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Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/04/12

What can one say about tragedies like these?

Kyrgyz Babies Pass HIV to Mothers
OSH, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — Not long ago, she was a wife, mother and teacher. Now Dilfuza Mustafakulova is HIV-positive and has lost her husband and her job. Mustafakulova’s baby son was among 72 children infected with the virus at two Kyrgyz hospitals. Sixteen mothers also have contracted it — in some cases by breast-feeding their children. . . .
The scandal has led to charges of negligence against 14 medical workers in the impoverished former Soviet republic, where investigators suspect the children were infected by tainted blood and the reuse of needles. . . . Although HIV infection from breast-feeding is rare, it is possible, usually when the baby has mouth sores and the mother has lesions on her nipples, according to AIDS experts. Mustafakulova, whose son was 7 months old at the time, said her breasts were cracked and bleeding. . . . Some 1,600 people are infected with HIV in the Central Asian nation of 5 million people, according to official figures — 15 times more than in 2002. AIDS experts estimate the real number is closer to 6,000. The majority of cases stem from intravenous drug use. . . .
Mustafakulova’s troubles began in June, when her son developed a high fever. She took him to the Nookat hospital, where she said doctors put him on an intravenous drip. When he did not get better, she took him to the hospital in Osh, the country’s second-largest city. After more than a month in the hospital, her son still was not well and she was also feeling weak, so they returned to their village . . . . In October, they both tested positive for HIV. . . . It has not been established where the infection originated. Of the 72 children infected, some were treated only in Nookat and others only in Osh, so both hospitals are suspected. ‘Where else could my child and I become infected if I don’t use narcotics and don’t live an immoral life?’ Mustafakulova said during a recent visit to the Rainbow center. ‘This could only be the irresponsibility of doctors.’ She was abandoned by her husband . . . .  No longer welcome in her in-laws’ home, she and her children moved in with her parents. She sold her only possession, a small plot of land, to pay for her son’s medical treatment. . . .  The story of Mustafakulova’s fellow villager, Zarifa Shamshiyeva, is remarkably similar. ”


On what evidence do the experts rely for the view that mothers can be infected in this way?

Even the higher estimate of 6000 infected in a country of 5 million makes the rate only 1.2 per 1000, which is typical for low-risk populations in non-African countries where there has been no epidemic during the two decades of the AIDS era, despite continual prediction of such epidemics by “AIDS experts”.

Here’s an assignment:

In 2002, only about 100 people were infected.
Most new infections have come via needles.
Construct a plausible scenario to account for how this mechanism brought a 15-fold increase in infections in half-a-dozen years.


The tragedies here are not only the wrongly diagnosed babies and mothers. What about the doctors and other medical personnel who are being charged with negligence, when they did nothing to bring about this situation?

Four health officials from southern Kyrgyzstan were fired for their alleged roles in the outbreak, including the directors of the two hospitals. The Kyrgyz General Prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the incident.”

“Kyrgyz medical workers charged with infecting children with HIV”  [Associated Press, March 20, 2008]
“BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan: Fourteen health professionals in Kyrgyzstan will face trial for allegedly infecting children with HIV”


  1. Martin said

    Dr. Bauer, Why do you call a positive result on an ELISA an “infection” in your “assignment”? If this were a question on a test, it would be like asking how come the “patient” became “blind” after masturbating. Masturbation used to “cause” not only “insanity” but “blindness” as well. So in your assignment, the student should interpret your question as a trick question.

    By the way, the “cure” for the “blindness” caused by masturbation was opium. Now in our enlightened age, masturbation is a “cure” and use of opium is now a “disease”.

  2. MacDonald said

    There is a well-known phenomenon, whose technical name escapes me right now, of the observer’s subjective expectations influencing the objective course of events. If we are to believe that the tests are specific, consistent and objective, we have no choice but to conclude that HIV science abounds with examples of this phenomenon.

