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Introducing Seth Kalichman (Kalichman’s Komical Kaper #1)

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2009/03/08

I first heard of “S. C. Kalichman” when, in September 2008, he posted at a “review” of my book, The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory. His “profile” gave no information beyond that he was located in New York:

Not much later, the grapevine told me of a forthcoming book, “Denying AIDS: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, and Human Tragedy”,  by Seth C Kalichman. His profile on was now a bit more informative, and he had moved from New York to Connecticut:


Having emerged from his New York closet, Kalichman has assiduously publicized his book, and its associated blog,  in a number of places around the Internet.

Even though I don’t know Kalichman personally, nor had known anything of him before the fall of 2008, it turns out that we had actually been exchanging e-mails for many months. Here’s how that happened:

After my book had been published (in the first half of 2007), I began to make new acquaintances among other people who had realized that there’s something seriously wrong with HIV/AIDS theory. A few communications were by phone or letter, but most were by e-mail. Among the latter, in August 2007, was a request for more information from “an advanced graduate student in public health”, Joseph (Joe) C. Newton. Later posts on this blog will describe some of the features of my correspondence with JCN that seemed incongruous with the identity he claimed, features that had made me suspicious from the very beginning that Joe Newton wasn’t who he claimed to be. I remained curious about his real identity for quite some time, until JCN’s approaches to another Rethinker yielded a strong clue. Finally, now, Kalichman’s book makes plain at numerous places that Joseph C. Newton and Seth C. Kalichman are one and the same. Later chapters in Kalichman’s Komical Kapers will accordingly have more to say about JCN as well as about the contents of SCK’s book.

13 Responses to “Introducing Seth Kalichman (Kalichman’s Komical Kaper #1)”

  1. Andy said

    Applause, Henry:

    Undoubtedly, Professor Kalichman’s profound, precise and impressive disproval of your book’s main theses in his amazon review is already proof of his high expertise and devotion to mere scientific arguing.

    I’m excited about the unfolding of the story…


  2. Dave said

    I do plan on reading the book. I think I will enjoy it in the same manner that I enjoy eating pink cotton candy once every, oh, 4 or 5 years at a State Fair. It’s a guilty pleasure of airy, fluffy, inconsequence.

  3. Tony Lance said

    Hmmm. I exchanged a series of emails with “Joseph Newton” in late 2007. Reading them again now that I know the writer’s real identity, his true motivation begins to shine through. I’m looking forward to your treatment of his book, Henry.

  4. Martin said

    The sad part of disassembling people like Kalichman is that it’s a two-edged sword. By responding to him, he’s given attention and credibility. On the other side, by not responding (look what happened to John Kerry in his presidential campaign), would allow the Kalichman (or anyone else) to define you. Unfortunately, Kalichman is part of the hegemony (HIV=AIDS=Death; ARV’s will extend your life).

    • Henry Bauer said


      Your generalization is certainly a good one. In this case, however, I’ll wager that not too many blogs from now, you won’t think that I’m enhancing Kalichman’s credibility and you may even be pleased that he is getting all that attention 😉

  5. sadunkal said

    I don’t really get why people like Snout, DeShong, Kalichman etc. feel the need to disguise their identity, and Snout isn’t even a real identity. What do they think will happen if they are open about it? Maybe one of them can answer? Or can’t they?

    • Henry Bauer said


      One obvious reason for anonymity is not to disclose lack of credentials while attacking others for lacking credentials 🙂

  6. sadunkal said

    They end up disclosing their lack anyway. There must be something else. I suspect that Kalichman has always perceived the “denialists” as some crazy dangerous folks and he is just too afraid to engage in direct communication. He was afraid that the Virginia Tech Monster will come to his house and eat his children, I guess, maybe…

    By the way, Prof. Bauer, sooner or later I got to ask this, because every time I see a photo of yours I get confused about why it is the way it is: Is the strong contrast between the color of your hair and your beard natural?

    A silly question. You don’t have to answer or publish it of course… I just find it hard to imagine you dying your hair or carrying a wig. I hope this question wasn’t impolite in some way. I don’t have so much experience with that kind of “hair culture”.

    • Henry Bauer said


      I have nothing to hide, even (or perhaps especially) on trivial matters. No wig, no dye. I’m functional about this: I like to tell people that by not shaving every morning, I have over the years gained something like the equivalent of a whole year of time for more useful things.
      There are tiny bits of white among the black on my head, and have been for years, and whenever I trim my beard there are little bits of black among the white.
      I believe it’s generally accepted that hair color is genetically determined. My father and both his brothers lived into their nineties. The youngest brother’s hair stayed black until the end. My father’s became grey but never completely white. The middle brother’s hair was snow white from middle age already. However, none of them grew beards, so I don’t know about that comparison.
      Thanks for a question that made me laugh.

  7. sadunkal said

    Thanks for the clear answer, interesting really. 🙂 I find it strange that the beard and hair can behave so independently. And I don’t think I know anyone like you. I know what you mean about the shaving/time saving. I think it’s similar with waxing for women. 😀

    Modern culture is flooded with artificial distractions.

  8. pat said

    I had a math professor who had an all-natural black-and-white-striped beard: black, white, black, white and black.

  9. Tracy D. Ellis said

    my hair is sandy blond but if I grow a beard the middle part comes out red 🙂

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