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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/10/06

Prediction: This will be among the Nobel Prizes that the Nobel Committee will regret having awarded: for discovering a virus that has yet to be isolated, and for another that is claimed to cause a small percentage of cases of cervical cancer but is a boon for vaccine hawkers [CDC MONGERS FEAR AND HAWKS DEADLY VACCINE, 13 March 2008]. This news item failed to mention, though, that “efforts to develop a vaccine against the virus” have been unsuccessful despite more than two decades of efforts.

HIV skeptics will certainly agree with the Nobel Committee, however, that if HIV was discovered, it was in Montagnier’s lab and not in Gallo’s.

AIDS, cancer scientists scoop medicine Nobel — (CNN) — Two Frenchmen and a German won the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for their discoveries of viruses that cause HIV and cervical cancer, the organization’s Web site said Monday. Luc Montagnier will split the $1.4 million prize with two others. Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier of France were honored “for their discovery of human immunodeficiency virus.” The pair are recognized as the discoverers in 1983 of the virus that can expose people to AIDS. Both have been involved in breakthroughs in screening for HIV and efforts to develop a vaccine against the virus.

Harald zur Hausen of Germany was cited “for his discovery of human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer” in women. The Nobel Laureates in medicine will receive their awards in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10. They will split the the $1.4 million prize.

The awards’ Swedish founder, dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel, created the prizes in the categories of medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and peace. Another award is made for economics. The prizes include the money and an invitation to the prize ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death in 1896. The winner of most of prestigious of the awards, the Peace prize is expected to be announced on Friday. Last year former U.S. Vice President Al Gore shared the honor with the United Nations for raising climate change awareness. ‘

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  1. Cee said

    With Gallo being left out as being co-discoverer, and another news article saying the Nobel Committee agreed with previous findings that Gallo had a contaminated sample from Luc Montagnier, does this offer further proof that the HIV tests are non-specific? Why doesn’t the industry go back to the basics to make testing more accurate and precise? It is too serious, playing with people’s emotions and lives to get a false positive and start drugs that suppress the immune system. No?

  2. heja said

    One (even without the knowledge of the actual evidence on this flawed theory) should wonder immediately about the timing of such an announcement? Why now? Why not in 1983 or any year since then? Is this a pre-emptive strike or an act of desperation by the Establishment, given the mounting evidence against virology in general?

    One would think this would not happen and that the Establishment would dilute the flawed theory to the extent it was not itself anymore, to avoid a major embarrassment at some point. But no! They came up with a better idea—take flawed hypothesis to the pedestal of the Nobel Prize and lie big-time, in the hope that this will refute some of the inescapably mounting criticism…

    I am speechless…

  3. Henry Bauer said


    The sad, even terrifying fact is that these people believe what they say. Nobel Prizes are awarded after nominations come in, naturally from senior respected mainstreamers. Only one viewpoint is known to the Committee. 8)

    As to timing, it’s quite usual for Nobel Prizes to be awarded long after the discovery was made. That’s to safeguard against making awards in error!! 🙂

  4. Frank said

    A couple of interesting comments, from a mailing list:

    “The Nobel prize press release, with its mention of RT being a ‘direct sign’ of retrovirus production – is probably the most discrediting act in the history of this award.” [It has been know for decades that Reverse Transcriptase is a common constituent of normal cells.]

    “Perhaps the best we can get out of it is that we can almost hear Robert Gallo’s furious wailing and gnashing of teeth. The irony of this is that Montagnier has always been a lot more reticent about making such bold claims, and it’s really Gallo’s claim that was the tipping point. If Gallo had not made his bold and fraudulent claims, the notion that it was definitely a retrovirus causing AIDS might not have actually happened, and Montagnier might not have got his Nobel Prize. So Gallo has been instrumental in getting Montagnier his Nobel Prize and denying himself his own. I think there’s some poetic justice there.”

  5. Marcel said

    I hope everybody realizes how destructive to science all these “prizes” are, because they imbue false theories with unearned prestige. The laureate suddenly finds universities offering him huge sums and lofty titles. He becomes like a god. The awarding of the Nobel Prize means, to the public, that the awardee is a genius, and unquestionably right.

    One could make the case that the Nobel Foundation is the true culprit in “HIV-AIDS.” From the very beginning, they honored false theories, starting with Gajdusek’s slow-virus theory, then Baltimore’s theory that retroviruses were pathogenic (correct me if I’m not quite accurate about what Baltimore asserted), and now this, the ultimate farce. Between this and giving a Nobel to Al Gore, a hypocrite who was an enthusiastic part of the Clinton administration’s environmental wrecking crew, the prizes this year have sunk to a new low. Abolish them now.

    Abolish the Pulitzers as well, because they do the very same thing with journalism. It is obvious that these Prizes are designed to prop up establishments and elite power everywhere, and have little to do with merit.

    And who, pray tell, are the judges who make such fine decisions? I would really like to know. And let’s not forget the Nobel they awarded to the scientist who devised lobotomies for the mentally ill.