    In this case we have child-to-mother-transmission, an event so rare that it is still called hypothetical by careful researchers. But when it rains it pours: If we are to believe the article, the child-to-mother transmission rate here was 20% in a short period of time. That is as high as the presumed mother-to-child transmission rate, and much, much higher than transmission between discordant couples.

    The article does not specify the number of transmissions thought to be due to breastfeeding, although it suggests there are several of them. However, if the transmissions weren’t
    all caused by breastfeeding, one has to wonder what are the other routes of child-to-mother transmission?

    HIV science constantly lands itself in these catch-22s. If we take the results at face-value, we are forced to believe in the most amazing statistical anomalies.

    One thing that routinely produces such radical deviations from the statistical norm is what the newspapers call a “sensation”; something novel, exciting, perhaps with a sense of outrage or urgency.
    One example is the Thai E-strain of HIV, which for some time actually seemed to behave, also in vitro, as if it were 500 times more infectious than other strains. Another example, I’m tempted to say archetype, that pops up with regular intervals is the, preferably African, “Typhoid Mary”, who is not only on a sexual rampage, but invariably transmitting at rates many times higher than any of the major epidemiological studies warrants. Here’s a recent typical example containing all the right

    “Leone had pleaded guilty to 15 counts of aggravated assault in April. He was facing 20 counts before a plea arrangement was made.

    Five of Leone’s 15 victims are HIV-positive. Some of the victims were drugged and assaulted while unconscious. Others who consented to sexual intercourse said Leone refused to wear a condom.

    One of the victims who tested positive for HIV was a 16-year-old virgin when she had intercourse with Leone.”

    Leone is quite conceivably a depraved animal who got what he deserved, but the interesting
    question is how did this sexual super athlete achieve a transmission rate of 33%?! The article doesn’t mention violent sodomy or rituals involving monkey blood, so we’re left in the dark. Even more impressively, since some of the relationships are described as date rapes, he probably only had sex with most of the women a very limited number of times.

    This is from a Canadian court case, so we can be pretty sure that the best testing technology was used. This leaves us with one explanation, it was the sensation, the constellation of circumstances, perhaps tapping into some deep archetypal patterns, that produced this objective fact: a world record HIV transmission rate.

    Of course there could be facts about this particular case that we are not aware of, but the phenomenon occurs far too often to be dismissed in this way.

    Link to article:

  3. hhbauer said


    Your point is well taken. But I see no way to discuss mainstream contentions without using mainstream language at least some of the time. I could be using more scare quotes, I suppose.

  4. hhbauer said


    Thanks for the Leone example of further tragic HIV/AIDS absurdity. The media and the mainstream routinely forget the accepted statistics about “transmission” rates, on average 1 per 1000 acts of unprotected intercourse for male-to-female and considerably less for female-to-male. People are in jail in several countries after being found guilty of transmitting HIV to others.

  5. heja said

    MacDonald, I agree the Leone and similar cases are very interesting.

    Henry, I would not dismiss cases like Leone’s as absurdities so easily, first, because they are of great public relations importance and second because they are as much of a problem for the mainstream explanation as they seem to be for the dissident view. Put simply, the alleged transmission rates are too high for what the mainstream acknowledges is very low transmissibility, but also for the oxidative stress or genetic make-up explanations. The rates are simply too high given what available statistics tell us!

    Of course the mainstream can argue this is entirely plausible, that there is a big variation in the efficiency of transmission from case to case. The dissidents can argue this is also entirely plausible by coincidence or by an existence of confounding, but not reported, factors such as drug abuse or lifestyle or even a real infection with something that gave the positive result on a test for a non-proven ‘virus’. There are signs the lifestyle could be at work in Leone’s case, but there are more cases of alleged ‘sensational’ group transmission where social circles were less at risk of oxidative stress, etc.

    This is all to say that we should not dimiss these highly publicised cases just like that but rather work on them to find the actual truth.

