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Official Italian data: no causal connection between HIV and AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/07/12

A remarkable coup has just transpired in publishing serious questions about HIV/AIDS in a mainstream journal. A press release describes the article concerned, which is currently in press at Medical Hypotheses (though already available on-line to subscribers). Here is the original press release for those who can read Italian (click on it to get full size), followed by an English translation.


Relationship between HIV infection and AIDS

An article published by researchers in Florence on “Medical Hypotheses”

The relationship between HIV infection and the syndrome of AIDS may be more distant than
currently believed, and not one of cause-and-effect. This view has influential supporters
in the international scientific community, first of all Peter H. Duesberg, professor of
molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley, but also the 1993  Nobel
Laureate in chemistry, Kary B. Mullis, as well as Henry H. Bauer, professor emeritus of
chemistry and science studies at Virginia Tech.

That view is further supported by a group of researchers at the University of Florence,
coordinated by Marco Ruggiero, professor of molecular biology at the Faculty of
Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, who have published in the journal “Medical
Hypotheses” an analysis of epidemiological data and official regulations.

There are many unresolved problems with regard to AIDS, such as producing a vaccine or a
truly effective therapy. The greatest mystery concerns the pathogenesis of the disease,
and there are widely differing opinions over this among scientists.

“Our work is based on epidemiological data from the Italian Ministry of Health and the
Institute of Health”, says Ruggiero. These reveal a disconnect between infection by the
retrovirus (HIV) and the syndrome defined as AIDS. In fact, the statistics recorded by
the Ministry of Health show that AIDS may be diagnosed in the absence of signs of
infection by HIV; but if a disease can exist in the absence of a particular agent, then
that agent is hardly the disease’s cause.

Ruggiero adds that data from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Institute of Health) also show that more than one quarter of the cases of neonatal AIDS are not attributable to vertical (i.e.
mother-to-child) transmission of the putatively causal virus.

In summary, we conclude that the Ministry of Health acknowledges at least implicitly that
HIV is not the only cause of AIDS. That interpretation, based on official data and
documents, could of course be wrong, admitted Ruggiero, which is why they had asked the
Ministry to comment.

The team, composed of biologists and physicians from the Department of Experimental
Pathology and Oncology and Department of Anatomy, Histology and Forensic Medicine,
includes also a new graduate, Matthew Prayer Galletti, whose thesis degree in Biological
Sciences focused on this work.

Medical Hypotheses, M. Ruggiero, M. Prayer Galletti, S. Pacini, T. Punzi, G. Morucci, M.
Gulisano, “AIDS denialism at the ministry of health” (doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2009.06.002)

The news was reported by Marco Ruggiero, Department of Pathology and Experimental
Oncology, marco.ruggiero @

23 Responses to “Official Italian data: no causal connection between HIV and AIDS”

  1. Philip said

    I can almost hear some people starting to say, “But it wasn’t published in Lancet or Nature or JAMA — surely we cannot take it too seriously!” Yet at the same time, people forget that similar letters were rejected by the aforementioned journals, among others. Oh when will the dog catch up with his tail and bite himself silly?

  2. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer,

    AIDS has always been a case of the tail wagging the dog where government officials declared and defined what was AIDS and what caused AIDS. The evidence was brought to the official priests of AIDS and was ignored because it didn’t fit the plan.
    (Sounds a lot like Harry Markopolous presenting the Madoff Ponzi scheme to the SEC which was ignored because his data conflicted with their reverence for Bernard L. Madoff. Markopolous claimed that the SEC was incompetent in financial analysis but they could have hired a specialist if necessary to verify what Markopolous had presented. But they didn’t. I would not let the SEC off the hook like Markopolous did — after all, how can you blame someone who was dumb? Instead I hold the SEC responsible because of criminal negligence.)
    In the same vein, the AIDS establishment is criminally negligent as well when Duesberg, in Markopolous fashion, pointed out the fraud in 1987. Duesberg will eventually be a hero, like Harry Markopolous is now.

