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Another woman survives antiretroviral drugs

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/08/09

Onnie Mary Phuthe is a young Botswana woman who realized the harm that antiretroviral drugs were doing her, stopped taking them, and has regained her health. She forwarded an e-mail she had sent Anthony Brink, to be used publicly ad lib. She had attached copies of her lab reports and prescription history, confirming that she stopped filling the prescriptions.

Onnie has only dial-up Internet service, so blogging is slow and difficult for her; but her strength of character comes clearly through her own words (below, unedited):

“True I want to share the evidence of what the eqivalent to the rat poison did to me it is documented. Feel free to use these any way you see fit. I was on the following treatments to address MY HIV TYPE 1 AND HIV TYPE 2 POSITIVE RESULTS
1st set of arv I took for 6 weeks ( mid aug 2001)
second set in mid August 2001 until feb 2008
feb 2008 to 16/10/2008
16/10/2008 – 16/06/2009

If I die from not taking th arv is far btter for m to accept since the argony and pain sufferering has stopped since I stopped the arv. I have not done any hiv monitoring tests yet, and I will not do them. The peace I have now is more superior that the drugs and follow up that I would need to go throw. This is the basis I have resigned form beong a board mmber of Botswana Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS. I CAN NOT ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO BE ON ARV. IT HAS NOT WORKD FOR ME.  IT MAKES ME FEEL GUILTY OF MURDER TO EVEN SUGGEST THE ARV THERAPY.



Onnie has also joined Facebook and gives more details there, as well as on a blog .


Joyce Ann Hafford died in pregnancy during a clinical trial of antiretroviral drugs. The very purpose of that trial sickens me: “to compare the ‘treatment-limiting toxicities’ of two anti-HIV drug regimens” (Celia Farber, “Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science”, Harper’s Magazine, March 2006, 37-52). In other words, find the highest dosage that doesn’t kill. To gauge and compare toxicities, of course one has to explore regions where the toxicity is appreciable. It seems obvious that the risk of death in such a trial has to be appreciable.


Quite often I wonder how many others have suffered Joyce Hafford’s fate, or barely avoided it. It’s impossible to know, because it is so easy to write off the death of anyone being “treated” for HIV/AIDS as death owing to HIV/AIDS and not to the “medications” — even as it is acknowledged that more than half of the “serious adverse events” occurring in HAART-treated people are owing to the drugs and not to AIDS (NIH Treatment Guidelines,  November 2008, p. 21); and the average age of death of confirmed HIV/AIDS-theory-believing activists, who surely “comply” better than most with their “treatment” regimens, is tragically low, in the 40s for the men and at age 50 for the women [“AIDS” deaths: owing to antiretroviral drugs or to lack of antiretroviral treatment?, 2 October 2008].

Quite often I wonder how many other healthy women have been subjected to the same sort of ordeal that Onnie experienced for years and managed to survive. We know of Kim Bannon, Maria Papagiannidou, Audrey Serrano, Karri Stokely.
Noreen Martin rejected antiretroviral drugs from the beginning, and provides information about the benefits of low-dose naltrexone as an immune-system booster.

Just after my book was published, I received an e-mail from a lady who wanted to meet and talk about it. She had had surgery for uterine cancer, was told she was “HIV-positive”, and was put on antiretroviral drugs. She remained in hospital for 6 months owing to various drug side-effects, and finally decided to stop taking the pills. Her health recovered, but she continued to wonder whether she should try those drugs again. A friend told her of my book, and she wanted to meet the author to gauge his trustworthiness. I judged her to be in her thirties.


How many more women will experience these emotional and physical devastations before the absurdities of HIV/AIDS theory bring it down?

How many more men, of whom there are surely a far greater number, given the HIV/AIDS preoccupation with gay men and their apparent propensity to test “HIV-positive” so often? It was an enlightening and emotionally difficult experience for me last April, at the meeting Brian Carter organized of Alive-&-Well people in Los Angeles, to see these intelligent, evidently healthy “HIV-positive” men wrestling with the perpetual quandary of whether to believe their own experience and those of their friends or to follow the advice of their physicians.

And what will the many physicians do, who have been in all good faith prescribing these toxic drugs, when they have to accept that they killed their patients by believing what the leading gurus and official institutions of medical science had been telling them?

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  1. I stand by my word and decision to quit ARV as I have seen & been the proof that HIV medicines do more harm than any good. I think the doses of the tablets I had been taking are just like salt in the water. If you keep adding more water in the salty water container, the salty water will eventually have no taste of salt. So Eventually with no more arv,s coming in to my blood stream, arv will be gone and the body will do what is does best, heal it self, repair all the damages, it takes time, i am patient, i will wait and support my body, this is all I needs.
    I do not really know why even after all the evidence that HIV dos not cause AIDS no Government is ready to speak up Like Thabo Mbeki did. He has been the one who cared deeply for his people that he risked his reputation, career and phamaceutical funding by stading up to the profits from HIV and AIDS existance. That is all he did, stand up to th profits.