    The Kyrgyz story can be more easily accepted as absurd in the context of mainstream explanation as it is totally at odds with the “established” tranmission modes. It is less at odds with the stress theory since all the babies were hospitalised for some reason and the mothers have just given birth. This is a no brainer, but cases like Leone’s are not.

  6. hhbauer said


    Yes, I meant absurdity in the context of the mainstream view given the mainstream data on inefficiency of transmission (inefficient also via blood or needles, by the way).

    A persistent problem is that we have no way to get at the actual truth about cases like Leone’s, absent a team of investigators to do the necessary work. I think that one general reason for skepticism is that there is rarely if ever any mention of whether the supposedly infected individuals had ever had an HIV test before the asserted sexual contact and transmission. The other possibilities you mention are all perfectly reasonable. People do often have sex with people who live similar lifestyles and who are exposed to similar environmental conditions.

  7. MacDonald said

    The similar life-styles and (lack of) previous-HIV-tests arguments will not cut it when it comes to these cases, because they will also have analyzed the strains and found them identical — or similar, I should say — to the “perpetrator’s” HIV. Here is a much touted case of adult film-ndustry workers, which details the investigational procedure:

    “During the time between his two negative tests, the index patient performed in film productions in Brazil, engaging in unprotected sexual acts. While in Brazil, he experienced an influenza-like illness that resolved before his return to California on or around March 10, 2004. According to LACDHS investigators, upon the return of the index patient to California, he participated in film productions in which he engaged in unprotected sexual acts with 13 female partners. Three of these 13 female partners subsequently tested HIV-positive by PCR after having tested HIV-negative during the preceding 30 days (attack rate: 23%). HIV PCR testing was conducted by the laboratory used by the non-profit clinic; the HIV status of all four infected film workers was subsequently confirmed by PCR, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and Western blot testing at a separate laboratory . . . The index patient and two of his three HIV-infected sex contacts subsequently provided whole blood samples to LACDHS, from which HIV DNA was sequenced at CDC. The third sex contact declined to provide a blood sample for sequencing. Using standard techniques, the HIV p17 region of gag and the C2V3C3 and gp41 regions of env from each of the three persons was amplified and sequenced by two different CDC laboratory scientists on separate days. All sequences were identical and supported the epidemiologic conclusion that the male index patient was the source of HIV infection and had transmitted HIV to these two women through sexual exposure.”

    It is these neat little, almost-too-good-to-be-true cases that dissidents are up against. Of course in this case, it is easy to see how the women might have become positive, since they have been subjected to extreme stress, but the intervals, the window periods, the initial “viremic burst” explaining the heightened infectiousness of the index person, the tests, the epidemiology, even the index person’s Brazilian flu, all fit so neatly. But the genetic sequencing is the clincher, the haymaker. How many correlations will it take before we admit something has been transmitted?

    This is why Heja put it perfectly; these cases are a problem for us. It only becomes a problem for “them” when we start asking certain questions, such as with this terrific “attack rate” why is the epidemic struggling to make headway in most of the population? I don’t want to get too explicit here, but one thing to keep in mind as we admire this feat is that in the cinematic genre in question, lubricants and other precautions are used and ejaculation is usually extra-vaginal/rectal. But even so, Heja is right on again; these arguments work just as well against the stress theories as against the infectious-agent theory. Why aren’t all female adult performers HIV+? Since they are repeatedly
    “challenged” in all sorts of ways — even more so on the stress theories? This IMHO brings us back to the too-good-to-be-true objection.

    But the essential question is, how are these tests, sequencing and all, made to cooperate as well as in the case here? The facile “HIV has never been properly isolated so let’s disregard the tests” tack simply won’t work against such dazzling displays of scientific wizardry. One way to deal with the problem is what Prof. Bauer has been doing, pull back from the smoke and mirrors of isolated cases and look at the wider picture. But I strongly agree with Heja, we should also do the opposite and delve into these cases as best we can, get ourselves inside the magician’s toolbox, because here are unique challenges, conundrums and answers.

