HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/03/09

The obsession with HIV/AIDS brings work and funds to many people in a variety of ways; for example,
“HIV cases to be studied—State uses data to guide funds” [web-posted 8 March 2008]

“The Amarillo [Texas] Public Health Department will soon hire an additional worker to review all HIV-positive cases in the 41-county region of the Panhandle and South Plains. . . . Health careworkers reported 18 new HIV cases . . . in 2006 . . . . That number was 28 in 2005. . . . the state will use the data to guide funding allocations. If evidence shows an increase in HIV cases in the region, organizations like PASO could see an increase in funding. “Everyone’s funding decisions are based upon this data,” . . . . Amarillo’s health department’s two full-time disease intervention specialists mainly work to intervene in the further spread of sexually transmitted diseases by finding partners of infected persons or others at high risk. The new staffer will work specifically with HIV and track information like the status of all existing HIV cases. . . . The state recently approached Amarillo to see if it wanted to staff this position.”


Rhetorical questions:

With two full-time positions for tracking STD cases, do an additional dozen or two cases really require the services of another full-time “worker”?

Or is the State looking for ways to justify getting more federal funds?

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