    See Barack Obama made a huge statement by terminating the funding that George Bush pledged for Afica. Good for you Obama. No need to explain, if it was indeed very urgent as it was said to be, Obama, would not have terminated the Africa HIV/Aids Presidents Emergency Funding of Billions. It shows this was a direct contribution of killing than healing, principles Obama stands against.

    Last year our Botswana President LT General Seretse Ian Khama, said at the world Aids day said that HIV and AIDS via ARV’s alone was not sustainable. I see this true, it is NOT sustainable because of the human life it takes. The finacial part of it is not an issue because the drug pushers themselves have more to gain by funding the ARV Programs. The poor people like me, believed all we were told. ARV Program is not a human friednly sustaining Program. Never was and never will.

    The media (with it’s lack of knowledge and biased reporting) was quick to judge the “not sustainable” word and gave threatening information to the public that people with hiv show fear that some how they would loose on the free arv. I would totally agree if the substitute for arv is behaivior change interventions which must include nutrition and stress management, just to mention a few. This would be a very sustainable and holistic approach to adressing what is actually happening to people instead of drivin meaningless information, which only contributs to what we don’t want AIDS from fear, AIDS from ARV intervention. the ARV is creating what it is said to be avoiding. So it there sence in that?

    An exmaple, people who tke the hiv test go under severe stress just by the thought of it, during the test, awaiting results, getting the results, finaly dealing with the results. This is standard for negative and positive results. There is too much pyscological implications from the test due to the tpye of information spread out there. Marriages break, a lot of spouse killings due to the blame of infection, lack of mutual trust in relationships and finally, people give up and become reckless with their lives because after all, they don’t have the hope they need to live life normally.

    My plea and objective is that the truth come out and we instill again trust in scincetific findings. Science is living, so it must be trust worthy, unbiased and have the interest of the people at heart. The startin point was removing the Robert Gallo’s HIV Findings from the medical journals. Thumbs up for that bold step, all who were involved.

    • mykoolaidtastesfunny said

      Hi Miss Phuthe…Thank you for sharing your story. I came across a site that I think you would be of great benefit to

      It is RealStories Gallery where people share stories and artwork about living with Gallo’s fake virus. Most people there have not been exposed to the science behind the fraud and are fully indoctrinated. Someone like you would is very much needed. I hope you’re well

      • Thank you very much and I appreciate the link you have shared. I normally do this Mykoolaidtastesfunny, i like to share my most recent photo’s on my blog and on facebook. Some people may wonder why? i do this for the prupose of putting a face to the reallity that i have been blessed to know, when we speak to others, and in our speech part of it is our reality with the life of everyday of “HIV AND AIDS”, It is a way to communicate that i am not bought, i am not against or for any organisations except i ma for what is real and that if i am doing it to the best of my ability ( thanks to sutherlandia opc) it can also be done by others.

        My approach todate is natural healing processes including healing of the mind, untying and tied knotts in the heart and mind, forgiving myself and others, and basically just living in the old ages. We are not the first people of the world to be tagged, but the way HIV and AIDS is only the strong willed and stone hearted people will survive. No DRUG amoung the ARV/HAART treatment can give backj what society has lost as a people, Hope, it can not come in a bottle. HIV and AIDS it self has many clues that in itself there is not death as it is explained, there is not sex transmittions, there is nothing to transmit, but we are so brainwashed that even a five finger had we say has 2 fingers. I thing we have chosen what we will see, hear, and live. Only the few who get the code break free and get an awkening of the dormant truth that lies in each one of our cells. for as long as our souls believe we are sick that is the placebo effect of an hiv + result. In Africa we need to share mouth to mouth, ear to ear and heart to heart that HIV + can mean what we want it to mean dispite what mainstream science says. I truly dont know who to say i am hiv + any more and not meant it, i just dont mean it at all , i wish i could say it in a better fashion for to contaminate my mind.

        it is the sadness that is spreading that saddens me, the alarm of reality of HIV and AIDS has gone off now, we chose to wake up or to stay asleep.

