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African politician has brilliant idea to stop HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/05/27

“Debate over branding HIV positive
From correspondents in Johannesburg | May 27, 2009
Article from:  Agence France-Presse

SWAZI residents were asked overnight to debate a politician’s call for HIV positive citizens to be branded on the buttocks, which has sparked an uproar in the small mountain kingdom.

The Times of Swaziland asked for feedback on best ways to combat HIV and rights to freedom of speech after Timothy Myeni told fellow politicians that all Swazis should be tested for HIV and their backsides marked if infected.

‘I have a solution to this virus. The solution will come from a law that will make it compulsory to test for HIV. Once you test positive, you should be branded on the buttocks,’ the member of parliament said last week.

‘Before having sex with anyone, people will then check the buttocks of their partners before proceeding with their mission,’ the newspaper reported him saying.
. . . .
Mr Miyeni, who leads a popular gospel group, has stuck to his call for compulsory HIV testing but apologised for the buttocks branding suggestion.

‘I am very sorry for saying HIV positive people should be branded, I did not know it would turn out like this. I have seen that the suggestion was very offensive and many think I was discriminating, so I withdraw my statement,’ he said last week.”

Maybe the Treatment Action Group in South Africa will criticize former President Mbeki not only for not feeding poisons to HIV-positive people but also for not thinking of this terrific idea for stopping the spread of HIV once and for all.

8 Responses to “African politician has brilliant idea to stop HIV”

  1. Sabine Kalitzkus said

    Yes. That’s what I was talking about in my previous comment. Decades ago they didn’t burn buttocks, they used the yellow star to brand people as not being human beings.

  2. Martin said

    Hi Dr. Bauer, That was hilarious. Those South Africans really have a gift for farce. Oops! It really wasn’t. I think the idea failed not because of the HIV status but because of the branding on the ass. That would have implied that the “infected” was homosexual. That’s the worst! Remember W F Buckley who wanted to have HIV-positives branded as well with the the phrase: “Abandon all hope all ye who enter here”. If Buckley had been really smart, he would have been a Rethinker.

    • Dave said

      Hi Martin,

      I wrote to Buckley about 10 years ago, noting that 2 regular contributors (Bethell and Johnson) to his right-wing magazine, National Review, had unraveled the AIDS farce and that he needed to get on board, since this was the biggest public-health scandal imaginable.

      He wrote some nice comments about Duesberg, but maintained the party line, without much analysis. I should dig up that letter.

  3. mo79uk said

    “It is instead suggested that a ‘purposeful but not coercive policy of HIV testing’ for all men and women aged 15 to 59 years should be introduced.”
    Oh dear.

    • Henry Bauer said


      What I find appalling in that piece is

      “A new report has described the number of undiagnosed people with HIV as ‘appalling’. Recent figures show there are an estimated 77,000 people living with HIV in the UK, of which 21,000 do not know they have the disease.”

      First they use an algorithm to ESTIMATE, then they GUESS how many are not diagnosed.

      This “undiagnosed” business has been going on for two decades. Why haven’t they been dying in hordes? The numbers are even more ridiculous in the USA — about 250,000 “undiagnosed HIV+” since the late 1980s!

      • mo79uk said

        I have to admit I initially missed the estimate/guess paragraph, as perhaps would a lot of people who casually read such articles.

        And yes, the very heavy AIDS campaigns of the ’80s (which resulted in the same style of TV/radio ads and posted leaflets concerned with swine flu now) definitely didn’t correlate with the so-called impending local epidemic of doom. The same at-risk groups are dying of the same diseases. Or, not even always dying as they ‘apparently’ should.

        I guess we’ll get our ‘epidemic’ if such widespread testing is implemented, and perhaps eventually becomes strongly recommended for so-called at-risk ethnic/sexual groups and generally unwell people.

      • Henry Bauer said


        Yes. More and more of the “epidemics” of HIV/AIDS outside Africa are epidemics of “testing”.

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