    Yes, if they had included Gallo, that would have been enough to make me board the next rocket to Saturn, and it’s lovely that they spurned him.

  6. sadunkal said

    But at least it’s a little comforting to know that another Nobel Prize winner is supporting Rethinker views now:

    “Interview With Dr. Luc Montagnier — Antioxidant Nutrients And AIDS: Exploring The Possibilities”


    The 25 year long denial of the mainstream scientists cost the humanity a lot more than one can imagine…

  7. delwere said

    Probably the timing is related to the fact that investments on AIDS research are shrinking in the last days. Maybe this is a nice hip to boost investments!

  8. Martin said

    Luc Montagnier should go down with Egas Moniz (“inventor” of pre-frontal lobotomy) as another mistake made by the Nobel people.

  9. Henry Bauer said


    Another reason why Nobel and similar prizes are a bad idea is that they enshrine the illusion that the winners are somehow QUALITATIVELY in a superior and different CLASS than their peers. The readiest proof that this is not the case is the fact that Nobel winners almost never win a second Nobel.

  10. We have two months (exactly 64 days from today) to avoid that on the 10th December Dr. Montagnier really receives the award. We could send, from different countries in different languages, a lot of e-mails, letters, CDs, DVDs, books,…, to Professor Jan Andersson, with copy to (if possible all the members of)the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, to the staff of Karolinska Institutet, to the Nobel Foundation, to important Swedish newspapers (specially Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet), to the Swedish government, … Invite everybody to do the same. International Operation “No Nobel Prize to Dr. Montagnier: avoid to recognize later a tragic lobotomy mistake today”… or something better than this (my English is not the best).

    This is a good opportunity…

  11. Cee said

    Talking about anti-oxidants, I have not found any articles on the endogenous anti-oxidant system and how it works. There is plenty of info on the body’s oxidation abilities though. Can anyone direct me to how the human endogenous anti-oxidant system functions?

  12. sadunkal said

    I think Lluis Bottinas’ suggestion above is really worth a shot. Maybe RA can organize such a campaign. What do the others think?

  13. kanwal said

    The lobotomy case is just one instance. I think awards are necessary to gain “public attention”, as the public needs to be aware. Moreover, it is not bad to challenge a scientific theory: this theory could be challenged, but the social impact of the Nobel prize should not be denied. There is a difference between a scientist and a common man.

  14. Henry Bauer said


    One of the salient points is that the public impact is very great and that this is deleterious when the “discovery” is mistaken, as with “HIV”.

  15. De te fabula narratur. said

    Nobody accepts lobotomy anymore, Nobel Prize notwithstanding.

  16. Henry Bauer said

    De te…

    Exactly. Nobel Prize awards are fallible.

  17. Kyle said

    I notice one of the Nobel panel members stated that by giving the award to Montagnier, it would finally put a stop to people questioning the science behind HIV?AIDS.I presume this is why the award was given, and probably the same goes for the HPV award.

  18. Oscarlena said


    That’s what I also think. But there is no chance that the Nobel panel or other “authorities” could ever stop me thinking or asking unwanted questions. In an article on my blog I suggested that the Nobel panel is running out of suitable candidates because of corruptive “science”. Thus they now have to award the prize for the non-detection of an item.


    There is a German website which offers many articles in English. Just scroll down the page and you’ll find them. I’m not sure whether that is what you’re looking for?

  19. Kyle, please, canyou get the refernce for “one of the Nobel panel members’ statement”? I think it would qualitatively empower our activities to show that the Nobel award to Montagnier looks to “finally put a stop to people questioning the science behind HIV-AIDS”…

    We have still two months… though two days less.

  20. Marcel said

    Excellent points, Dr. Bauer.

    Kyle, who were the panel members? That appears to be a blatant admission of the political motivation behind the award.

  21. kyle said

    Here is one article

    STOCKHOLM (AFP) — French and German scientists credited with the discovery of the viruses behind AIDS and cervical cancer won Monday the Nobel Medicine Prize, the first of the prestigious awards to be announced this year.

    France’s Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier, who shared one half of the award, discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS, one of the biggest scourges of modern times.

    Harald zur Hausen of Germany won the other half of the award for going against the then-current dogma and claiming that a virus, the human papilloma virus (HPV), causes cervical cancer, the second most common cancer among women.

    The French pair’s HIV discovery was “”one prerequisite for the current understanding of the biology of the disease and its antiretroviral treatment,”” the Nobel citation said.

    Their work “”led to development of methods to diagnose infected patients and to screen blood products, which has limited the spread of the pandemic,”” it said.

    Montagnier dedicated his award to AIDS sufferers and predicted results on a “”therapeutic vaccine”” for the pandemic within four years.

    “”I think my first reaction is to think of all the people sick with AIDS and all those who are still alive and fighting against the illness,”” Montagnier told AFP.

    He said a treatment could be possible in the future with a “”therapeutic”” rather than preventive vaccine for which results could be published in three or four years if the researcher can secure financial backing.

    AIDS — acquired immune deficiency syndrome — first came to public notice in 1981, when U.S. doctors noted an unusual cluster of deaths among peoples in California and New York.