  8. Martin said

    I agree, Dr. Bauer, without qualification, all HIV infection is presumptive. So I think I know what you actually mean when you say “infected”. Dr. Thomas Szasz in most of his books (he wrote over 30) qualifies what he means when he uses the terms mental illness, mental patient, mental hospital, etc., in the preface or introduction — that he does not use the currently fashionable definitions. Even then critics misinterpret his writings and criticize the misinterpretation. Having read all of his books, I use “his” prisms when I read other people’s writings. That’s why W F Buckley was not good at debating people like Szasz, because it as like a sword fight where Szasz’s opponent did not know which side of the sword to hold.

  9. hhbauer said

    Dear devil’s advocate MacDonald!

    There should have been widepsread epidemics in the porn industry, and all we have is one instance of 4 alleged cases of infection; even though “Three years after an HIV outbreak rocked the San Fernando Valley’s adult-entertainment industry, Los Angeles health officials say production studios have failed to maintain rigorous safety standards and are imperiling hundreds of performers”

    It is not known what PCR picks up in so-called “HIV” tests, since those tests have never been validated against genuine particles of HIV.

    “DNA sequencing” sounds impressive, unitl you realize that they sequence one small portion of what they take to be one of HIV’s genes—again, having never actually extracted such a gene from a genuine particle of HIV. In the case of the infamous Flordia dentist who infected 5 patients, as shown by the similarity of the HIV DNA, it turns out that the DNA evidence was flawed: Stephen Barr, The 1990 Florida dental investigation: Is the case really closed? Annals of Internal Medicine, 124 (1996) 250-4.

    The “viremic burst” is the purest guesswork. It has simply been assumed that after infection by HIV there will be flu-like symptoms, but in the nature of things this cannot be established empirically since the moment of infection cannot be known. If a doctor asks whether at some time in the last 3 months you ever had mild flu-like symptoms, and you know he expects that you did, I suggest that most people would be able to find in their memory a suitable occasion to mention. One of the research tasks on my list is to trace the origin of this shibboleth of a viremic burst associated with flu-like symptoms. The assumption of such a burst dates at least to 1986, as a speculation put forward in the attempt to understand why observed rates of HIV transmission were so low.

    As you note, hard cases make bad laws; especially when the data are not available for testing every question about each individual case.

  10. hhbauer said


    Here’s my attempt in the preface of my book:
    “In much of this book, instead of the commonly used phrase, ‘the prevalence
    of HIV,’ I use the neologism ‘F(HIV)’ to stand for specifically ‘the frequency
    of positive HIV-tests,’ thereby avoiding the implication that a positive
    test necessarily signifies the presence of a proven-to-exist virus, HIV. . . .
    However, as several readers of various drafts of this book have observed,
    my usage is not entirely consistent. In part this is because in so much of the
    literature, including some citations used here, the frequency of positive tests is
    referred to loosely as ‘prevalence of HIV,’ . . . . and seroconversions as “new incidence”
    or just “incidence” of HIV. In other part it is because strictly consistent
    usage would be too unwieldy; for example, instead of saying, ‘HIV does not
    cause AIDS,’ I would have to say, ‘HIV, the generally-thought-to-exist virus,
    or at any rate whatever it is that HIV tests detect, does not cause AIDS.’ One
    possible device would be to always place scare quotes around ‘HIV’ to emphasize
    the doubts about it, but that would soon be tiresome. Instead, perhaps
    these remarks can serve to place virtual scare quotes around all subsequent
    references to HIV.”

  11. MacDonald said

    “‘DNA sequencing’ sounds impressive, until you realize that they sequence one small portion of what they take to be one of HIV’s genes—again, having never actually extracted such a gene from a genuine particle of HIV. In the case of the infamous Flordia dentist who infected 5 patients, as shown by the similarity of the HIV DNA, it turns out that the DNA evidence was flawed: Stephen Barr, The 1990 Florida dental investigation: Is the case really closed? Annals of Internal Medicine, 124 (1996) 250-4.”