    I laud what the Italians did — they looked analytically at the actual data without the HIV-colored glasses, and concluded what many before them (like you, Dr. Bauer) had already said. Thabo Mbeki also tried this as well — look how far it got him. I’m just waiting for the brown stuff to hit the fan — I’m sure the American AIDS establishment will severely condemn the study.

  3. Dave said


    Yes, they will say that. To which you respond, “What is the published data that shows an AIDS epidemic in Europe?”

    Look up the numbers — they are beyond paltry. It’s as if they don’t have sex in Europe or wear triple-super duper condoms.

    There is virtually NO AIDS in Europe.

    Let’s take Italy:

    Here, we see “estimates” of 1,000 deaths per year — in a country of 58 Million. Something wrong with that picture, no?

  4. Paul said

    As this is my first comment here, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and give my AIDS-“denialism” background. I heard Prof. Duesberg’s speech at the Property and Freedom Society meeting this May (you can see the video here: and slides here: and was very impressed with his presentation. I did not look more deeply into the subject until few weeks later when I read article in local press about the first HIV positive (1989) in Estonia. The man is healthy and doing fine after 20 years. It was not understood from the article if he was on medication or not, but I got a sense that he was either off meds or did it only occasionally for a short periods. That sparked my interest and I started reading more about the issue and spent last few weeks on that.


    Don’t take these numbers from Index Mundi seriously, they are too round to be true. I’m from Estonia and the Index Mundi site says that we should have had 1300 AIDS deaths since 2001. But the latest of the regularly announced press releases about the HIV and AIDS diagnoses says that Estonia has had only 265 AIDS diagnoses in total over the years. The numbers of deaths are not reported in the press release.

    I did quick Google search for AIDS statistics and found a PDF file which quoted another astounding fact — in 2007 there was 91 births to HIV+ women. Only 2 of the children were also HIV+. It was not said if they took medications or not.

    I will contact a journalist I know and ask him to look into the AIDS subject here in Estonia. As it is elsewhere, the statistics do not add up.

    • Henry Bauer said

      Paul: Many thanks for these interesting facts. I will be very interested in any other pertinent data you can find.

    • Dave said


      Yes, the numbers are indeed suspect as you point out (rounded to 1000 for each year!), but the point still stands — there is virtually no AIDS in Europe. They have to write some numbers, any numbers!

      More importantly, though, there NEVER was AIDS in Europe. This disables the AIDS establishment from claiming that they “solved the problem,” with massive doses of toxic drugs. In truth, there never was a “problem” to begin with. There was only really bad, unreliable “HIV” antibody tests, which react with a melange of non-specific proteins, probably mostly cellular proteins. Of course, the hysterical health bureaucrats fanned the flames to get more government money and push the issue.

      Are people dying in the streets of Estonia? Have you guys sworn off sex, and imprisoned all homosexuals? I tend think not, and, again, virtually no AIDS.

  5. Gabriel said

    First of all I want to express my compliments to Dr. Bauer for the great site he is keeping on. I got interested in this “HIV” hoax for a quite while now, but really got in depth to it only recently.

    Since I’m living in Italy, I hope I can add a little on this article. When I first saw it, I researched some of the national newspapers in the hope that they would in some way, even briefly, publish this story, since they are always so vastly proud when Italian researchers move into something. But as I expected: nothing, not a word!

    Actually in our country people and media are talking less and less about the “HIV” problem. It’s almost like it really doesn’t exist any more. Of course there is always some organization or doctor in the media who from time to time reminds you about it, and people in countless Internet forums being scared they might have caught “HIV” in the most absurd ways. But my point is that it’s really nothing compared to my teenage days (we are talking only about 10/12 years ago) where you where literally freaked out by media, school and whatever. In that way my generation (those born in the 80s) might really be the last that had been overly afraid about AIDS.

    I think that we are actually assisting at what many of the “denialists” predicted: this whole “HIV” thing is slowly imploding, with people forgetting about it. It will take perhaps many more years to finally put the word “end” on it, but I think that’s the actual direction it’s taking. I don’t think, as much as I would like to, there will be ever a day where we can see AIDA Inc. paying for all those lives lost for this nonsense, it will all rather more likely end as a “bad dream”, in my opinion.