    It has since killed at least 25 million people, and 33 million others are living with the disease or harboring HIV.

    In May 1983, in a paper published in the U.S. journal Science, a team from France’s Pasteur Institute, led by Montagnier and including Barre-Sinoussi, described a suspect virus found in a patient who had died of AIDS.

    Their groundbreaking discovery was also helped by U.S. researcher Robert Gallo’s determination that the virus was indeed the cause of AIDS.

    Both Montagnier and Gallo are co-credited with discovering that HIV causes AIDS, although for several years they staked rival claims that led to a legal and even diplomatic dispute between France and the United States.

    The Nobel jury made no mention of Gallo in its citation.

    “”We gave the prize for the discovery of the virus. The two to whom we gave the prize, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier, discovered the virus,”” Hans Joernvall of the Nobel committee told AFP.

    Acknowledging that the American had “”done a lot of other work”” in the field, Joernvall noted that Gallo and the two French scientists now “”agree that the discovery was made in Paris.””

    Another member of the jury, Bjoern Vennstroem, said he hoped the award would silence those who claim that HIV does not cause AIDS.

    “”We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research,”” he told Swedish Radio.

    Montagnier, 76, is a professor emeritus and director of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention in Paris, while Barre-Sinoussi, 61, is a professor at the Institut Pasteur, also in the French capital.

    “”I must admit that I never for a moment dreamt I would hear such news,”” Barre-Sinoussi told French radio by telephone from Cambodia.

    Meanwhile, Zur Hausen was rewarded for his work on what is sometimes called “”the silent killer”” of women because it is often undetected until it is too late.

    “”His discovery has led to characterization of the natural history of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, and understanding of mechanisms of HPV-induced carcinogenesis and the development of prophylactic vaccines against HPV acquisition,”” the jury said.

    It pointed out that five percent of cancers worldwide were caused by the virus. Fifty to 80 percent of the population is infected with the virus, though not all infections are cancerous.

    “”This prize means a great deal to me because on the one hand an area has been recognized that has increasingly moved to the forefront in cancer research, namely the role of infectious agents,”” Zur Hausen, 72, said in an interview with German television.

    Today, a simple smear test can detect HPV and there are two effective vaccines against it.

    Zur Hausen is a professor emeritus and former chairman and scientific director of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

    The laureates will receive a gold medal, a diploma and 10 million Swedish kronor (1.42 million dollars, 1.02 million euros) — half for Zur Hausen and half for the French pair — at a formal ceremony in Stockholm on December 10.

  22. Michael said

    Professor Bjorn Vennstrom, who was on the Nobel nominating committee said he hoped “the award would silence those who claim that HIV does not cause AIDS”. He also said: We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research.”

    I think that if Dr. Vennstrom would like to silence us, then there are many scientific questions he now needs to answer for.

    Dr. Bauer, after your own thorough review of the facts, would you suggest a few of the most pertinent questions to demand answers to in order for Doctor Vennstrom to silence us?

    I, for one, would like to know why the years of highest deaths here in the west are the EXACT YEARS that AZT was administered in high dosage.

    Professor Björn Vennström, can be emailed at:
    Work: +46 (0) 8 524 87350
    Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology(CMB)
    Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

  23. Michael said

    How sloppy. Conflicts of interest even on the Nobel Prize committee:

    It should come as no surprise to any of the dissidents, that Jan Andersson, an HIV researcher at the Karolinska Institute was also on the Nobel committee. You can see him discussing the Nobel, HIV, Luc Montagnier, full of innacuracies, on YouTube:

    His E-mail:

    Names of all committee members can be found here:

  24. Thank you very much, Kyle.

    For quotation:
    The news appeared on 6th October at:
    “Research on AIDS virus and cancer wins Nobel Medicine Prize”

    and 7 th at:
    “Nobel Prize goes to AIDS research”

  25. “Another member of the jury, Bjoern Vennstroem, said he hoped the award would silence those who claim that HIV does not cause AIDS.
    ‘We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research,’ he told Swedish Radio”.
    Research on AIDS virus and cancer wins Nobel Medicine Prize

    Professor Vennström is one of the three members of THE MEDICAL NOBEL INSTITUTE
    VENNSTRÖM, BJÖRN, Ph.D, Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet,
    b. 1948; 2008-2011
    Office: +46 (0)8 5248 73 50
    Office address: CMB, Karolinska Institutet, SE-171 77 Stockholm

  26. sadunkal said

    Interesting, thanks Kyle.

  27. Michael said

    By the way, if any e-mails are sent to any of the individual Prize Committee members mentioned above, the e-mails should also be cc’ed (“carbon” copied) to as many of the Nobel Committee members as possible, as well as to the Committee Secretary:

    It is important that these guys know that others on the Committee are also reading the e-mails and are now “clued in” to the discrepancies of the science, and are aware of the less-than-honorable-and-obvious motivations of some of their fellow Committee members.

