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Collateral damage from HIV/AIDS

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/12/06

Enormous harm has been caused by the mistaken view that “HIV-positive” signifies infection with a fatal retrovirus that can only be held in check by highly toxic medication to be administered until the patient dies.

By now, millions of people have been subjected to this iatrogenic damage; including some unknown but large number of babies, whose mitochondria (central to cellular energy processes) have been irreparably debilitated. We know of people who tested positive only because of anti-tetanus shots, or flu vaccination, or surgical procedures, or many other conditions having nothing to do with a putative immune-system-destroying virus, and those people suffered long periods of ill health and low quality of life until they stopped taking the antiretroviral drugs and regained something like their previous state of sound health.

Physical harm to innumerable people is not, though, the only collateral damage from this medical pseudo-science. Sociopolitical harm is no negligible aspect of this tragedy. For example:

Discrimination against gay men:
Russia Mayor Links HIV To Gay Rights
Just days after the world presented an united front against HIV during Monday’s 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov has linked HIV to the gay rights movement . . . . Luzhkov, speaking at a conference in Moscow titled “HIV/AIDS in Developed Countries”, said that his administration would continue to ban the progress of gay and lesbians rights, citing the notion that greater visibility for the gay community was responsible for an increase in HIV in Moscow. ‘We have banned, and will ban, the propaganda of sexual minorities’ opinions because they can be one of the factors in the spread of HIV infection,’ he said.”
[Admittedly, this is not the only threat to freedom of speech in present-day Russia]

Panic in schools:
How much harm has been done to how many people and to which social interactions and to what degree, by the announcement of possible HIV infections in a St. Louis school, can never be known:

Too early to know if Mo. school had HIV outbreak
ST. LOUIS (AP)— Six weeks after someone with HIV said dozens of students at a St. Louis high school might have been exposed to the virus, it remains unclear whether an outbreak has occurred.
Missouri health authorities say preliminary October test results for St. Louis County show two new cases of HIV among people 24 and under.
It isn’t clear whether those cases are even connected to Normandy High School, where students were tested voluntarily in late October. An infected person told county health officials that as many as 50 teens might have been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS.
The county plans a second round of HIV testing in January. Antibodies to the virus can take three to six months to appear. A final assessment isn’t expected for at least six months.”

As I said when reporting on the initial publicity from Normandy High School:
“Perhaps the best way of instilling fear and producing mass hysteria is by innuendo and vague suspicions, being unspecific and secretive”.

Here, six weeks later, the uncertainty is predicted to persist for at least another six months, during which time students and parents primarily, but teachers and officials too, will be on tenterhooks, wondering who might have unknowingly contracted the fatal virus; after all, as I cited earlier, “The Health Department also will not say how any exposure might have occurred”.

In a previous “footnote” to the story,  I could unfortunately already illustrate — as now, once again — that “further ‘news’ and rumors . . . will be leaking out from those ignorant, panicked, ‘everything is normal’, school administrators and health officials in St. Louis.”

Racist attitudes:
Derailing a disease: With new infections here far outpacing the national average, routine HIV testing should be a priority” [Houston Chronicle, 4 December 2008]

“Unfortunately, the human immunodeficiency virus continues its insidious spread in the population. Earlier this week Houston Health Department officials released a grim set of figures to mark World AIDS Day: About 1,700 people became infected with the virus in Harris County in 2006, nearly twice the national rate for new cases. A disproportionate number of those cases occurred among blacks and Hispanics” [emphasis added].
Despite all the high-falutin talk about removing stigma and not blaming victims, how could the continuing stories that Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately affected by this supposedly sexually transmitted disease not fuel racist beliefs about irresponsible behavior by minorities, particularly in sexual matters?

Breaking up of relationships:
“Hellsing wrote [commenting on the Houston story above]:
When I found out my former husband had a few girlfriends, I got tested immediately. I also had an attorney to call and another residence in which to move while the divorce went through.”

“The urban legend of ‘the down-low’ has brought about circumstances where any woman who tests HIV-positive and who has ever slept with a black man automatically attributes that condition to him, without further ado and without any corroborating evidence. ‘My fault was that I slept with my husband’ (now her ex-husband), says one black woman, who tested HIV-positive when she was pregnant . . . . ‘I let my guard down with the wrong person,’ says yet another . . . . A 20-year-old was ‘the victim of unprotected sex with a guy she thought was her soulmate’ . . . . It seems more than likely that some black men have found themselves unjustly judged guilty of practicing the down-low, and that otherwise stable or potentially long-lasting relationships have thereby been disrupted” [pp. 246-7 in The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory ]

Imprisoning innocents:
Around the world,  an increasing number of individuals are in jail, declared guilty of infecting others with something that is not transmissible.

Bringing science and medicine into ill repute:
For the time being, it is only a relatively small number of people who are aware of how drastically medical practice and medical science have gone. When the knowledge becomes widespread, the exact nature of the fallout can hardly be predicted, but it will certainly be enormously consequential. It may well do for medical science, and even science generally, about what Enron did for energy de-regulation and what the present global financial meltdown is doing for the world’s way of trading, banking, and trying to regulate economies.


Altogether, HIV/AIDS theory has been responsible for disasters individual and social, including professional and career damage to the few scientists and doctors who refused to accept the official view. Once the realization becomes sufficiently widespread, that the theory is not only wrong but was never even a well supported hypothesis, there will be further calamities befalling innumerable people and institutions, some no doubt well deserved but many of them afflicting people who simply trusted authorities that they had no reason not to trust.

It seems pertinent to repeat this from an earlier post:

This thing is going to be studied long after our time. . . .
Because this is a major historical event
that is going to be studied for 100 years —
how the United States gave AIDS to the world

—   Charles A. Thomas

3 Responses to “Collateral damage from HIV/AIDS”

  1. Martin said

    Because of the Therapeutic State, science and medicine have gone backwards.

  2. Photonaut said

    Dear Dr Bauer

    In my opinion, you are presently the leading light in the online dissident movement. Congratulations & thank you for your energy, I look forward to every new post.

    Concerning people imprisoned for HIV, I found this blog, full of case-references, I don’t know if you know about it:

    Also, on a separate subject, I have posted large extracts of some of your posts on my own blog, always with full credits & without modifications, & a link in the title of the blog back to the original posting at hivskeptic – I hope I am doing this with your blessing.

    My blog is at

    Best regards,
    Jason (Photonaut)

    • Henry Bauer said


      I truly appreciate your support, and your help in making my blog content known to more readers.

      Thanks also or the link: one of the things I want to do, time permitting, is to assemble a list of the people who are in jail in various countries for putting others at risk of being infected by something that isn’t contagious or infectious.

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