  6. mo79uk said

    Regarding this article is it possible that women are more likely to test positive than men just as blacks are more than whites?
    I understand pregnancy can create a positive result which must contribute a significant percentage to their findings.

    I agree with Gabriel that with the advent of the Internet, my age group (80’s children) will probably have been the last generation to swallow the dogma wholesale given it’s almost unquestioned peak within the first 20yrs.
    Unfortunately I think it will be a very long time, before this house crumbles as there seems no let up in searching for ‘the cure’ and still very little in examining the initial hypothesis.

    • Henry Bauer said


      In USA data, extensively analyzed in my book, female “HIV” rates are always lower than male WITHIN A GIVEN RACIAL GROUP, by a factor of 2 or 3. However, pregnancy does tend to induce “HIV+” status.

      The original article mentioned in that news item is doi:10.1038/nm.2004, advance online publication, Nature Medicine, “Sex differences in the Toll-like receptor–mediated response of plasmacytoid dendritic cells to HIV-1” by
      Angela Meier1,8, J Judy Chang1,8, Ellen S Chan2, Richard B Pollard3, Harlyn K Sidhu1, Smita Kulkarni4, Tom Fang Wen1, Robert J Lindsay1, Liliana Orellana2, Donna Mildvan5, Suzane Bazner1,6, Hendrik Streeck1, Galit Alter1, Jeffrey D Lifson7, Mary Carrington4, Ronald J Bosch2, Gregory K Robbins6 & Marcus Altfeld1,6
      Abstract: “Manifestations of viral infections can differ between women and men1, and marked sex differences have been described in the
      course of HIV-1 disease. HIV-1–infected women tend to have lower viral loads early in HIV-1 infection but progress faster to AIDS for a given viral load than men2–7. Here we show substantial sex differences in the response of plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) to HIV-1. pDCs derived from women produce markedly more interferon-a (IFN-a) in response to HIV-1–encoded Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) ligands than pDCs derived from men, resulting in stronger secondary activation of CD8+ T cells. In line with these in vitro studies, treatment-naive women chronically infected with HIV-1 had considerably higher levels of CD8+ T cell activation than men after adjusting for viral load. These data show that sex differences in TLR-mediated activation of pDCs may account for higher immune activation in women compared to men at a given HIV-1 viral load and provide a mechanism by which the same level of viral replication might result in faster HIV-1 disease progression in women compared to men. Modulation of the TLR7 pathway in pDCs may therefore represent a new approach to reduce HIV-1–associated pathology.”

      To my mind, this says really nothing more than that immune systems are different in men and in women.

      “HIV+” means that SOMETHING has activated the immune system — quite non-specifically, since it might be flu vaccination, tetanus shot, pregnancy, TB, trauma…. so you can expect to find some differences between “HIV+” men and “HIV+” women

      The citation of references 2-7 is an instance of “cherry-picking”. Other articles have found no correlation between viral load and clinical progression, so the assumption that leads to the conclusion, progression faster at a given level of viral load or viral replication, is unwarranted and the conclusion itself is therefore invalid. For example, the NIH Treatment Guidelines distinguish virologic failure from clinical progression, acknowledging that there is no general correlation between viral load and disease progression.
      Furthermore, there are umpteen different characteristics and types of cells in the immune system, making it likely that one will be able to find one or another correlating with just about anything in some experiment or other.

  7. MacDonald said

    I’m just waiting for the brown stuff to hit the fan — I’m sure the American AIDS establishment will severely condemn the study. (Martin)

    Martin, you’re too modest in your assessment. The appropriate response is obviously to kill the messenger:

    I have to say that the only conclusion to draw is that the Ruggiero paper is crap. And Medical Hypotheses is an eyesore for Elsevier. I am having our University Librarian ask to have it removed from the Elsevier Bundle…which will essentially kill the journal. I urge others to do the same. (Kalichman)

    There is of course no indication that Kalichman has actually read, fact-checked or even understood the paper or the premise on which it is based. That is why he needs to conclude indirectly that it must be “crap”, and that targeted assassination of Medical Hypotheses is now a moral imperative. Maybe he should get in touch with Dick Cheney about that.