    The FULL LIST of e-mail addresses for ALL of the 2008 Nobel Committee members is as follows:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  28. sadunkal said

    ” ‘We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research,’ he told Swedish Radio. ”

    Björn Vennström talks about that here, you can listen to the whole thing:

    I think it’s the part at the beginning of the 4th minute, it’s very brief. Unfortunately I don’t exactly understand it, but he doesn’t say exactly what he is being quoted as having said, I believe.

    He doesn’t say that they chose to give the award to silence any dissident views, he just says they hope it will do that. Maybe as a side-effect, maybe not, it’s not that clear. And he may as well be just talking about the “CIA created AIDS” sort of stuff as far as I can tell…

  29. Henry Bauer said


    Re “after your own thorough review of the facts, would you suggest a few of the most pertinent questions to demand answers to in order for Doctor Vennstrom to silence us?”

    I’ve been inching toward — as a long-term goal — a summary of all the aspects of HIV/AIDS theory that are clearly disproven, and I’m not there yet, in part because every point needs to be fully documented, in other part because the points don’t lend themselves to sound bites.

    One set of questions might be those to which HIV/AIDS theory has no answer, most salient perhaps: How does HIV cause destruction of the immune system? And then, why no vaccine and no clue as to what might be protective?

    Another set has to do with epidemiology: All measured “transmission” rates are too low to produce the observed distribution —James Chin acknowledges that it requires 20-40% of sub-Saharan Africans to have been screwing with several partners concurrently and changing them every few weeks or months. The data for the USA, collated in my book, shows “HIV+” is endemic, not epidemic.

    As to the Nobel Committee’s reference to the treatments now available which M’s work supposedly made possible, the death statistics in the USA show that HAART has not prolonged life-spans significantly —’t-prolong-them/

  30. Macdonald said

    In the interview, Bjorn Vennstrom first explains that the brillant thing about the disovery of the link between HPV and cervical cancer was that Harald zur Hausen was able to use new biotechnology to show that snippets of HPV DNA are present in cervical-cancer cells.

    In other words, he has been awarded a Nobel specifically for discovering a virus, which cannot be isolated in particle form from the cells it is supposed to infect and turn cancerous. I don’t know if this is an accurate presentation, but that is what Vennstrom says. . .

    Asked directly, Vennstrom refuses to recommend HPV vaccination. He says the vaccine prevents 95% of all HPV infections, but that we will have to wait 25 years to find out if it prevents cervical cancer!!!

    He completely dodges a question about the circumstance that the Nobel Committee has handed vaccine producers a golden egg.

    Vennstrom claims the Nobel Commitee has spend years researching the matter and is satisfied that the French and only the French discovered HIV.

    Vennstrom claims he hasn’t personally spoken to Gallo, Barré-Sinoussi or Montagnier. It is not clear anybody has. He says it was Montagnier who “cut up” cells from a pre-AIDS patient and grew or cultured them, and it was Barré-Sinoussi who performed the several tests to show the virus (activity).

    Vennstrom is asked about the silencing effect on those who question HIV/AIDS and he answers as we have seen. He specifically mentions South African politicians. It is remarkable that he acknowledges that “we (the Commitee) hope it will silence conspiracy theories and other non-scientific theories”. His choice of words is straight out of the AIDstruth manual.

    Vennstrom presents the new theory, which places the origin of HIV around the beginning of the 20th century, as consensus.

  31. Hugosw said

    The radio program cited is a special report from the Swedish Radio just after the public announcement of the Nobel Prize winners in medicine. Two journalists are interviewing Professor Vennstrom. In Swedish it goes:

    Reporter Lena Nordlund:
    -“Tror ni att det blir tyst nu ra på vissa politiker till exempel i Sydafrika och så, eller andra som också har i frågasatt HIV-virusets roll i det här?”
    Professor Björn Vennström:
    -“Ja, vi hoppas att det blir tyst på konspirationsteoretikerna och andra som förfäktar ideer som inte har med forskning att göra”

    My own translation to English goes:
    //Reporter Lena Nordlund:
    – Do you think this will silence certain politicians, for example in South Africa and the like, or others that also have questioned the role of HIV in all this?
    Professor Bjorn Vennstrom:
    -Yes, we hope it will quieten the conspiracy theorists and others that assert ideas that have nothing to do with research.//

    Sort of leading question, I would say, but Professor Vennstrom doesn´t seem to mind

  32. Henry Bauer said

    Macdonald, Hugosw:

    Many thanks, this is important, and therefore important to have correctly. Several people had also mentioend to me the article by Pia Ohlin that reports the same remark:

  33. Hugosw said

    From Reuters Africa:
    One can read:
    //”Isolation of the virus itself is going to be the single most important discovery that will allow us to develop a vaccine, if a vaccine is ever developed,” said Adriano Boasso, immunologist and AIDS researcher at Imperial College in London. //

    Adriano Boasso of Imperial College London is a vaccine expert who’s highly esteemed views is often asked for, for instance after the latest vaccine failures:
    “But according to vaccine expert Adriano Boasso of Imperial College London, the recent failures in HIV vaccine work may force companies to re-evaluation [sic] their HIV strategies, pushing the balance of effort from prevention into drug development. ‘Today’s multi-drug therapy is expensive and needs a lot of effort by the patient,’ says Boasso. ‘There are good chances of finding better therapies based on integrase inhibitors or fusion inhibitors.’ (

    It seems he has gone Perthian now, doubting that the Virus has been isolated

  34. sadunkal said

    Hmm…yes that’s interesting with Adriano Boasso. And thanks for the translation.