  2. Jean Umber said

    I always wonder what is the logic that prevails in these prescriptions. The only logic that emerges is that of profitability and the replacement of “remedies” as soon as their patent went to the public.

    thus, AZT (combivir) is replaced by tenofovir (Viread) in February 2008 and 3TC (Epivir) is replaced by the FTC of Truvada in October 2008. Ftc and is almost identical to 3TC, but is 5 times more expensive.

    when the patent for nevirapine (Viramune) to go public, they will replace it by a newcomer.

    anyway, as people and doctors know nothing about them, they follow stupidly the protocols … proposed by Big Pharma.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Jean Umber: This practice of introducing new drugs when the patent on the old ones runs out is routine; see for example “The truth about the drug companies: how they deceive us and what to do about it”, by Marcia Angell, a former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. The companies spend more on advertising than on research. Most of the genuinely new discoveries are made in academe and Pharma cashes in on them. Doctors and researchers are hired to put their names to articles ghost-written by drug-company employees. More revelations are in books by Abramson, Avorn, Goozner, Kassirer, Krimsky also cited in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory (McFarland 2007).

    • This is me, simple Motswana woman. I go to my arv find combivir with AZT and say the following.

      ” ke eng ke bolaiwa mme gotwe ke a alafiwa?”

      meaning ” why am I being killed in the name of being treated?”

      ” ka na fa ke le moimna ke ne ke nwa molemo o gotwe gore ngwana a seka a tsenwa ke mogare wa HIV, go ra ya gore ba ne ba batla go mpolaya le go bolaya ngwanake”

      meaning ” when I was pregnant I was taking this medicine so that the baby could not gt HIV, so it means they wanted to kill me and kill the baby”.


      “Ke ne ke nosa ngwanake molemo o wa AZT kgwedi yotlhe ebile anna a kgwa nako tsotlhe, go ra ya gore molemo o tota o a botlhole, o batlile go bolaya ngwanake.”

      Meaning ” I was giving this AZT medicine to my baby for a whole month, during this month the baby vomited all the time, it really shows that this medicine is toxic, it neally killed my baby.


      ” mme ka na ke dirisitse botlhole jo mo boimaneng jwame jotlhe, le mo baneng bame botlhe. Waitse, Bongaka bo ikaeleletse go bolaya baimana le bana ka botlhole jo jwa AZT”

      meaning ” but I used this toxic medicine on all my pregnancies, even on all my babies. You know, Doctors are intnding to kill pregnant women and their babies with this toxin of AZT.


      “Ga ke na go tlhola ke tsenelela lenaneo la thibelo ya mogare go tswa mo go mmaagwe go ya ko ngwaneng,le diphatsa tota.”

      Meaning ” I will never again enroll in PMTCT PROGRAMME, its dangerous for me and the baby”


      “Ha ke ne kitsile gore molemo o o botlhole jaana, ke ka bo ke ganne go o dirisa”

      meaning “if I had know of the toxicity of AZT, I would have refused to use it”

      you see, this is what a woman like me would say about the AZT and other ARV. There is no Health benefit at all.

  3. Cytotalker said

    Another issue for patients who turn away from toxic ARV treatment is the psychological pressure to which they are subjected by their doctors, the being told that they are going to come down with PCP pneumonia or toxoplasmosis without HAART and bactrim prophylaxis, and the apparent dismissal by doctors to a degree unseen with other illnesses of the patient’s right to choose whether or not to be treated allopathically or otherwise. This experience with medical authorities is in itself highly stressful and non-trivially debilitating for many.

    Unfortunately, it does not end once the patient has walked away from the infectious diseases practitioner’s office. For the rest of this person’s life, every doctor is a source of profound stress, every illness requiring treatment means a confrontation with a doctor, not over the illness, but over HIV. The patient is tempted not to mention HIV diagnosis when showing up for a sinus infection in order for said infection to be treated in them as it would in any other patient. Instead, the HIV diagnosis, for just about any ailment, leads the physician to pay less attention to the ailment itself and more to the HIV diagnosis. This could lead to patients’ avoiding care for illnesses requiring care or sticking to trusted doctors and avoiding larger institutions which could care for more serious problems. To what extent could Maggiore’s respiratory tract illness have been better treated had she been able to visit a mainstream medical institution without being harrassed over her HIV status?

    The attitude that all ailments are caused by HIV in untreated positives contrasts with the attitude that iatrogenic liver and metabolic degeneration in HAART-treated patients can be treated with other drugs without addressing their indisputable cause. The double standard is glaring: the passenger virus is blamed for everything, the toxic drugs are absolved of their destructive effects, and the patient suffers gross yet rarely unaddressed psychological stress as a result of being cornered into this situation by our medical establishment. The fortitude of those who decide not to yield to the terrorization is truly admirable, but being in such a situation is never at all easy.

  4. Onnie Mary, I wish it was true, that “Barack Obama made a huge statement by terminating the funding that George Bush pledged for Afica […] terminated the Africa HIV/Aids Presidents Emergency Funding of Billions”.

    However, a visit to the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) website ( show the contrary. The 2010 PEPFAR Budget Request is 2.5% higher than it was in 2009, higher than ever at $6.66 billion.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Gilles St-Pierre: Thanks for the correction. And nice to hear from you, best wishes to you and Maria, hope to see you in November in Oakland.

