HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/05/02

A clear disproof of HIV/AIDS theory is the fact that the demographics of “HIV-positive” are constant: the geographic distribution has not changed in two decades, neither has the rate at which people test positive; and the racial disparities have remained the same. The numbers given in my book continue to be replicated by other and by later reports, see for example REGULAR AS CLOCKWORK: HIV, THE TRULY UNIQUE “INFECTION”, 1 April 2008. The latest report on “HIV” in prisons once again replicates salient trends:

The overall rate of “HIV-positive” in prisons, 2004-2006, was 1.7-1.8%; most of the cited sources in my book reported 2-3%. More strikingly, the geographic distribution is once again the same: Northeast (3.9%) > South (2.2%) > Midwest (0.9%) and West (0.7%).

The same geographic distribution is seen among prisoners as among military cohorts including applicants, new mothers, blood donors, members of the Job Corps, and the totality of public testing sites. The geographic distribution of “HIV-positive”, in other words, is not a function of social status or circumstances, and it is not a function of time, having remained without significant change for more than twenty years.

Moreover, the geographic distribution can be calculated simply from the racial disparities in testing “HIV-positive” and the racial composition of the population in each region (DECONSTRUCTING HIV/AIDS in “SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA” and “THE CARIBBEAN”, 21 April 2008).

“HIV-positive” is not the mark of an infectious agent.


  1. Dave said


    I can already hear the rebuttal. There are more blacks in prisons than whites, these blacks tend to have more sex than whites and develop STD’s at greater frequency than whites, so there is perfectly good explanation for this pattern of infectious HIV.

    I don’t buy it, though.

  2. hhbauer said


    Yes indeed, the mainstream explanation for racial disparities in testing “HIV”-positive indicts blacks for their behavior. But actual observations of behavior don’t support that racist explanation. There’s a bit of discussion and supporting references on that score in my book, and I’m working on an updated piece for the blog.

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