  35. Michael said

    The following letter has been sent to the Nobel prize committee. I encourage all to do the same. The email addresses for the committee are as follows:

    , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    To the esteemed Ladies and Gentleman of the Karolinska Institue, and members of the 2008 Nobel Prize Committee,

    I, and many thousands of others worldwide, in the name of Alfred Nobel, humbly ask that you reconsider the 2008 Nobel Prize award in medicine, and revoke the prestigious awards to Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier until purification of a retrovirus that causes aids is fully and unquestionably independently established and verified to have a high degree of probability. After 25 years of ever increasing public doubt, Alfred Nobel himself would demand of you nothing less than the highest due diligence in this matter.

    The reasons we find for revocation are many, but to be short and concise, I present to you the following facts:

    Professor Bjorn Vennstrom, who was on the Nobel nominating committee, right after the award was given to Luc Montagnier, said in a radio interview that he hoped the award would silence those who claim that HIV does not cause AIDS. He said: “We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research.”

    Though we have difficulty understanding why a “scientist” would wish for anyone not to question any and everything, the only thing that will ever silence those who question HIV is not science by consensus or award, but credible science itself.

    Pr. Vennstrom’s words are evidence of his bias and political and emotional viewpoint on this matter, and are not founded in the presented scientific evidences.

    By the way, Vennstrom was also postdocing from 1980-1982 in San Francisco with Bishop and Varmus, who became oncogene Nobelists in 1989. But, there is as yet no evidence that “oncogenes” from human or animal cancers can transform normal cells to cancer cells. Yet, the questions- “why?” are no longer, “scientifically correct” since the Nobel Prize closed the case. Roma locuta causa finita. Rome has spoken, case closed.

    Now the Nobel committee has done just the same with HIV, which Varmus’ committee, including Montagnier but NOT Gallo, named Human Immunodeficiency Virus in 1986 without proof that this virus can cause immunodeficiency (Science, 1986).

    Another obvious bias on the Nobel committee, is Professor Jan Andersson, who was interviewed as the “spokesperson” for the committee’ selection of Luc Montagnier, immediately after the award to Montagnier was announced. Professor Andersson is himself an HIV researcher with his own grants and “science” that is also highly threatened by those worldwide thousands who question HIV.

    Quite obviously these two Nobel committee members were instrumental in urging the 2008 committee to give Luc Montagnier his award. And in quite obviously the committee has not demonstrated non-biased nor credible science as their measure in awarding the prize.

    It is crystal clear to many looking at this situation that bias, politics, and self interests are at stake.

    Furthermore, the award to Luc Montagnier for purifying (isolating) hiv is unconscienable, considering that in a 1993 interview, Montagnier himself said about HIV, and I quote: “I repeat, we did NOT purify”.

    If perchance anyone ever does succeed in purifying isolated hiv from those said to be “infected”, it would at minimum be required to have something more conclusive than Robert Gallo’s presented “evidence” that hiv is the cause of aids, which evidence consisted of 36 out of 72 of his “aids patients” showing reverse transcriptase (RT) activity. (Science 1984)

    RT is not restricted, as was formerly believed by earlier scientists, to be exclusive to retroviral activity. RT is known to also be caused by yeasts and can also be detected in other occasions as well. RT activity is also not any proof whatsoever of any retrovirus causing any disease. Furthermore, Gallo’s “evidence of RT as causation” showed a mere 40 percent of his “aids patients” showed RT activity! 40 percent is far removed from any high probability of disease causation.

    However, those worldwide thousands who DO question HIV as the cause of AIDS are indeed quite pleased that Robert Gallo has been brushed from Nobel history. For this, we do sincerely thank you.

    Be assured, that as soon as “we who question HIV” have credible independent science to back Montagnier and Gallo’s claims, such as purified retrovirus taken directly from the blood sera of immunocompromised hiv positives, such as evidence of high probability of disease causation by such a retrovirus, we will be glad to silence our own questioning selves, and we will be glad to join with the believers of the faith that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

    Until then, I, and many thousands of others, in the name of Alfred Nobel, again humbly ask that you reconsider the 2008 Nobel Prize award for Physiology and medicine, and revoke this prestigious award until purification and proof of causation of a retrovirus that causes aids is fully and unquestionably independently established and verified. I remind you again that Alfred Nobel himself would demand of you nothing less than the highest due diligence in this matter.

    Unless you do so, the award itself becomes dishonored as a meaningless display of this generation’s climate of unsupported scientific claims, based on bias, financial and political motivations, conscensus science, and popular belief instead of proven, verified, scientifically backed evidence.


