HIV/AIDS Skepticism

Pointing to evidence that HIV is not the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS


Posted by Henry Bauer on 2008/03/01

In my initial post I mentioned the material at, which was last updated in July 2003 (though it now appears to be in process of revision, with a new home page), and David Crowe’s website, Alberta Reappraising AIDS, for up-to-date information. That website has links to a large number of other useful sites, including the AIDS Wiki. The latter lists dissident books in several ways—by author, by title, by date, by topic: just enter “books” into the Search box; many of the books are linked to substantial information about them, sometimes extracts or reviews.

I find myself unable to keep up with all that’s potentially useful. Just now I came on the Immunity Resource Foundation, which promises to be—already is—a very useful resource. It now offers a mouth-watering collection of about a dozen videos, and it plans to archive the out-of-print magazine Continuum. This venture is being administered by Joan Shenton who wrote the excellent book, “Positively False”, and who made a number of important documentaries. The website,, includes a request for donations, and I urge anyone who can do so, to contribute. If you harbor any doubts as to whether “historical” material has any lasting value, watch the video with material from the 1993 Alternative AIDS Conference, as I just did; you can watch for free and then donate if you wish.


“Aims of The Immunity Resource Foundation

The Immunity Resource Foundation (IRF) will provide a digitised information base offering:

—an educational facility and internet database of 120,000 documents comprising the 20 years of changing scientific evidence surrounding HIV/AIDS and other health, nutrition and medical issues. A unique and extensive record of challenges to current thinking in medical and public health fields, and the debates surrounding them.

from the frontiers of present research on medical and public health issues and their financial and political contexts.

—search and viewing facilities of Meditel’s unparalleled library of 200 hours of television documentaries, original footage and video material.

—a broadband video channel transmitting Meditel’s television archive with issue updates.

—the complete library of Continuum magazine editions which include articles of major scientific and academic interest, mostly rejected by mainstream journals. Also contains collected publications, proofing copies and editorial correspondence.

—educational materials including interactive CD/DVD ROM, seminars, lectures and legal advice on health and medical issues.


Through twenty years of investigative television programmes, Meditel Productions in London has collected a unique archive—the Meditel Archive—of the science and law surrounding AIDS and injury from prescribed drugs. The resource of 120,000 of Meditel’s research documents plus the 8 year archive of specialist magazine Continuum, plus 20 Meditel videos, and video footage, demonstrates in incomparable detail, debates that have taken place behind the closed doors of a scientific community. The Meditel and Continuum archives are on permanent loan to IRF.



IRF has a 5 year plan with a detailed four-phase budget. Year 1 (Phase l & ll):
Fundraising/archive cataloguing/legal consultancy Year 2 (Phase lll):
Equipment – PC’s/scanners/software/archiving/digitising team/website/DVD Years 3-5 (Phase lV):
Website & DVD update/seminars/IRF broadband channel transmission of Meditel’s television archive.


Joan Shenton – Administrator, Immunity Resource Foundation, 17 Ivy Lodge, 122 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3QS Tel: +44 (0)20 7727 6301; Fax: +44(0)20 7792 5059

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