      Onnie: I have high respect for Obama as sensible and evidence-respecting, but inevitably his advisers are drawn from the mainstream. Challenges to HIV/AIDS dogma are more likely to come from the Republican side; in fact, a few Republican congressmen have questioned it in the past. But the political scene here will be preoccupied for quite a while with the major healthcare-reform fuss, and the wars, and the economic mess, so I see little prospect for political reconsideration of HIV/AIDS in the near future on grounds of scientific evidence or excessive expenditures. However, there may be prospects to interest the popular media in the excessive expenditures and, at a personal-interest level, the unprincipled activities of some of the frantic and unethical anti-“denialists”.

    • The Pepfar: I checked out the objectives. So I see it is only adding more misery to our lives. I hoped maybe the funding was cancelled due to the adverse impact it has on HIV and AIDS issues in Africa.

      I checked out the funders’ objectives to quickly see what they are putting money in for. So PEPFAR with its current objectives is indeed causing AIDS and leaving children orphans; I am sure that is not the outcome they want, but this is what is actually coming from the project funding. As long as it has a component of HIV Treatment, that is what I see them doing. If it had an agricultural project funding rather than what it has now, it would indeed be a worthwhile intervenion.

      We need funding to educate people that HIV does not cause AIDS , rather ANTI-RETROVIRAL TREATMENT CAUSES AIDS AND NEW TYPES OF COMPLICATIONS NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

      I take back this statement below, since there is still funding which I disagree with from Barack Obama’s administration.

      I take back the statement: “See Barack Obama made a huge statement by terminating the funding that George Bush pledged for Afica. Good for you Obama. No need to explain, if it was indeed very urgent as it was said to be, Obama, would not have terminated the Africa HIV/Aids Presidents Emergency Funding of Billions. It shows this was a direct contribution of killing than healing, principles Obama stands against.”

      We need a more human approach to Robert Gallo’s error, it is people behind this error, not numbers or figures, it’s also me in the list. We have also lost lives, that cannot be returned. Funders, get serious and stop joking. This is not denial, it’s facts about HIV and AIDS, unless there can be an international debate running live, with call-in questions to prove that HIV Meds are worth it. It may be that it’s too embarassing to accept that it’s been a lie for 30 years, but for my life’s worth that embarassment must be spelt out by its inventers before they are no longer there to answer for themselves. The ones who made the intentional error and made the toxic inhuman drugs must account for the lives lost before their light goes off. If they have reason for the lie, that is the one I WANT TO HEAR. Why?
      My light will also go off, but I need an expalnation before Nature switches the light off.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Onnie: Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, in my opinion. I don’t think anyone deliberately lied to establish the original belief in “HIV=AIDS”, it was a combination of incompetence and ambition, bureaucratic manoeuvering and political considerations, and the usual willingness of many researchers to do whatever seems fashionable and makes grant-getting possible. Once established, the inertia became enormous, and individuals caught up in the fad now find it very difficult to see the evidence against it, read my posts about “cognitive dissonance”.


      I know my comments are likely to be deleted from the voice recorder, but the 11 women heard it. It makes a difference.

  5. HIV Diagnosis, a route to medical dead ends for patients.

    We must not try to justify the dangers to human life posed by ARVs.
    On 02/06/2008 the day I ever regretted telling a doctor that I had been in HIV Medicines. I had all the unexplained pains, neurological problems. I was referred to see a doctor at Princess Marina Hospital, a Neuro Surgeon. I presented my cards, and the doctor was listening to the complaints I raised. Suddenly there was a shift. The shift of hopelessness in my case, why? I mentioned that I was diagnosed with HIV in 2001. The shift was so massive that in an instant the doctor said, well, because of HIV there is nothing he can do. There is no hope for my back. I was sitting on the floor, kept lying and standing and sitting due to the pain. The doctor specified to say that people with HIV do not get all the referrals out the country, for follow up. I had done an MRI of the spine and it picked up inflammation on the L2-3-4. I asked the doctor whether he could help. He said no, it is untreatable because of my HIV infection. I replied to the doctor in front of the nurse saying “You are only a doctor and you can do this much, but there is one who can do more than you can, who can achieve, what you say is not achievable, GOD”. Within 5 minutes, I was out. I did not like what happened. When I left the clinic I went to see the supervisor of that doctor, I asked him, “Why is this doctor saying to me he would need another MRI but because of my HIV infection he can not refer outside Botswana?”. Botswana does not have an MRI; South Africa has one at the Milpark, that is where I used to go when my private doctor sent me before all the money was used up both at the medical aid and in my pockets. I insisted that being HIV positive is not hopeless for the doctor not to try. He called the doctor and he saw me again but he referred me to the medical clinic, as he said I was a patient for medical, not neuro. The principles I live by are that, “Never tell someone who is looking up to you for help, the situation they seek help for from you is hopeless, even if you see it as hopeless.” I was still not happy and I went to see the Hospital Superintendent.