    Michael Geiger, a homosexual American, on behalf of my fellow homosexual men worldwide who have been most impacted by this belief here in the west. And on behalf of the many many thousands of others worldwide who also do dare question HIV as the cause of AIDS based on the lack of supporting verifiable scientific facts.

  36. Michael said

    It seems the email addresses for the Nobel committee members did not go through. They are as follows:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Again, I would like to encourage all to send emails to the committee on this matter. You are welcome to copy my letter above and sign it with your own signature, or to create your own.

  37. Stefan R. said

    Details are here:

    Click to access adv.pdf

  38. Henry Bauer said


    Many thanks.

    All readers:

    Follow the link given by Stefan, it is very instructive to see the detail given in the Nobel citation about the “isolation” and mechanism of HIV.

  39. Marcel said

    Did I forget to mention another Nobel Laureate, Varmus? If it’s true as someone said that he was on the committee that named HTLV-III the “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” despite no evidence that it causes immunodeficiency, he would be another example of the Nobel Foundation’s responsibility for the “HIV/AIDS” debacle.

  40. Macdonald said

    The issue of mechanism of cell killing is skirted apart from a brief mention of formation of giant cells, a recognized lab artefact, in Montagnier’s test tubes.

    I would also encourage people to read the complementary story about zur Hausen’s quest to find Human Papilloma Virus in cervical cancer.

    If ever the cliché “seek and ye shall find” were justified, this is such an occasion.

  41. Macdonald said

    Nobel Prize winner Francoise Barré-Sinoussi on the HIV-TB connection:


    A decline in global funding to control tuberculosis could compromise gains made in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi — recent recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for her contribution to the discovery of HIV — said Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Barre-Sinoussi spoke during a teleconference from the Institut Pasteur in Paris about the current global financial crisis.

    Of the approximately 33 million HIV-positive people worldwide, about 11 million also have TB, according to Barre-Sinoussi. She added that HIV/AIDS efforts have reached “the period of success with antiretroviral treatment,” but an “alarming” epidemic of multi-drug-resistant TB is on the rise. Although international donors generally direct funds toward antibiotic research and drug distribution in developing nations, HIV and TB advocates “are even more worried than before” because of the worsening global economic situation, Barre-Sinoussi said.

    According to Richard Chaisson — director of TB research at Johns Hopkins University and head of a consortium to combat HIV/TB — TB incidence has quadrupled over the past 15 years in sub-Saharan Africa, where 22 million people are HIV-positive. Chaisson added that “TB is what kills most patients” in regions of the world with the highest rates of HIV. In addition, the prevalence of MDR-TB is increasing, with such strains accounting for 5% of new TB cases worldwide and 15% to 22% of new cases in China and parts of the former Soviet Union. Although drug-sensitive TB and MDR-TB generally are treatable with appropriate antibiotic regimens, the World Health Organization reports that the majority of Africans do not receive TB drugs. In addition, about half of people with extensively drug-resistant TB — which is resistant to two of the most potent first-line treatments and at least two of the classes of second-line drugs — die from the strain, Chaisson said (Engel, Los Angeles Times, 10/14).”

    It strains credulity that people like Ms. Barré-Sinoussi have not noticed the pattern: TB on its own could explain most of the HIV/AIDS “pandemic” in several parts of the world. Africans with TB test HIV positive, as well as false positive, so often that not much would be lost by considering a negative or false-positive HIV test in a TB sufferer simply a false-negative TB test. One South African study tells us:

    “TB is the most common cause of death and illness in those with HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV greatly increases the risk of active TB disease and about 80 percent of patients with active TB in the province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, are co-infected with HIV. Death rates of up to 40 percent per year have been reported in patients with both HIV and TB”.

    Interestingly, the ARVs seem to work quite well as a last option in severe cases of TB — I am assuming now that the shared conventional and dissident wisdom indicated by the African study is correct and that a positve HIV test statistically picks out the worst cases of TB.

    Several studies in Thailand have shown that the death rates from “HIV associated TB”, that is severe TB, have been dramatically reduced by ARV treatment. For example:

    “In Thailand, people co-infected with HIV and tuberculosis who receive antiretroviral therapy are six times as likely to survive as those who do not, according to a study reported in the June 1st issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. These results are drawn from one of the first large-scale studies to control for confounding factors which may have influenced estimates of survival benefit in this population.”

    The African sudy concluded that drug-resistant TB and a positive HIV test were highly correlated, indeed the headline to the quoted article is “HIV/AIDS Linked To Extensively Drug Resistant TB”. It contains the following passage:

    “Led by senior author Gerald Friedland, M.D., director of the AIDS Program at Yale and Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Epidemiology and Public Health, the study measured the prevalence of multi-drug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis in a hospital in KwaZulu Natal. Between January 2005 and March 2006, sputum samples from 1,539 patients were screened. MDR TB was found in 221 patients and of those, 53 had XDR TB. Those patients with XDR who were tested for HIV were found to be co-infected. All but one of the 53 patients with both XDR TB and HIV died, with an average survival of 16 days”.