    Kalichman and his groupies express frustration that a “real scientist” like Ruggiero could embrace denialism. Kalichman speculates that it must be due to a traumatic event in Ruggiero’s past, but Occam’s Razor says we needn’t go looking for motives that far afield. Has it not occurred to Kalichman that Germany and Italy were allies in WWII; what need then of further explanation? (Comment No 34)

  8. Joseph C Newton II said

    Nice try, but Ruggiero wasn’t “born during the Nazi era”.

    • Martin said

      Seth Kalichman said:
      Nice try, but Ruggiero wasn’t “born during the Nazi era”.”

      Nice try, Seth K. We already know who you are. BTW, the reference MacDonald was making was not any connection of Ruggiero having been born at that time (though he may have been), but then psychoquacks like Kalichman can’t read or comprehend the English language anyway, instead they reinterpret it through their obscuring lenses.

    • MacDonald said

      OK, but how about the neo-Nazi era, Joe?

      I know it’s not quite the same, but a (Medical?) Hypothesis as brillantly conceived as yours is easily rich enough to accomodate some cut heels, clipped toes and a spoonful of ad hockery.

      BTW, I was under the impression that you don’t have time to read this blog. Isn’t that why you urged Prof. Bauer to “just let go” of his obsession with you, ignorant of the fact that you and your tenured alter ego haven’t starred in a blog here since June 7?

      [By the way, I am nominating Henry Bauer to serve as a case example for the new psychiatric condition under consideration post-traumatic embitterment disorder where “People who feel they have been wronged by someone and are so bitter they can barely function other than to ruminate about their circumstances”. Sorry Henry, but you have to just let it go!] (Joe Kalichman II)

      Now that you are here, Joe, tell me is it a sublime form of self-irony that causes you to claim that Prof. Bauer can’t let go of you in a blog post and Comment string where you personally mention his name 8 times, Nessie/monster 3 times and Ufology 1 time?

      Are you aware that Bauer’s slot in the right-side bar on your blog is almost double the size of anybody else’s, including Duesberg’s, complete with extensive quotes, regular updates and a slideshow displaying images of Prof. Bauer, Nessie, UFOs and aliens?

      Are you also aware that just below the slot dedicated exclusively to Prof. Bauer you have another slot, dedicated to “denialists” in general with another slide show featuring 3 more pictures of Prof. Bauer?

      Are you aware that among your listed favourite blogs 2 are dedicated solely to ridiculing and slandering Prof. Bauer?

      Are you aware that it’s barely possible to find a blog post or comment from you anywhere on the Internet that doesn’t contain an allusion to Prof. Bauer, unless you’re specifically going after someone else, like David Crowe and his “breast massage”, or remote diagnosing other Rethinkers, after the manner of your very professional assessment of Peter Duesberg:

      Yes, Peter and I have a special relationship. He is quite the guy. Shows every sign of frontal lobe damage… confrontational, impulsive, socially and sexually inappropriate. Peter is blast!?

      Inappropriate indeed, but I guess the irony is lost on you once more. What I want to know is where is Mrs. Kalichman in this business about breast massage and sexual inappropriateness? Why is she neglecting a Good Wife’s first duty, which is to blow her husband’s bubble before he makes an ass of himself in public?

      Speaking of which, we are all eagerly awaiting your comprehensive critique of the Ruggiero student paper with your own name and affiliation attached.


      MacD (Spec. Update & Comment no 22, 31)

      • Henry Bauer said

        MacDonald, and also Martin:
        This pseudonym business is getting out of hand. Is JCN II still Kalichman, or is he Snout?
        We also received a Comment from “the real Fulano de Tal”, with whom I had exchanged some private correspondence. It ended after I challenged him to address the central issue, the proof that HIV causes AIDS. He had also promised to reveal his identity and then reneged on his promise. So his latest submission doesn’t get published here.
        I also didn’t post a Comment from Snout, in which he said, “While I would be delighted to outline for your readers my own answer to your question on the causative relationship between HIV and AIDS: ‘How did you come to believe that? What convinced you?’ it is difficult to treat such a ‘question’ as other than for your own rhetorical purposes rather than a genuine seeking of viewpoints other than your own. ”
        I sent him a personal e-mail saying, “Please do”.
        He responded, “Is that a bona fide invitation? Or would I simply be wasting my time submitting such a piece for your readers, only for it to disappear through your use of the “delete” key?”
        which I didn’t deign to answer. When I say “please do”, I mean it, and no one has any basis in my past behavior or character to question whether it’s bona fide. I do not, as Snout and Kalichman do, attribute dishonesty and worse to people who happen to hold different opinions about something; and I don’t engage in name-calling, as they do.