    I asked him the same question, “why are people infected with HIV not being given the same attention as someone who has no HIV or undisclosed status gets?”.

    Anyway, the problem is not really the HIV itself, it was the drugs against HIV, they could not pick that up, wrote me a letter for employer since I was not going to work for 3 months. When I was finally retrenched. I made it my duty to treat myself. I stopped seeking any assistance for the back, paid close attention to my body. In November 2008, I spent the whole month with no ARV, than I saw I was getting better. I started switching the dosages to taking ARV only two weeks in a month, then three times a week, then nights only, then I stopped.

    The way ARV contributed to ill health, I am still amazed they still asked me to go back on treatment. If it is suicide I am committing by not taking ARVs it is a sweet suicide, it is peaceful. I will settle for that. I have claimed my life with this “suicide”. It makes me not want to go back to the clinic because all they will do is instill fear in me, blame me and ensure that I see myself as dead. I will not listen to anything contrary to life. Worse, I cannot look at the people in the queue for ARVs. I am avoiding telling people not to take the drugs. I am still getting my ducks in a row, for when I do speak up; my mouth will be too big to shut. In the meantime, I tell all those I know what I have done.

    It is a fact, people with HIV still have medical conditions that would be treated for those with no HIV/ undisclosed status. HIV means ARVs are the solution, yet are the cause of AIDS, they are the fast forward route to death. People on treatment still develop other illnesses and still die worse than they were in the beginning. The thought that I have used herbs, raw veges, and proper rest, water, sea salt, and sunlight, exercise only now to be writing this, is my great gratitude to nature. I nearly died; no one even to this day had talked to me about diet.

    I cannot believe the three letters “HIV Diagnosis” caused everyone to see that I was already dead. What a deviation from medical ethics. I do not know them, doctors should. They should have at least offered me palliative care, I would have settled for that. Dying with dignity and hope is the key. It has happened to me, it’s proof it is happening to all with HIV diagnoses. People see themselves dead before they actually die.

    All the side effects predicted at the initial treatment with HIV medicines are a sure sign that the drugs ar just too deadly. I am not paid by anyone, I have 1st hand proof. ARVs KILL, A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH FOR THAT MATTER. Food and herbs heal, slow but accurate with no side effects. Which one do you settle for? ARV or the latter?

  6. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    It’s not only the ARVs that are killing you and all other victims of Western “science”. It is the zealous belief in “HIV” that is even more lethal than any ARV could ever be.

    Did you read this blog post already?

    If you haven’t done so, do it. It is of paramount importance!

    And think about the “HIV”-distribution among the different races. It makes no sense, that Black people, wherever they live on Earth, under whichever conditions they live (healthy or unhealthy or somewhere in-between), test “HIV”-positive much more often than any other race on earth.

    It does not make any sense at all, that the Asians test “HIV”-positve less frequently than any other race on Earth, regardless of wherever they live and under whichever conditions they live.

    If the Asians would be the race with the very best immune system of all, evolution would have sorted out all other races except the Asians tens of thousands of years ago and the Asians would have remained as the only race on earth.

    Stop believing in “HIV”. It does not exist.

    • If I believed in HIV as it has been presented, I would be dead. Whenever something happened to me, I always wanted to know what actually was going on. I have always addressed my life as though I did not have an HIV Diagnosis. The doctors would tell me, no, this is hopeless because of your HIV infection, but I’d always say, it’s an opinion not a fact. So I would research the condition until I found reliable science and used it at my own discretion, got better and told the doctor later how I got out of the temporary trap. I was commited to knowing the truth as a fact. Now that it is a fact, I am proud to have lived as though I had no HIV, except the ARV part. I have since stopped and 15 years is like a minute lost. I just recovered the minute, though we know time lost never returns. For me, time lost returns with extra time.

      What I need to do now is to reclaim the fifteen years, try to live it with a full conscious mind of living. Not always listening to my body for something that may go wrong. This is how we are programmed once we get into ARV therapy.This is also the programming after the HIV test. You are told that your white blood cells are being demolished by HIV. So under normal circumstances, it takes a great heart to still be here walking this earth, exchanging words like we are doing now. Many who did not get the courage are gone too soon, my heart goes out to them and we are only here now for them, not ourselves. We stop living, we stop all life and rotate our lives around the TREATMENT of ARV as a life. Meanwhile real living passes us by.