    Assumptions/conclusions from studies such as the ones from Thailand are that ARVs knock out HIV, which somehow makes TB less resistant to the conventional treatment and improves general health. A simpler explanation would be that ARVs help knock out otherwise resistant TB, as well as any other non-HIV coinfections which might complicate recovery, thus increasing chances of survival.

    However, the elegant perverseness at the intersection of circular reasoning and ethical hypocrisy has so far been a safeguard against testing the Rethinker hypothesis. The ARVs, considered life-saving if one has active TB and happens to test HIV positive, are considered life-threatening if one has active TB but happens to test negative — or in some cases regardless of status if one is deemed too sick. Says the Thai study:

    “Several observational studies have demonstrated dramatically higher survival rates (during and after TB treatment) among ART-eligible co-infected patients who receive ART. However, these have largely been single-site observational studies which may have contained biases (e.g., ART may have been avoided in patients at high risk of death)”

    Thus the Hippocratic oath is once again turned into a bulwark against all that cries out against the beloved paradigm.

  42. I think this Medicine Nobel give us a unique very good opportunity to put together all our efforts since more than 20 years in different countries. The 10 December world media will be in Stockholm for Nobel Prizes Ceremony. Why not to be us there with all our knowledge and experience?

    What about to organize in a Central Square (perhaps in the very popular Sergels Torg, close to the important Kulturhuset) in Stockholm (since, f. i., 20 th. November) an International Hunger Strike “No lobotomy new tragic Medicine Nobel Prize” (((or something better))) to stop delivering of Medicine Nobel the 10 th. December?

    It should be very important that several persons labeled “HIV-positive” or “AIDS case” coming from different countries participate together with other non-labeled persons. Some making the hunger strike and other explaining and acting. I spoke Swedish because I was political refugee in Stockholm 1975-77, and I hope my brain and my soul may recuperate it. But journalists, scientists and lot of people there speak fluently English. So no communication problem.

    It is important to prepare the contents of this central action not only writing letters to the Nobel Committee members but as I wrote in Comment 11 to NOBEL PRIZES for HIV and HPV: “We could send, from different countries in different languages, a lot of e-mails, letters, CDs, DVDs, books,…, to Professor Jan Andersson, with copy to (if possible all the members of)the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, to the staff of Karolinska Institutet, to the Nobel Foundation, to important Swedish newspapers (specially Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet), to the Swedish government, … Invite everybody to do the same”. It is decisive not to remain closed in Dr. Andersson and the Nobel Committee but to go over it, obliging it to take responsibility in front of the Swedish and the world population.

    It is very important that Swedish media receive copy. It was Reporter Lena Nordlund who took the initiative to ask: “Do you think this will silence certain politicians, for example in South Africa and the like, or others that also have questioned the role of HIV in all this?”, obliging Professor Bjorn Vennstrom to answer something like “Yes, we hope it will quieten the conspiracy theorists and others that assert ideas that have nothing to do with research”, as Hugosw explained us in Comment 32.

    By the way, Hugo: I suppose you are living in Sweden, hopefully in Stockholm. May you do a list with important e-mail Swedish addresses to send copies? May you write (in Spanish?) directly to me at to talk on my proposal?

    In today The Lancet are appearing these related articles:
    The Lancet, Volume 372, Number 9647, 18 October 2008
    HIV discoverers awarded Nobel Prize for medicine
    Françoise Barré-Sinoussi: shares Nobel Prize for discovery of HIV
    Virologist wins Nobel for cervical cancer discovery
    Who should be the next Executive Director of UNAIDS?
    Advances in conspiracy theory

    Dr. Bauer: I ask for your permission to put this Comment in two Nobel Posts in order to reach more of your lectors. Thanks!

  43. Macdonald said

    A new study on HIV-TB treatment that has just come out provides strong support for the rethinker theory that ARVs sometimes work because they are effective against opportunistic non-HIV infection (See my post above).

    “CAPETOWN, South Africa, Oct. 17 —

    Treating HIV and tuberculosis at the same time reduces mortality by 55% compared with delaying HIV treatment until TB therapy is complete, researchers here said.

    The finding should change clinical practice, according to Salim Abdool Karim, M.D., Ph.D., of the Centre for the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) and the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia in New York.”


    “The mortality rate among patients treated sequentially was more than double that among patients treated for both diseases at the same time — 11.6 deaths per 100 person-years, versus 5.1.”

    It is quite frankly far fetched to pretend that HIV in co-infected patients kills more of them (55% to 45%) than active TB infection itself. Once more, the simple explanation is that some of the ARVs are potent
    against TB.

    As I stated in the previous post, ARV treatment of patients with active TB infection is often delayed because it is feared that it will cause more harm than good. This study has amply shown that certain patients could benefit greatly from integrated “HIV” and TB treatment.

    Further support for this view is supplied by the finding that patients benefitted from integrated treatment REGARDLESS OF CD4 OOUNT:

    “The reduction in mortality was statistically significant regardless of the patient’s CD4 cell count, the committee said”.

