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Those reporters, and the copy editors, and the editors…

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/07/30

“Australia’s HIV rates rising”, by Tamara McLean; July 30, 2008
“AUSTRALIA’S rising HIV rates have come under the spotlight in a UN report that shows the disease is generally stabilising worldwide. . . .The UNAIDS report names Australia alongside Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Britain and most of Africa, as nations in which HIV infections are on the rise. . . . The report, issued ahead of the 17th International AIDS Conference, opening in Mexico City on Sunday, said there were 33 million people living with HIV last year, compared with 32.7 million in 2006. . . . Mortality from AIDS last year was around two million, about 200,000 deaths fewer than in 2005. The authors credited the widening distribution of immune-suppressing drugs for the decline” [emphasis added].

I just can’t wait to see the actual report, it would be too delicious if that’s what it really says. As it is, this does little credit to folks at The Australian.

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