrick of innovation. I did see many people come with good intentions and witnessed them beaten down by the bureaucracy to the levels of the underachievers.

    Prior to 1999 when the UN entered East Timor there were no brothels in the country, Dili (the captial) is now awash with Chinese sex workers predominantly from Shanghai, most working in sexual servitude. The majority of their clients are UN staffers. One UN worker was booted from the mission for actually running a brothel, not prosecuted, simply dismissed without further ado. This goes on under the noses of those in country running the mission.

    I was advised on several occasions by our regional IT staffer that our computers were awash with child pornography and could I reaffirm the policies regarding the use of computers. When I asked for a report on who was responsible, as every user is logged in and they can generate user account logs, and I wanted to set an example by prosecuting someone. The response was to ignore my request and erase the offending drives. I never heard from them again!

    There were numerous reports of UN personnel interferring with children (and animals, truly)which were never acted upon.

    If any of this is mentioned it is rapidly denied.

    In 1999 when the UN entered Timor there were estimated to be 30% of the population living in poverty. That estimation is now 50%, not a great track record.

    It is not simply UNAIDS, it is the whole rotten edifice of the organisation. We eventually called them a “Self Licking Icecream” (amongst other less polite things). If the UN is one example of an organisation that self perpetuates, I can only imagine what other bureaucracies in the field of HIV/AIDS are like. Anyone still trust the CDC, NIH, et al to have your best interests at HAART?

    I do not understand the science of HIV/AIDS very well. I do understand how functional bureaucracies maintain dogmas to retain funding though. It is a blind adherence to what has gone before in order to keep themselves employed. It has nothing to do with the good of humanity.

    If you need an example of self importance, just refer to the title of the Special Representative of the Secretary General who is the mission manager in country, “His Excellency”. They do not behave as ambassadors of goodwill, they set themselves above all within their domains.

    The tragedy is that our governments pander to this organisation and set health policies based on assumptions and estimates generated within the World Health Organisation (a UN body) and UNAIDS.

    I personally will never believe a press release from the UN again on any subject, I suggest no one else does either. I’d be more surprised at them telling the truth than Nessie biting me on the arse.

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