    If the medical establishment would let go of their rigid fixation on the Virus and start figuring out which TB patients, HIV negative as well as positive, are likely to benefit from short-course ARV treatment, they could start saving thousands of lives for real within a few months.

    PS. Once they start following this simple health tip. they could throw a Nobel Prize this way for pointing out the obvious.

  44. Oscarlena said

    In a comment on my blog, Stefan R. suggested to write letters to Montagnier himself to convince him not to accept the Nobel Prize, because contrary to Gallo he seems to be unaggressive and to even consider alternative paths to regain health. Unfortunately my English is not good enough and I’m lacking expertise to write such a letter. What do other people think about this suggestion?

  45. Henry Bauer said


    My sense of Montagnier, most directly from having read his memoir “Virus: The co-discoverer of HIV tracks its rampage and charts the future” (translation of “Des virus et des hommes”), is that he is an opportunist who will not directly contradict the prevailing mainstream opinion, only indirectly by mentioning possible co-factors, etc.

  46. sadunkal said

    I doubt that Montagnier would put his reputation in danger. Maybe if we can somehow convince him that we’re at a point where all we need is for his voice to join us and that he’ll be remembered as a hero if he speaks up now, then he might get a little more “courageous”. And I’m pretty sure that he would never be forgotten if he rejects the Nobel Prize. So I think that describing him as an opportunist is pretty appropriate, but it could be possible to show him an opportunity which is attractive enough:

    Are you reading this Prof. Montagnier? 🙂 Come on man..! You’ll be a hero. Everyone can get a Nobel Prize…almost… What’s much more noble is to get above and beyond that prize! You’ll always be remembered as the guy who revolutionized modern science by rejecting* it and finally speaking up. Think about that…

    *:Or passing it on to someone who deserved it maybe?

  47. Oscarlena said

    Dr. Bauer:

    Thank you for sharing your impression of Montagnier’s personality.


    What’s the use of a reputation as a courageous and decent human being compared to all the money that comes with the Nobel Prize?

    And thanks for the link to the Perth group’s comment on the matter. It’s an important one.

  48. Stefan R. said

    The point is that if Prof. Montagnier accepts the Nobel Prize he takes also “responsibility”. That’s no longer “opportunism”…

  49. Henry Bauer said

    Stefan R. and all:

    I realized “opportunism” isn’t quite right, that makes him seem like deliberately planning. I think actually it’s more a case of “going along”, “not making waves”, doing what others do, “going with the flow”; more passive than active. Not one to stand up for anything if there’s any possible danger involved.

  50. sadunkal said


    I don’t think Montagnier cares so much about the money, I doubt he needs it. I also vaguely remember reading that they’ll donate the money anyway, into “HIV” research I guess…

    Dr. Bauer:

    I agree. My slightly cheesy open letter to Montagnier was an attempt to show him that he is the only person preventing it all to flow in the right direction. He has the power to choose where it’ll all flow to. If he keeps ignoring the force pushing from our side, he’ll only be delaying it all and the tension will persist. But if he chooses to flow together with us, the rest will also have to join since this is the way to the open seas, not to an ugly swamp somewhere. There’ll be a more unified flow, less tension…

  51. Stefan R. said

    Hello Prof. Bauer,
    it seems that some scientists in Germany are waking up….

    Click to access Stellungnahme_Wirksamkeit_HPV-Impfung.pdf

    • Henry Bauer said

      Thanks, Stefan R.

      The link is to a German document signed by many professors urging that the grounds for vaccination against HPV to prevent cervical cancer be reviewed and that females should be given well-founded rather than hyped information.

  52. Sadun Kal said

    I earlier wrote this:
    “I also vaguely remember reading that they’ll donate the money anyway, into “HIV” research I guess…”

    Just wanted to say that I have no idea what made me write that. I couldn’t find any evidence supporting that vague memory of mine. Just so you know…

  53. Stefan R. said

    Some news from Sweden:

    I am sorry but i did not find the info in english…

    • Henry Bauer said

      Stefan R.:

      MANY THANKS for this link. I’ll work on a translation of the whole thing, but the headline already deserves the term “dynamite”:

      “Personal connections exist between the Nobel Committee and a pharmaceutical company. The Swedish agency concerned with corruption will determine whether a full investigation should be instigated”

  54. Sadun Kal said

    Very interesting news.

  55. Sabine Kalitzkus said

    In comment #29 Sadunkal quoted:

    ” ‘We hope this will put an end to conspiracy theories and others who defend ideas that are not founded in research,’ he told Swedish Radio. ”

    Obviously the most important Swiss daily newspaper “Neue Züricher Zeitung” did not listen to the Nobel committee.

    On the page, Stefan R. linked to, they tell us amongst other hot stuff, that Astra Zeneca, which holds the patents for the two vaccines against HPV, supposedly supported two daughters of the Nobel Foundation: Nobel Media (control and marketing of the media rights) and Nobel Web (runs the website

    Astra Zeneca has been the main sponsor of those companies since about half a year and has supposedly paid them several million (presumably) Euros.

    Thanks, Stefan, for this link. Looks like a very merry Christmas, well, apparently not for everybody…

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