HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/04/24

The unshakable belief that testing “HIV-positive” denotes infection by a virus transmitted from another “HIV-positive” individual sometimes makes it necessary to draw inferences that outsiders and lay people might find hard to accept, indeed outlandish. So it is with the “evidence” that a man infected his daughter by biting her finger.

The following piece (“Rare causes of HIV transmission“)  comes from Professor Courtenay Bartholomew, Executive Director of the Medical Research Foundation in Trinidad & Tobago.

“Our case report on human bites: a rare risk factor for HIV transmission was published last year. . . . in the American Journal of AIDS, which . . . accepts only about one in 20 submissions. . . . In a review of such cases . . . Richman and Rickman . . . stated that ‘transmission of HIV through human bites is biologically possible but remains epidemiologically insignificant and as yet not well documented.’”

However, in June 2004 a heterosexual man with “very late stage AIDS” was found to be HIV-positive; he died in September 2007. He had a history of “dental caries and bleeding gums”. His wife was found to be HIV-negative, but their 7-year-old child tested positive. The wife was assumed to have remained negative “because sexual intercourse was infrequent”.

“Problem! How could the child be HIV-positive when the mother was HIV-negative seeing that childhood infection is usually from mother to child? We tested and retested the blood from the mother and the child but the results were the same. We also excluded any history of sexual abuse by the father and of blood transfusion to the child. It was then that the mother recalled an incident when at age three the child was bitten on her finger by her father, who was in a tantrum. Since we excluded all other modes of HIV transmission, her HIV infection had to be a direct result of the bite from her father four years ago.”


  1. sadunkal said

    It’s tragic how confident they are in their findings…

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