        As to monitoring my blog, innumerable indications are that Kalichman, Snout et al. keep a close eye on this one. The Italian post has increased the visit rate by about 75% for 4 consecutive days already.

      • SkepticThough said

        One question, though, Henry, if the Italian Ministry of Health does not keep statistics on HIV due to privacy considerations, how can any researcher then make an analysis and conclude that there is no correlation between HIV and AIDS?

      • Henry Bauer said

        We have to wait until the full article is available

      • MacDonald said


        I think your question captures neatly the essence of Fulano de Tal’s (Snout) and Chris Noble’s critique of the paper.

        De Tal excerpt:

        What little data, and even littler analysis, appears in the paper, provides no challenge to current knowledge about HIV. To take the “finding” highlighted in the press release, we find only that in data from the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanitá) 25% of pediatric cases of AIDS are coded as due to “other causes/not determined.” Of all the reasons the source of the infection could be missing — lack of access to the mother for testing, no consent given by the mother, bad recordkeeping — the authors make the unjustified leap of concluding that “One fourth of paediatric AIDS cases in Italy is not due to vertical transmission.”

        Noble excerpt:

        As with the bulk of the paper the major problems are logical fallacies.
        Other/not determined does not mean non-transmissable or non-viral. The same logical fallacy is seen in a field that Henry Bauer is more familiar with. Unidentified flying object does not logically correspond to alien spaceship. Unidentified dose not mean that there isn’t a simple non-alien explanation only that not enough information is available. Likewise “not determined” does not mean that the child did not acquire HIV from its mother

        But, and this goes to your question as well, are the authors really making this unwarranted leap of logic? I don’t know the exact wording in the paper, but Ruggerio states in the press release:

        “if the data and the definitions provided for by the Italian Ministry of Health are accurate and consistent, and assuming that the Ministry always uses the acronym ‘AIDS’ to indicate the same pathologic entity (in this life/death matter, sloppiness and/or confusion would not be tolerable), then we are forced to conclude that the Ministry is convinced that HIV is not the sole cause of AIDS in Italy.”

        There’s a subtle and very important distinction between jumping to conclusions about the causal relationship between HIV and AIDS and concluding that the authorities behave as if they don’t believe it.

        The paper, as I understand it, is polemical; a challenge to take another good look at things that appear sloppy, presumptuous and/or contradictory.

        Ruggerio does not conclude in any of the quotes I have seen that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. On the contrary, he continues:

        “This hypothesis of ours is easily refutable by the Ministry by implementing the following points:

        1. Clearly state in an official document with legal value, that no diagnosis of AIDS can be made without confirmed HIV infection, and withdraw the definitions listed in the circular No. 9 of 29th April, 1994

        2. Enforce obligation of notification of new HIV infections to referring physicians and Health Authorities.

        3. Establish a coherent national registry of new HIV infection.

        4. Classify AIDS among relevant infective diseases that are susceptible of control interventions.

        5. Give an explanation for those pediatric AIDS cases not imputable to mother–son transmission”

        It’s as simple as that, Ruggerio asks for an account of the missing data and the contradictions inherent in official policies. Nothing about, “this proves that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS”.

        There is a deeper level to this (sneaky guy, Ruggerio is): If a supposedly pathological agent or condition do not live up to the scientific and media hype surrounding them, i. e. the theory is flawed and contradictory, one can expect that official policy in theory and practice will begin to reflect those same contradictions over time, regardless of the beliefs of individual officials. Hence, acounting for contradictions in official policy is almost guaranteed to lead to questions about underlying scientific theory.

        Of course the Italian government believes in HIV causation; the uncomfortable question is, why does policy and policy implementation give the lie to that belief?