      I gave a speech in April 2009. I said, “I would not want anyone or anything to change my diagnosis of HIV, and I said I’m happy to be HIV positive.” This was so because I knew, HIV did not exist. So the bottom line is positive or negative, we still have a normal life to live + what would I be positive to since HIV does not exist. Thank you for reminding me HIV DOES NOT EXIST, LET ME GET USED TO THAT IDEA.

      • Sabine Kalitzkus said


        You said it as it is. It all comes down to a matter of de-programming and de-brainwashing.

        White blood cells are supposed to be demolished by “HIV”? Well, we’ve been waiting for three decades now for somebody to show us how “HIV” manages to do that. I’m afraid we will have to wait for another three hundred decades, because a non-existing entity is not able to demolish anything.

        In my honest opinion it is an absolutely irresponsible and inhuman crime to tell a patient there’s no hope. How do they know, those self-appointed little gods? But I agree with them, there’s no hope for those creatures to ever become human beings.

        I greatly admire your courage and your strength to survive all their attacks against your life. But I don’t think those fifteen years have been lost. With your experience and your courage you will be able to help many people in the future.

      • Henry Bauer said

        Sabine: See for all the different suggestions that have been made as to how “HIV” might kill — and still they don’t know; or, to use an appropriate colloquialism, “they haven’t a clue”.

  7. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    Please apologize that I put my comment down under, but I wanted to keep it readable. This comment is re your comment to Onnie at 9:38 am.

    Do you really think, that there are no deliberately evil people in science? Why not? They are all human beings and there are evil creatures everywhere — some of them are evil by decision. That’s what I experienced in life — well, many times. Why shouldn’t they pop up in science as well?

    Those people don’t care about anything except themselves — and they know it. I don’t think that they are all like that. Possibly the majority is as you characterized them. But on my opinion the other ones do exist as well. Gallo is one of them, there’s no doubt about that.

    • Henry Bauer said


      I agree Gallo was dishonest. John Crewdson’s book, Science Fictions, amply demonstrates his dishonesty, and also his incompetence. However, I think he himself believes HIV is real and causes AIDS. I think it is extraordinarily rare for people to be dishonest in that way WILFULLY, DELIBERATELY, ADMITTING TO THEMSELVES what they are doing.

      I think Gallo has been from the beginning determined to be a great scientist, and earlier claims by him show how incompetent he is because he takes the slightest excuse to assert a major discovery. I think he is not very rational. But I don’t think he’s deliberately dishonest about believing HIV=AIDS.

      I may be wrong, but that’s my opinion. I don’t mean to say that there may not be evil people in science, but I think it’s very rare for people to DELIBERATELY do something THEY think is evil

  8. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    Of course I agree with you, that Mr. G. believes in the religion he himself created.

    But when a somebody who spent many years at universities and many years in research, a somebody who has been found guilty of scientific misconduct prior to inventing the “AIDS-virus”, when such a somebody really thinks, that it is not evil to fix up the fairytales those two undergraduate wannabe-students Dr. Popovic and Dr. Gonda were messing around with,

    when a somebody like Mr. K. with a comparable background really thinks, that violating the ethical standards of his profession and deceiving Dollar-paying readers is not evil,

    when those two somebodies really think they are serving mankind altruistically and mankind should gratefully appreciate their gifts,

    then the implications are indeed shocking and depressing.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Sabine: Shocking and depressing, I agree fully. I’m also incredulous that academics, researchers and teachers, use in public discourse language that used to be consigned to the gutter and those who inhabit it.

  9. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    I love this page! It is by far more entertaining than watching sitcoms on tv.

    “It is not clear…”
    “… numerous models which have been suggested to explain…”
    “… different isolates of HIV vary considerably…”
    “… there may not be sufficient virus present in AIDS patients …”
    “… may contribute …”
    “Indirect effects of infection … may also…”
    “…a mechanism most likely contributing to immunodeficiency.”
    “Independently of HIV replication…”
    “… transfected…”
    “… low fidelity of reverse transcription.”
    RT committing adultery?
    “It is envisaged that there might be…”
    “… it is probable that variation of T-cell epitopes…”
    “It is believed that…”
    “It is possible that…”
    “… might also induce…”
    “However, unlike other retroviruses (…) no superantigen has been conclusively identified in HIV…”
    “… practical relevance of superantigens in AIDS is thus in doubt…”
    “… might play a role…”
    “… there is no strong evidence…”
    “Apoptosis is believed to be…”
    “… apoptosis could potentially be induced…”


    I finally got a clue, what the term “hard sciences” mean.

  10. Sabine Kalitzkus said

    Henry and all:

    In her blog post,

    she addressed the real problems Africans are grappling with: the dis-empowerment of women -> no land -> no garden -> no vegetables, no fruits -> deteriorated health -> big money for Western Pharma.

