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Routine “HIV” tests; herbal magic; Canadian natives at risk

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/08/21

Veterans to routinely be offered HIV tests [posted 2009:08:19] — The Veterans Affairs Department has begun offering routine HIV tests to veterans who receive medical care. The new policy follows recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which advised that all patients should be offered HIV testing even if they are not considered at risk. The hope is that more veterans will get tested and, when necessary, receive medical treatment early.”
PREDICTION:  It will turn out that an alarmingly high proportion of veterans with no risk factors are “HIV-positive”, and of course didn’t know it.


“HerbalScience research demonstrates that HIV infection is inhibited by elderberry, cinnamon, and green tea extracts”
No, this is NOT being said by the much maligned South African former Health Minister “Dr. Beetroot”; it’s in Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The work is joint between the University of Miami Leonard Miller School of Medicine and the commercial outfit HerbalScience (not connected in any way to much maligned Dr. Matthias Rath, who has long advocated the benefits of vitamins and natural remedies in connection with “HIV/AIDS”).
“Previous research by HerbalScience had demonstrated the ability of its proprietary elderberry extract to inhibit entry of the H1N1 influenza virus into target cells. For the HIV study, researchers used the same elderberry extract, and compared the antiviral activities to those of extracts obtained from green tea and cinnamon, two botanicals that are also known to be rich in flavonoids, plant nutrients that are beneficial to health. All the extracts were prepared using the company’s patented extraction technologies. . . . Furthermore, the study examined the inhibitory interactions between the elderberry extract and enfuvirtide (also termed Fuzeon), among the first of a new class of HIV antiviral drugs called entry inhibitors, or drugs that disrupt the fusion of virus and target cells. . . .  When enfuvirtide was combined with the elderberry extract, the inhibition of infection increased by nearly 6 orders of magnitude.”
A real panacea, apparently; and even without any mentioned ingredient of snake oil.

I’ve commented before on the unremarkable fact that when mainstream researchers find value in alternative remedies, that’s sound science; but when others report similar findings, it gets dismissed as pseudo-science [Mainstream pseudo-science good, alternative pseudo-science bad, 25 February 2009; UCLA’s AIDS (“Beetroot”) Institute discovers how HIV kills cells, 2 January 2009].


Canadian aboriginals behave like Estonians but are doomed to die like South Africans
Native Americans are far less likely to test “HIV-positive” than are people of African ancestry; Aboriginal Americans test “HIV-positive” very little more often than Caucasians and significantly less often than Hispanics (for example, pp. 50, 64-6 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory). Yet
“HIV could devastate Sask. First Nations” (2009:08:20)
This dire prediction comes from “Dr. Khami Chokani, the medical health officer for the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region. Chokani has worked in countries across southern Africa. ‘If you think decimating the African population was bad . . . HIV in this province will kill 15 to 30 per cent (of the aboriginal population). Not all at one time, but over a five- to 10-year period.’”
[The African population hasn’t been decimated, by the way. It‘s been growing at about 3% annually throughout the “AIDS epidemic”
Here’s the basis for concern in Canada: “There were a total of 174 cases of HIV in the province [Saskatchewan] in 2008, a threefold increase from 2004 . . . . Of those 174, more than 100 victims were aboriginal.”
“There are 141,890 First Nations people in Saskatchewan”.
That’s a truly alarming incidence, isn’t it: 100 in 140,000, or 1 in 1,400. Quite comparable to the alarming rate in Estonia [Estonian drug addicts don’t have much sex, 13 August 2009; “HIV/AIDS” in Estonia: Demographics and Shibboleths, 18 August 2009]. And curiously enough, just as in Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania and Russia and Eastern Europe generally, “intravenous-drug users sharing needles is the main way HIV is transmitted in the province. Young aboriginal women are of increasing concern. . . . primarily in the young females, pregnant women and newborn babies”.
AIDS Rethinkers and HIV Skeptics, unlike mainstream HIV/AIDS researchers, know that solid data show that drug abuse causes both ill health and testing “HIV-positive”; and that pregnancy and birth are both conditions that have a tendency to stimulate a positive “HIV”-test result.
PREDICTION:  There will be increased testing, increased prescribing of antiretroviral drugs, and an alarming increase in the death rate.

8 Responses to “Routine “HIV” tests; herbal magic; Canadian natives at risk”

  1. Karri said

    Excellent posts, thank you for continuing to make this information known!

  2. Philip said

    Any timetable for your predictions sir?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Philip: I can predict that ALARM WILL BE EXPRESSED almost immediately. The sad, unnecessary illnesses and deaths will occur over a period of many years.

      • Philip said

        Alarm will be expressed almost immediately, then killed by statistics, then a “new” source for alarm must then be found.

  3. Tony said

    I recently ran across references to pediatric culture techniques; this led me to some further searching and I found a protocol claiming to be to isolate and grow HIV in culture – I’m still working through this reference, but I’m assuming that I must be missing something and am hoping you might have some insight.

    • Henry Bauer said

      “Isolating by culture” has been deconstructed by David Rasnick; it CREATES what is supposed to be “HIV”. As cited on p.91 of The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory from a documentary film:
      “The ultimate test that the establishment o›ers is what’s called a co-culture technique
      where you take a sample of the individual’s blood cells, white blood cells.
      You cannot find HIV now in this sample. All you have are these blood cells. But
      then you culture these cells with some special cells that Robert Gallo generated
      some years ago. You have to throw in some powerful chemicals, phytohemaglutinin
      or IL -2, for example, to force these cells to do anything. The idea is to wake
      up the patient’s cells to start producing RNA; and then this RNA will be coated in
      a protein, and possibly then there will be viral particles produced in the medium.
      These viral particles now will go infect the other cells that you added, and then you
      will amplify by a period of time the replication of these viral particles in the laboratory,
      what we call in vitro. Now, these particles did not exist in the patient, in the
      human being, the person that you got this sample from. You created them in the
      laboratory. And by creating these virus particles in the laboratory, people say they
      have isolated HIV from a human being. They have not done any such thing.”

      • Tony said

        Thank you Henry. One of the challenges with this topic area (which I’ve followed off and on for over 6 years now) is how many twists and turns there are to following the logic (or lack thereof.) Obfuscation is a powerful technique, and I try very hard to follow evidence rather than “cherry pick” the material in the field to support some conclusion I’ve already reached.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Tony: “very hard to follow evidence rather than ‘cherry pick’ the material “—
        Exactly. I first came across HIV/AIDS “dissidence” in the early or mid-1990s, found it interesting enough to want to know more, read all the books that I could find, but didn’t reach a conclusion until Bialy’s book sent me looking into the primary reports on “HIV” prevalence. And for months I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, because the way “HIV” varies across population groups and by age and by race demonstrates that what’s being measured is not an infectious AIDS-causing agent; see The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory. All the unbiased reviews have been favorable [unbiased: not HIV/AIDS mainstream; in PUBLIC CHOICE; IntJSTDAIDS; College & Research Libraries News; SciTech Book News; Nexus. The reviews in QUADRANT and J. Amer. Ass. Phys. Surg. are by good acquaintances. On, the favorable reviews by Muddiman, Singlemalt Mark, Holloway, Ann L, & Paul King are from people quite unknown to me. The one from Jueneman pleased me particularly, because he and I had had very strong disagreements long ago over the Velikovsky Affair.]

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