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EXPERTS: Climate change and HIV

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/07/21

I’ve had occasion to remark that under HIV/AIDS theory, HIV makes EVERYTHING worse. So too, of course, does (human-caused) “global warming”. The latter is now known more frequently as “climate change”: a useful semantic shift, for “human-caused global warming” denialists are not obviously wrong, whereas who would dare to be a “climate-change denialist”? Who would dare deny that climate changes? If it doesn’t get warmer, then it’s bound to get cooler, after all; there’s the snowball’s chance in hell that things will remain exactly as they are.

The semantic shift from HIV/AIDS to “HIV disease” is similarly useful. It’s far from immediately obvious that HIV causes AIDS, and it can be embarrassing to be asked for proof that it does. But no one can deny that some people test “HIV-positive”, and no one could deny that “HIV-positive” people eventually die.

Anyway, here’s another authoritative prediction from academic gurus:

Climate change could increase HIV
Climate change will trigger a chain of events that is likely to prompt an increase in HIV rates worldwide, an expert has warned.
Daniel Tarantola of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) said the disadvantage in developing countries must be addressed if the world is to prevent a dramatic escalation of the HIV epidemic as well as other health problems.
‘It was clear soon after the emergence of the HIV epidemic that discrimination, gender inequality and lack of access to essential services have made some populations more vulnerable than others,’ Tarantola said Wednesday.
‘Today, additional threats are lurking on the horizon as the global economic situation deteriorates, food scarcity worsens and climate change begins to affect those who were already dependent on survival economies,’ Tarantola said.
David Cooper, also of UNSW, said: ‘Science has achieved great strides towards shaping a more effective response to HIV. Yet research has not succeeded in producing the hoped-for ‘magic bullets’ of either a cure or a vaccine.’”

Not just global warming and HIV/AIDS, we’re treated to a dose of political correctness as well.

[cr. Hindustan Times, 20 July 2008, from Indo-Asian News Service. Sydney, 1 May 2008]

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