    Ah, but here we are doing exactly that, rummaging about in the magician’s toolbox in relation to specific, very daunting (for dissidents) cases. The Perth Group have made a similar argument in the Parenzee trial, adding that the sequences used for comparison between Parenzee’s and the victim’s
    “HIV” are not long enough to establish if they were truly identical. The Perth Group had to add that argument, because they understood that HIV as an exogenous retroviral entity is not on trial every time genetic sequencing is done. Full genome sequencing is not a requirement for showing identity (similarity) between supposed HIV DNA taken from different people.

    I repeat, even with the Perth Group’s addition, this is still not enough; neither can we assume that the DNA evidence is always flawed. Leading HIV scientists are brilliant technicians if nothing else. They know what they are doing; the standard DNA stretches selected for comparison are not chosen at random. Therefore, if they can come up with all these correlations I mentioned from the adult industry case, and on top of that provide long stretches of similar but otherwise unique DNA sequences taken from index person and victim, it will not do to simply retort that “genuine HIV” has never been sequenced. Like Duesberg once said, you still have to explain where those sequences came from and ESPECIALLY why they are (almost) identical for index person and the persons he is supposed to have infected. Here no facile “HIV has never been micrographed, or retrieved directly from fresh plasma” will get us anywhere. The challenge remains, how do they magick forth similar but otherwise unique DNA sequences when needed, as well as dissimilar ones when those are needed? In answering that challenge let us not assume that our opponents are complete morons who have not anticipated the most obvious objections. How did the Perth Group fare? They were told unequivocally that in terms HIV science they are living fossils from 1985, and their argument concerning the possible dissimilarity between the “HIV” DNA from Parenzee and his girlfriend wasn’t even found worthy of a decent rebuttal.

  12. hhbauer said


    Let me put it this way: The porn industry case is an anecdote, as was the Florida dentist. In science, anecdotes don’t stand up against the weight of reproducible findings. What’s reproducible is about 1 per 1000 apparent transmission of the HIV+ condition. Among alleged millions of “infections”, the merest handfull has been tentatively ascribed to needle accidents.

    Here’s an analogy. Many people over the ages have reported communicating with people who are dead: those are anecdotes. Every attempt at controlled communication has failed.

    The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research used impeccable protocols to establish that mind-machine interactions seem capable of beating chance a few times per 10,000. That’s about the same rate as alleged transmission of HIV. The same gurus who accept the latter reject the former.

    My analysis of virtually all the published HIV-test data in the US reveals regularities that cannot be ascribed to an infectious agent. Against that, anecdotes like 4 porn actors or 5 dentist’s patients constitute anomalies awaiting explanation.

    From a strategic or tactical viewpoint, it’s important not to let the opponents choose the grounds of argument. The HIV-test data, the “HIV-disease” death data, the racial disparities, show conclusively that HIV/AIDS theory is wrong. Individual apparent anomalies may or may not be resolvable, depending on the amount of information available.

    Re DNA sequencing: To be convincing, there has to be a database constructed from examination of large numbers of genuine HIV virions to establish which regions of the genome are stable and which mutate. That has not been done. The onus of prooof is on those who claim to know what those regions are.

  13. heja said

    MacD, Henry,

    I do not fully understand the details of the DNA sequencing argument. Asking a simplistic question: Does what you are saying mean that you do not have to prove to what the sequence belongs in order to prove that it has been transmitted if it is found in both individuals? That would seem rather odd as I assume we share many such sequences…

    But in general I presume that in most of the ‘sensational’ transmission cases these highly technical tests are not done. What is done is probably an antibody and a PCR test and it is “assumed” that the origin is the accused person. I have a good recent example:

    In one rather Catholic and not very diverse country in Central Europe a political refugee from a sub-Saharan African country has been accused of transmitting the ‘virus’ to 14-15 girls from “good circles”. Quite a few of them were reported to have suffered from health problems and testing and tracing of potential contacts led to an accusation of this black guy. There were of course some question marks there as well as at least one of them only tested positive on a PCR and only later after repeated testing tested positive on an antibody test. Furthermore there are claims that this was an ‘African strain’ that led to a very rapid progression (weight loss, paralysis) in a window of only few months of alleged infection. Now this part of the story remains daunting because of the allegedly high transmission rate and the actual health problems that his contacts had but a new development emerged recently…

    … namely a commercial sex worker came out and accused the same guy of passing the thing on to her. Of course this caused uproar as the authorities called people who might have had a contact with her to come and get tested. But what is striking is that from one day to another it was accepted without any doubt that she ‘got’ it from him even though, I am 90% sure, no DNA sequencing was done. Now, this is ridiculous and shows the bias: no one said “wait a minute she could have gotten it from any of her commercial partners”.

    The first part is daunting, as discussed. But the second obviously shows the prejudice and has nothing to do with any science. In the meantime the guy is awaiting a trial and it looks like there is no chance for him to come out of this without a long sentence.

  14. hhbauer said


    “Does what you are saying mean that you do not have to prove to what the sequence belongs in order to prove that it has been transmitted if it is found in both individuals? That would seem rather odd as I assume we share many such sequences…”

    That’s the point I was trying to make. We share most of our DNA sequences with other human beings. None of the alleged “HIV” proteins are unique to HIV. It seems that various physiological stresses cause certain proteins and bits of RNA and DNA to be produced. So my speculation is that many sequences will be common to people who experience health challenges and who have not necessarily even been in contact with one another. Surely the only proper proof would be to isolate actual particles of HIV from infected people and compare their sequences. But apparently there has never been enough actual virus in AIDS or HIV+ patients to allow extraction of whole virus, so these bits and pieces are alleged to show the presence of HIV.

  15. heja said

    Could the Kyrgyz story be related with country’s radioactive waste problem? One wonders….


  16. Steve said

    Regarding the theory that HIV DNA/RNA fragments are endogenous, and not exogenous, the establishment claim is that enough (all) of “the” human genome (whose?) has been sequenced that they can state definitively that none of the sequences attributed to HIV can be found in non-HIV-positive humans at all, expressed or not. Is this true? Can they actually make such a claim and have it hold water?

  17. hhbauer said


    An interesting possibility! But how to check it out? Geographic correlation with other accounts of unusual illnesses?


    I haven’t seen this claim. Do you have a reference for it?

  18. “Regarding the theory that HIV DNA/RNA fragments are endogenous, and not exogenous, the establishment claim is that enough (all) of “the” human genome (whose?) has been sequenced that they can state definitively that none of the sequences attributed to HIV can be found in non-HIV-positive humans at all, expressed or not. Is this true? Can they actually make such a claim and have it hold water?”

    A rather technical discussion of some of these issues took place a couple years ago:

    Click to access EDSimone.pdf

  19. MacDonald said


    You are correct they can and do make such a claim, and that goes to what I said upstream about HIV researchers not being complete morons who haven’t even covered first base.

    Does it hold water? Our own Dr. Maniotis says no. However, given the state of affairs, the ball IS in our court on this one. John Kirkham has come up with a neat little argument to the effect that if HIV was not considered part of the human genome in 1985, it wiil never be as a matter of procedure. This is because it is now an identified biological entity (identified as HIV), and all identified entities are automatically disregarded during revision of the genome. I don’t think this argument will suffice, although I do think Kirkham has a point. Dr. Maniotis is one of the people best qualified to answer these techne questions. Here he gives a nice overview of some of his points, beginning with the orthodox objection that the odds against the HIV genome repeatedly assembling itself out of tiny fragments of endogenous material are astronomical. This was essentially Duesberg’s argument against Perth in the Continuum debate a decade ago:

    ” His [name withheld but NOT Duesberg] assumption underlying his vile whining is that the ‘RNAs’ are fragmentary and therefore must be assembled into an exact ‘HIV’ genome by some mysterious process. What [he] fails to appreciate is that the human genome database is constructed of ‘fragmentary DNA’ derived from lymphocyte total nuclei dissolved and fragmented according to enzymatic protocols used to sequence the human genome. What he also fails to appreciate is that the entire human genome has NOT been sequenced, so that it is quite possible, and indeed likely that these ‘unrecognized sequences’ of ‘healthy’ people may be stereotypically expressed from genes that have yet to be clearly defined. For example:

    The so-called template for the protein molecular signatures of “HIV” may derive from endogenous DNA sequences. These cellular proteins are expressed under certain conditions by normal uninfected yeast, insects, dogs, rhesus monkeys, chimps, and humans. “HIV” is said to have 9150 base pairs, but again, this template has not been purified without contaminating cellular nucleic acids. So, it is likely in my view that “HIV’s” molecular signature could represent a HERV (Human Endogenous Rettrovirus]
    (1) nucleic acid sequence, or more likely, what is called a ‘retroid’ of one kind or another (2). That these hypotheses are possible has been shown again and again to be likely from studies on HERV’s such as “the Phoenix viruses,” that can be produced by infecting cells with certain sequences of DNA, which then is packaged by the cells into viral-like particles (1).

    Any modern analysis of the Human Genome Database will reveal more than 120,000 full-length retroids containing reverse transcriptase transcripts (2). Although “HIV=AIDS” proponents are always saying the “HIV virus’s” reverse transcriptase sequence is mutating when patients die on anti-retroviral drugs that supposedly target this enzyme, genomic analyses show that reverse transcriptase is among the most stable transcripts that make up these retroids, and it is the sequence stability rather than the instability or mutability of the reverse transcriptase sequence itself that make these 120,000 retroids possible to classify . . . in my mind, the probable cause of “HIV” are retroids and/or endogenous HERV sequences, that can be evoked, under stress conditions, or which may become expressed in healthy persons as part of a relatively rare genetic polymorphism . . . Other so-called “HIV-specific” sequences, such as those that give rise to the so-called GAG, PR, RT, ENV molecules are also found in the normal human genome database. In gene bank searches, one can find 16 samples of spuma virus transcripts (which share numerous homologies), 6 examples of snakehead virus, 16 samples of FIV (feline immune deficiency virus), 60 examples of detecting one or more HBV (hepatitis B virus) genes, herpesvirus
    homologies, and at least 11 cases of “HIV” sequences that are said to be scattered throughout the normal human genome, according to the analyses of McClure and other Human Genome Database analysts.”

    Then follows a passage relevant to criminal cases likee those of Leone and Parenzee:

    “Although Dr. Gallo and others have claimed that in a stadium full of ‘HIV-negative’ people, not one molecule of ‘HIV’ will be present, the DAIDS (Division of AIDS) culturing manual says that if ‘HIV-infected’ cells from human blood express more than 30 units of ‘HIV-specific’ p24 protein on 2 or 3 separate tests (30 pg/ml), one is considered ‘HIV-positive,’ and if one sleeps with somebody without telling them they have these 30 or more units, one can be tried for attempted murder . . . How could this be possible if there isn’t one molecule of ‘HIV’ in a stadium full of ‘HIV-negative’ people? It’s an arbitrary measurement of a molecular signature that may have nothing to do with a virus or immune suppression that is arbitrarily being measured at more than 30 units for an ‘infected’ person, and less than 30 units for a non-infected person. P24, by the way, which supposedly is an essential ‘HIV’ protein, is also found in the thymus gland cells of non-infected ‘HIV-negative’ children”
    [This last point was also brought up and duly ignored in the Parenzee trial]

    So, Steve, if this earful hasn’t made you dizzy yet, here’s plenty more where it came from. What I have been saying in this thread is that in the “anecdotal” peer-reviewed cases, the techne wizards on the other side do not only find expressed HIV sequences, they also manage to find sequences (strains and variations) that are unique to the people within the cluster they are examining, strongly suggesting that something has indeed been transmitted The question is, is that “something” infectious retroviral particles or perhaps fragments of genetic material that have somehow been incorporated and are showing up on tests? Or is the explanation a completely different one intrinsic to the technology itself? It is essential for us to find out, but this kind of territory is well guarded aganst the prying eyes of amateurs, I’m afraid.