        Our clever, but Oh-so-easily!-baited friends over at Kalichman’s are swallowing hook, line and sinker as usual by their knee-jerk defensive posturing, summed up as “this doesn’t disprove HIV theory”, and “how can we shut them up?” The first point is not relevant in the least to the thrust of Ruggerio’s challenge, and the second simply shows they are terrified.

        Kalichman’s reaction is as usual way off the reservation. Note that initially he falls for Ruggerio’s gambit. He actually entertains the idea that the Italian government might contain significant denialist elements, and that it should “clarify its position” to prevent the end of civilisation as we know it:

        There are serious implications should the Italian Health Ministry not refute Ruggiero et al.’s hypothesis. AIDS Deniers could easily exploit the Italian Government’s missteps just as they did in South Africa. Watch for an emergence of pseudoscience, natural remedies, Vitamin cures, and other classic denialist escapades. AIDS Deniers could use the confusion to sue pharmaceutical companies, challenge HIV testing, and launch legal defenses for people who knowingly infect others with HIV. Hopefully Italy’s Health Ministry will openly reject AIDS Denial and clarify its position. (Kalichman)

        Snout, who usually claims that he is a lone wolf and not interested in fraternising with (other) AIDStruthers, is seen scrambling for the coop in anticipation of the imminent “onslaught”. By the time he is halfway through his alarmist assessment, he has worked himself into a state of sheer panic:

        “This new paper is very worrying, Seth. Unlike the current group at Rethinking AIDS who are to a man cranks, kooks and charlatans, Prof Ruggiero is a first rate intellect with an established reputation in cell biology. He would lend them considerable unwarranted credibility and would be a major shot in the arm to the flagging and ageing denialist movement. I notice that Henry Bauer is already Croweing about the coup.
        The editors and peer reviewers of Medical Hypotheses clearly recognised what a bombshell his paper is when they approved it for publication the same day it was received. This has clearly been brewing for a while, and we need to get prepared for the onslaught.
        Worse, he is an influential teacher in Florence, and is giving one of the key presentations at the Rethinking AIDS conference.
        I hope the Italian authorities act quickly to address his points and shut him up. (Snout)

  9. onecleverkid said

    “Kalichman and his groupies express frustration that a “real scientist” like Ruggiero could embrace denialism.” I don’t think frustration is the right term. They absolutely cannot understand how such a thing can happen because they absolutely cannot imagine a world without HIV. What on earth would Kalichman do all day long if they took his precious HIV away from him? Well, he could always catch up on his important Cancer denialism work.

  10. Sabine Kalitzkus said

    Please don’t you worry any longer and please rest assured that we do have sex in Europe — in fact a lot of it.
    And we usually don’t use “triple-super duper condoms”, we passionately prefer not to use condoms at all, as is proved by the official statistics for Germany.
    In 2001 they changed the law. Now laboratories are obliged to report new syphilis-cases to the Robert-Koch-Institut, the German sibling of the CDC. Thus the numbers jumped from 1,697 in 2001 to 3,352 new syphilis-infections in 2004. Since then the numbers range from 3,000 to 3,500 new cases a year.
    For the whole of Germany the syphilis-incidence is at 3.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Berlin has the highest rate with 16.8 cases, Hamburg with 7.5 cases per 100,000 is second.
    Let me now refute your claim that “there is virtually NO AIDS in Europe” (we are already industrialized, very well educated and sophisticated).
    In the European Union (25 countries) the number of people who officially died from “HIV-disease” are:
    1999: 1.4
    2000: 1.2
    2001: 1.2
    … cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Sorry, but I couldn’t find newer numbers.
    In Germany people died from “HIV-disease” as well:
    1998 – 1999: 0.7 deaths per 100,000
    2000 – 2004: 0.6 deaths per 100,000
    The numbers for Portugal are shocking: They range from 10.8 in 1996 to 8.1 in 2004.
    “Index mundi” doubled the real cases to get their estimates. The real numbers of individuals who officially died from this particular disease in Germany are:
    1990: 1,301
    1995: 2,045
    1996: 1,583
    1997: 814
    1998: 596
    1999: 587
    2000: 580
    2001: 543
    2002: 518
    2003: 507
    2004: 507
    2005: 491
    2006: 504
    2007: 461 (373 men, 88 women)
    Germany has a population of 82 million. In 2007 358,683 individuals died from problems of the cardiovascular system.