    When I spent some months in Kenya in the middle of the eighties, people said that neighboring Uganda would easily be able to feed the whole of Africa — if it wasn’t for political reasons. Since then problems have sharpend day by day, because soil-destruction companies like Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry had discovered Africa.

    An automatically generated link on Onnie’s blog took me to another catastrophe:,8599,1889251,00.html

    The article begins with a “poem”:

    “There’s a mantra in AIDS treatment
    that every physician in the field
    knows by heart:
    When it comes to HIV,
    hit early and hit hard.”

    The article is not an ancient story out of the archives, but published on April 02, 2009.

    On the left hand side of the first paragraph there’s a photo showing a worn-out dark-skinned hand with two white pills in it. The caption reads: “Access to Life”. (No comment.)

    Next to it:

    “The idea (…) is to blitz the virus in its first days of infecting a new human host, before it can establish a beachhead and launch a full-scale AIDS attack.”

    I’m thoroughly impressed. Krista Kenell knows how to write.

    A very large and very long study, published in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, claims, that enrolled patients “reduced their risk of dying as much as 94% by the trial’s end if they began ART earlier…”

    As access to the study is restricted to the Higher Clergy of the Faith, I wasn’t able to read it.

    Support is provided by the cheering section, composed of two dated individuals: Ho and Fauci.

    There’s only a minor problem with this study — by far too small to be taken seriously:

    “None of these guidelines have been supported by the gold standard of medical evidence, the randomized controlled trial. And as convincing and as large as the current study is, Fauci notes that it too lacks this scientific imprimatur.”

    Folks, ignore it. Fauci is dated. He even resorts to dated Catholic vocabulary and dead languages.

    Re: the gutter.

    Yes, Henry, that’s what it is.

    Within my self-chosen private environment of the past decades, the word “scientist” was a kind of a four-letter-word. “A scientist?!” my friends always cried out, “You’re sure that he’s capable of thinking properly?”

    Thus I’m always incredulous when I hear or read of the very rare exceptions like you, Rebecca Culshaw, the Perthies, Peter Duesberg — just to mention a few.

    I wasn’t surprised at all, when in January 2008 I discovered the reality of the full-blown gutter that is the AIDS-industry. I was just surprised, that I hadn’t discovered it earlier and became considerably angry, because everybody had lied to me for decades.

    But AIDS had never been a topic on my agenda. I knew from my own experience, that AIDS can by no means be a contagious and/or sexually transmitted disease. If it was that way, I would have spent the past twenty or more years three feet down under, that’s for sure — given the colorful lifestyle of my younger and not so younger years of my life. But I never used drugs, be they illegal or legally sold by pharmacies.

    Only twice did I have to drug myself with antibiotics, the first of these occasions happened in Kenya because of a real STD. The side-effects were ugly and long-lasting. I would advise people to use condoms because of the antibiotics which sometimes follow uncondomized sex.

    When I discovered the AIDS-gutter last year, I knew within minutes how to find truthful information, whom to trust and whom to reject fiercely.

    When the truth is on your side, you don’t have to cumulate invented numbers over decades (in “normal” life that’s only been done during wars to count the bodies of the enemy to show them who’s stronger), you don’t have to exaggerate or invent or estimate numbers, you don’t have to shout, you don’t have to launch ad-hominem-attacks galore, you don’t have to use four-letter-words, you don’t have to clench your teeth to avoid the slightest sign of humor, you don’t have to deceive anybody, you don’t have to suppress information galore, you don’t have to use criminal tactics, you don’t have to ACT UP.

    ACTING UP is a behavior of the lemmings, who refuse to leave anybody behind them when they head-over-heels jump into death collectively.

    When the truth is on your side, you just sit down and relax and tell people the truth peacefully and calmly, thereby showing them that you own something that resembles a heart.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Sabine: Very nicely put.

      “When the truth is on your side, you just sit down and relax and tell people the truth peacefully and calmly, thereby showing them that you own something that resembles a heart” — and also a properly functioning brain.

  11. Hi Henry and Hope you have been well.

    I was waliking in the bush unaware that there was a big spider web. it was situated in a way that it would cover my face up to my ankles , its strong one in deed. it was the hardest thin line i ever had to break in my life, imagine a sting of spider web sut so strong as a string made of leatther, being thin dies not make it any easier to break.