  20. umber said

    Good morning,

    I recently discovered a publication by the team of Stefano Aquaro which shows unequivocally that the absence of peroxynitrites involves the almost complete disappearance of the phenomenon known as HIV:

    Click to access 1742-4690-4-76.pdf

    Common sense makes me think that, conversely, excessive peroxynitrites promote the formation of these chemical species attributed to HIV: proteins, RNA.

    But it is now well known that peroxynitrites appear in significant quantity when, in the cell, there is continuous production of nitric oxide, NO and, reduction of the amount of sulphur compounds at the oxidation level-II (thiols, thioethers).

    Click to access 253.pdf

    Perhaps our HIV-hunters should be looking for occasions when their patients might have been subjected to an overdose of nitric oxide.

    For example, chemists know that nitrates release NO and superoxide ion O2(-), which leads to peroxynitrites with a kinetic constant of 10 ^ 10 mol-1.s-1.

    Epidemiologists should ask, for example, if Bergalis [the supposed victim of the Florida dentist] was treated with an excess of metronidazole, which I believe could lead to the formation of excessive peroxynitrites and hence the appearance of the p24 [“HIV marker” protein].

    The application to poppers and Viagra is obvious.

    That isoniazid is a NO donor could very well explain why people hospitalized for tuberculosis in Africa become “HIV-positive”, using the model that I suggested.

    [edited for English idiom]

  21. hhbauer said


    I believe it’s known that Bergalis was treated with large doses of AZT.

    It’s also been asserted that the DNA evidence implicating the dentist was flawed: Stephen Barr, “The 1990 Florida Dental Investigation: Is the Case Really Closed?”, Annals of Internal Medicine 124 (1996) 250-254

  22. hhbauer said

    UMBER says (WordPress failed to accept the e-mail):

    I fully agree with you, and AZT is certainly responsible for his illness.
    But Bergalis was declared HIV positive because the quantity of certain proteins, including the P24, had risen before she receives AZT.

    In fact, AZT acts certainly in the same way as nitrocompounds because azides are also NO-donors.

    Like all the NO-donors, AZT could perhaps give the impression of an initial improvement, but quickly, because it destroys the thiols, it will be a source of aggravation of AIDS.

    I think, like you, there is no transmission here, and that the “officials” had only relied on appearances.

  23. Nick Naylor said

    “Regarding the theory that HIV DNA/RNA fragments are endogenous, and not exogenous, the establishment claim is that enough (all) of “the” human genome (whose?) has been sequenced that they can state definitively that none of the sequences attributed to HIV can be found in non-HIV-positive humans at all, expressed or not. Is this true? Can they actually make such a claim and have it hold water?”

    No, Steve, they cannot.

    Here’s something from a highly regarded molecular geneticist (Richard Lewontin) that clears up a lot of the confusion over what exactly was sequenced in the human genome project:

    “While the talk … is of sequencing the human genome, every human genome differs from every other…the final catalogue of ‘the’ human DNA sequence will be a mosaic of some hypothetical average person corresponding to no one.” (New York Review of Books, May 28, 1992)

    As MacDonald mentioned above, in repetitive DNA sequences (HERVs, etc) the unknown polymorphisms are way beyond what Lewontin is talking about for the protein coding genes.

    These facts regarding the unexplored territory are simple and obviously represent the best explanation for the origin of HIV sequences – the human genome.

    The alleged HIV-1 subtypes detected by PCR are merely a measure of polymorphisms in the endogenous retroviruses now understood to be existing in all of us.

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