    Seth, Joseph C. I & II, Snouty:
    Just the other day a friend of mine approached me with the rumors, that Hitler and Mussolini were lovers. He went on telling me, that the favorite hanky-code color of those two sweethearts was … yes … brown. I told my friend of the well documented fact, that Hitler used to engage himself in this caviar- and golden-rain-business not with Mussolini but with several German actresses.
    I was just about to kick this former friend of mine out of my house (I don’t like liars), when he pushed his foot into the door to force me to listen to another lie. He told me, that it has been scientifically proven, that a thoroughly practised blow-job could cure you from almost all signs of frontal lobe damage. But for this kind of cure to be effective the assistant should be male, because — my former friend explained — a woman cannot know what a man is feeling during this procedure, because she could never experience these feelings herself.
    And, Seth, perhaps you should simply accept the fact (though it certainly must be very painful for you) that Henry Bauer is married and that he is not gay. But I must confess, that I admire your strategy to seduce him thoughout the Internet. Yours is the most unique pick-up-strategy I ever came across. Congratulations!

  11. Nick Naylor said

    I say let’s give thanks and wish God’s blessings on Kalichman, Snout, Newton, etc. for showing all critical thinkers their true colors in such a stark way via their latest hysterical reactions to Ruggerio et al.

    Does Kalichman know ANYTHING about retroviruses? The clinical definition of AIDS? Can he comprehend the most simple reviews of these subjects?

    This will be a major turning point for interested onlookers, I predict. Henceforward, anyone who takes THEM seriously won’t be taken seriosly.

  12. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    Please accept my apologies for misusing your esteemed blog to answer somebody who lamented elsewhere. However, privacy policy and politeness command not to interfere with soliloquies. As the esteemed addressee of this reply is one of the most devoted readers of your esteemed blog, we can be sure that he will show up here in no time.

    “Snouty”, “Fulano de Tal”, “Köpek Burun” et al.:

    Snouty, my dear, did you know that you made me very happy? I never expected myself to be capable of making an adult, tough, gay man blush by doing nothing more spectacular than mentioning the hanky code in my comment #10 above. Obviously there are unknown abilities hiding in me. You are right, I should dig them all out now. They were hiding for too long…

    I understand that it was the above mentioned color which made you blush, so I apologize for this. I thought about this problem for some time, so I think paisley suits you more than… Though I’m not sure whether the hanky should be worn on the left or on the right, considering your devoted submission to authoritative dogma, I would recommend the right hand side for you.

    “I’m sorry to dirty your site again with this truly disgusting quote (you probably don’t know what the brown hanky refers to, or ”caviar and golden rain,” so you are fortunately spared the full depth of ”Ms. Kalitzkus’s” depravity).”

    I’m honestly surprised to listen to a gay man who — in the 21st century! — marks the hanky code and parts thereof as “dirty” and “disgusting”. Sorry, Snouty, I can’t take you seriously on that.

    I admit to have committed an ad hominem attack in my comment above. There were even two of them — one against Hitler, the other one against Mussolini. So what?

    The rest was – come on, Snouty, you can’t have missed it — a fairytale! I’m not in the habit of kicking my friends out of the house, why should I? I invented this friend just to please you – and your esteemed friend Kalichman of course.

    And now, my dear Snouty, let us talk seriously. In one of your many blogs you said:

    “As ”exhibit A” I include, while blushing, the following quote from someone calling themselves Sabine Kalitzkus:”

    Snouty, darling, I understand that it is very difficult for someone who has many identities at their disposal, to even imagine somebody who has nothing to hide to show their real identity. It might disappoint you, but it was my parents who gave me the name that confuses you, it wasn’t me, though I think my parents have well chosen. I like my name.

    Should you have any more problems with me and/or my name, behave like a man and discuss matters with me! There’s no need to ask Henry to “reveal” my identity. This is my identity – believe it or not.

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