    what is mean here is that on the 29/12/2010 i got shingles, from my spinal nerve the same one that the mri showed to be having a problem. i went to the hospital, good for me and worse for me. All the people who went it took a while, but i was done in less that three minutes why? “it is evident onnie that now you are in stege 3 on aids and you need to re do all cd4 and vld’s to go back on treatment on arv’s, you see now defaulting is dead worse, you may now be having a resistant virus”. Thta was very “kind and warming words to hear on top of the pain from shingles, do’t you think? I a bisy breaking off every little tangle of the web that has tangled me up. I said to the Dr. you know Dr, i did not wake up one day and say i am not taking arv any more, it took me a while put all the puzzle pieces together, and if i were a vitor in my own body i would agree that i need arv, but i ant, i ma the witness to the emotional distress, the poor nutrition i have had for a while but mainly the emotional distress is the cause of this. I said to him lets deal with this shingles as its was dealt with before 1983 when the hiv and aids story came out, can we? he said “Onnie you seem to be smart but are very foolish towards your own body, aids is going to kill you and as you know hiv and aids have no medicine”. I replied, if i was the one who read about side effects of arv’s and not the one who actually felt them i would celebrate that you would be helping me, but rather i am one who went through the side effects for eight years and a lovely rising cd4 and an undetectable viral load due to the religious intake of the arv,+ i got in to five changes, so thatnk you but no thank you”. He insisted on cd4 blood work and i said you are the ones who say after a viral infection like shingles the cd4 will be low, so why dont we wait for a while even 6 months abd he said i doubt if you will make it in to six months. saying this is like a web it is the main topic of discussion and i said, you know since i do have emotional distress and some stress think a psychologist may help me iron out what is in my mind rather than i worsen it with my evident fear of side effects for arv’s. well i am now 3 visits with the therapists and he is smart not to make taking arv the subject of my therapy as it will indeed fail and i would then go to a priest for counselling.

    this web i very strong, it is made of fear, threats, inconsidarate scaring of a patient and its ai a fast lane to the grave. i dont like speeding to the grave and thus i still maintain that i am better of with herbals and straingtherning my head out than arv. I am well informed to look back and know where i fell off the boat, and re tracking to right my diet, get some out door life for sunshine and try my level best not to melt down in my heart for emotional distress i know for a fact that all is well.

    i am no expert but when it come to my body, i am , to some one else i am just a lay woman with pure klnowledge that ” My Body will pick it self up again from tha mud as long as it get the correct aids to do so. in this instance i do need the aids to get back to my own self, but not the one the say is from hiv but the one that is just like a hearing aid – it aids you to hear.

    The shingles was a great whip and it was a reminder that the mind and body are linked too much that one can speak for the other when its neglected.

  12. Noreen Martin said

    I couldn’t agree more with Onnie Mary Moyo Phuthe on not taking the meds and on health. Interesting, I learned that I was dying from AIDS, this is news to me. Although my so-called viral load is over 2 million and CD4’s are 58, two useless tests, my blood work is perfect and I have no clinical symptoms! The doctors of course have no logical explanation for me!

    When asked why do I see the doctor, well, I do like mine. Although we don’t see eye to eye about AIDS. I like to show him that I am still here and am doing quite well without his drugs. Also, I pass out cards to everyone that I meet, as they can’t believe that I have/had AIDS. I never miss an opportunity to tell the world about this fiasco.

    My philosophy is simple, like Dr. McCoy stated on Star Trek, eat right and exercise. Plus, throw in some supplements and above all, keep one’s head screwed on straight in regards to all of this and one will survive quite nicely!

  13. Onnie Mary Phuthe said

    Sometimes we get to get a chance to fix a mistake or repeat it. At this point right now, I wonder if I am counted as wanting to live or choosing death by not going back to pills. the regimen in my shelve is this one. I decided in October 07 2014 that I will stick with the Oleander Mixture that I was using after stopping Arv in 2009.

    I have huge emotional distress and social stresses and I knew if I did use Arv I would not be addressing the core problem at hand.I quit going for blood works not because I don’t thing they are important, but because I get pinned down psychologically in to an ultimatum of pills or death. I can not allow myself to be under AIDS Pressure any longer, I am not on Strike but I ma staying away from all medical Aids tests because what ever I have left within gets shoveled out too fast by the was the system does in counseling – which by my standards is pure drug adherence only and it as little to do with the psychosocial part of my life.

    So far, I am at this momenT regretting at least one thing already, after effects of using Cotrimatazole antibiotic – I think if I was not on the herbs the Oleander Mix I would be dust by now. I got the worst skin reaction ever like I had some for chicken pox or something, very very itchy. Gilles St- Piere

    The most disturbing thing with I have witnessed is that about 8 of the people I know who went on Arv last year at about the same time I took a script filling home with me are dead. this really make s me depressed and sad. I wonder if I have put the pills in my blood would I be dead too? My first refill lies in the shelve, If took if only under duress and explained to the doctor i was as good as accepting a rope to hang myself. I am sure he was smart to know I would fail 0% in the adherence section.

    I really really really wish this very way I ma choosing to spend my life is not a picture of death painted by the medics, I really and honestly am Afraid of ARV due to past experience.


    Look at this study

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