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Are some antiretroviral drugs addictive?

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/05/25

A little while ago there were reports that Africans were smoking antiretroviral drugs, as though that offered “highs” and could be addictive.

Clark Baker has written a fascinating discussion with evidence that Sustiva a.k.a. Efavirenz might indeed be addictive:

3 Responses to “Are some antiretroviral drugs addictive?”

  1. Sabine Kalitzkus said


    This “HIV-disease” certainly is the very best invention in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.

    To camouflage the addictive properties of their products, they aggressively propagate the necessity of lifelong HAART.

    “Intentional or not, by marketing this class of drugs (MAOIs and SSRIs) as ‘AIDS medications,’ the pharmaceutical industry has built into its HIV cocktails a mechanism that punishes HIV patients when they interrupt their drug use”, Clark Baker writes in his recent masterpiece:

    To camouflage the withdrawal symptoms people experience while trying to heal their addiction to HAART drugs via “cold turkey”, merchandising geniuses invented the “Immune reconstitution syndrome” — only to feed them other assorted addictive drugs.

    This situation resembles the invention of another drug a century ago, labeled and marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and cough suppressant: Heroin.

    In the US it was legally and profitably sold during a timespan of 26 years, before it became illegal in 1924.

    Germany was a much better marketplace, because here they illegalized Heroin only in 1971.

    Disobedient heretics, who behave as if an “HIV-positive” diagnosis was not enough to encourage them to commit suicide, should try Sustiva. tell us, that Sustiva “may cause serious psychiatric symptoms including confusion, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression, extreme fear, hallucinations, or unusual behavior.”

    Decades ago they tried to eradicate the Jews by killing them with toxic gas, now they are trying to eradicate Blacks and homosexuals by killing them with toxic medication. “Argumentation” and wording in either case is exactly the same: extremely irrational, zealous, fascist. Nothing has changed.

    BTW, as a confessing addict to the Komikal Kalichman Telenovela I need to know when to expect the next episode. Or should I see a doctor first to give me some medication to relieve my withdrawal symptoms? Sustiva perhaps?

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thank you! I envisage 3 more instalments of Kalichman Kapers, though I’m afraid the humor becomes more and more of the gallows variety. I hope to post the next one before I leave tomorrow for the annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration.

      • Sabine Kalitzkus said


        Any kind of humor is appreciated – except the Komikal Kapellmeister Kalichman’s kind of, because that isn’t funny at all.

        Looking forward to your next instalment of the Komical Kapellmeister Kalichman’s Kraze!

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